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  1. If you are looking for a Lock-On 2600, check out Winz's site: https://winzmods.com/product/atari-2600-lock-on-cartridge/
  2. Actually @winz_mod has a few, stop by his Discord and ask for one! Winz Mod Discord: discord.gg/RvMGrgm
  3. I am really sad to hear this, he helped me with the Lock-On 2600 and he had such love for this community.
  4. Just sent you a DM, take a look and get back to me when you can. Thanks!
  5. Just a quick update: Round 3 carts have been shipped out by @winz_mod. Everyone should've received a DM on tracking. If you haven't please let me know. We are still evaluating our options on placing stock in the AtariAge store. Thanks for being patient! Let me know how I can assist.
  6. The completed shells have been mailed to @winz_mod and should be delivered on Monday. It'll take him a week to put them together and then they'll be shipped out. I have contacted everyone who requested a cart. We will be evaluating if we will do a Round 4 or sell these via AtariAge's store. Thanks!
  7. My wonderful wife has been helping me print cases. We are nearing the needed number! Hoping to have these sent to Winz this weekend.
  8. Good morning everyone! As we speak I am continuing to print cases for the new batch of Lock-On 2600s. This weekend I fractured a bone in my right foot so I may be a week late on shipping these. I am hoping to have these ready ASAP. Thanks for understanding!
  9. You are absolutely correct. This only works for 2600 carts and won't even accept a 7800 cart. This was never meant to be a replacement for the 7800XM because I love the idea and respect the heck out of @Curt Vendel.
  10. No real reason to. @Curt Vendel is creating the 7800XM and that'd be the one I'd vote for on POKEY support. Check out posts on the 7800XM to get more information! Thanks!
  11. We have a few going to the UK, I believe shipping is around $16 with First Class mail.
  12. You are added to the list. I tend to add everyone who asks for one. Thanks!
  13. I am currently packing some more carts to ship and I thought... Hmm... Will the Lock-On 2600 work with another Lock-On 2600? So I stacked 3 of them! I guess you can stack them to the heavens.
  14. 2 of them or 3? Just want to make sure I got it tabulated correctly.
  15. I'll be adding you both to Round 3! Thanks!
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