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  1. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it, I might end up going with a composite mod if the inductor end up too hard to source.
  2. Do the junior and the regular 2600 use the same inductors though? Thanks
  3. So I recently got given my first atari console - a 2600jr - from a mate after getting his main console running and working properly. I consider this a good score as its the first Atari I've seen in my neck of the woods (even checking second hand game shops which had nada). Anyways I ended up with the console, 2 games and 1 joystick and no power cable. I've since repaired the joystick to have tactile switches in it so it's usable again and made up a power cable to spec and then an adaptor for the rf cable so I could use it as it didnt have the switchbox. I've tested the unit and gotten picture and sound, however the picture is snowy/staticy after being tuned to channel 3 @ 61.5MHz, so I tried adjusting the L6 rf inductor and found that the inside part of the inductor you adjust was crumbling. I was wondering if anyone had the specs for the inductor in question or the Service Manual for the 2600jr or I wait until I get the composite video mod componets and remove the inductor per the instructions for my board. I'm also planning on getting a recap kit from console5 for it as well Many thanks in advance and its nice to be here :3 p.s quality image is from before I played with the RF, which improves it but still isn't great
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