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  1. So you have 3 dual sticks? That's cool! My drawback is I live in a small space and I've been trying to keep controller size to a minimum. I love crazy climber so I need a dual 8 way and I also need a 4 way for the classics. I've seen units out there with spinners, trackball, 8 way and 4 way sticks on them but they're 3 feet long and wouldn't work in my space. The 360 seems like a great way to get more uses from a potentially smaller controller. I'm glad to hear you endorse them. I did already have the tankstick in storage so I'd love to really mod it out at some point. Just have to figure out if the 360 would work in Tankstick on retropie relatively simply. Tankstick is the biggest my place can handle. Thank you for your info!
  2. Seeking someone who designs custom arcade sticks. I'm looking for a dual 8 way stick with a dedicated 4 way stick on the same panel as well. Since I don't have too much space, I'm seeking something in the smallest size panel that would be feasible. Mainly for use with MAME vintage arcade games. If anyone does work like this and is interested in chatting further, message me any time. Thank you!
  3. Hello, Does anyone know if an Ultimarc Ultrastik 360 can be put into an X-Arcade Tankstick and work properly with Raspberry Pi 3b+ and Retropie MAME for old style arcade games without a huge programming or installation issue? I can't seem to find much about this. I would like to be able to switch between 4 and 8 way games without opening the case and the U360 seems more preferable to the Ultimarc Mag-stick plus. Or alternatively, does anyone know of any custom stick designer who could build something similar? Thank you for any guidance!!
  4. Would this unit be hard to modify for someone with no experience? I've been looking for an all in 1 setup like this to cover all options. If I had both sticks set to 8 way for crazy climber (my favorite), have you ever heard of a controller that would also be able to have another 4 way stick on it for games like pac man also so I would never have to change or mess with controllers?
  5. Is that pretty easy for a lay person without soldering equipment etc. or are there people out there who make custom sticks for a decent price?
  6. Does anyone know of any dual arcade stick units which are a more portable in size? I would want to use it for 1 player at a time for games like Crazy Climber. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. I added firmware first to the adapter on my pc and that was recognized as successful. I'll try the joystick there. After that, would you know how to proceed adding this to retropie system on my tv? Does it need to get configured as a controller on emulation station or any of the individual atari emulators (2600 or 800)? Its all locked up when I try it so I was wondering if something somewhere in the system has to be configured. Also at what point in retropie startup would the adapter be plugged in and at what point would the joystick be plugged in? The 8bitdo analog sticks work perfect with the atari emulators, its just not the same feel as the joystick for those old games. Finally, are there any modifications that could be made to the 8bitdo for 4 way games like mame pacman on the analog sticks? Thank you very much to all who have helped. My system is working great otherwise thanks to all the help from here. My last step has been trying to get a good controller configuration.
  8. Hello. Would anyone know how to properly configure the Ultimate PC Interface V3 with a Hyperkin Trooper 2600 Joystick so it can play Atari 2600 games on Retropie? I also have an 8bitdo sn30 pro plus Bluetooth controller and wireless keyboard for helping to set up and use if necessary. I can't seem to figure out the proper steps to get this going. The system currently works great if only 8bitdo is on. Thank you for any help!
  9. Hello everyone! Still working through finishing setup on my new emulation system. I was looking at the Ultimate PC Interface V3 for old controllers to plug into USB on pi. Mainly want to use it for Intellivision and Atari 2600 and Atari 800 emulators on Raz Pi 3b+ Retropie Emulation Station setup with original controllers. I had a few questions: -Will it work well on that setup? -Will the controllers always be easily recognized by that system as I unplug and swap them or will I have to reconfigure every time? -What effect will the adapter have on my current 8 bit do sn30 pro + bluetooth controller which is the only one I use right now? Will that still be easily recognizable without reconfiguring when I swap it with the adapter? I really appreciate any experience or feedback on this. Or if someone recommends another adapter that might be smoother for this usage. I saw that Bliss Box 4 way adapter might be good also. Thank you!
  10. Hello,

    Was looking at the Ultimate PC Interface V3 on your site. Mainly want to use it for Intellivision and Atari 2600 and Atari 800 emulators on Raz Pi 3b+ Retropie Emulation Station setup with original controllers. I had a few questions:

    -Will it work well on that setup?

    -Will the controllers always be easily recognized by that system as I unplug and swap them or will I have to reconfigure every time?

    -What effect will your adapter have on my current 8 bit do sn30 pro + controller which is the only one I use right now? Will that still be easily recognizable without reconfiguring when I swap it with your adapter?

    I really appreciate your feedback on this. Thank you!

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    2. dualcam


      The hackfile you just download and install in the appropriate directory (I forget off hand where that is on RetroPie - should be in the RetroPie's help wiki) -



      There is info on the hackfile here, scroll down to the "How to configure Intellivision's jzIntv" section -



      Look at the order of the wire colors -



      Original green connector with correct ordering of wires (top to bottom - brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, grey, clear/sliver).  If your wire order backwards, then you need to reverse the connector with may require removing the dongle shield.

    3. lplp


      Thank you! The dongle shields needed to he removed in this case. They now seem right side up.

      Just to be clear, I just need to paste that exact hackfile into a new text document and then drop it in my jzintv rom folder and keypads should work properly? And I should be able to use the double key combos mentioned to pause, exit from the emulator?

      It's a bit confusing to a novice and I just want to be sure not to mess up my whole system configuration. Your input and support has been greatly appreciated.

    4. lplp


      Sorry. I think I have it sorted out now. Will let you know if any further questions. Thank you!

  11. Any suggestion for the best source to scrape from for those old systems? I'm running screenscraper since it was on top of the list. Is there ever a need to run from other sources also. It gave 5 or 6 choices on sky scraper.
  12. Hello, I was on here last week and you all gave some great advice about info and input for setting up my first retropie system on raspberry pi 3b+. I'm using old emulators like atari 2600, atari 800, Apple 2 and mame. It's taken a while to figure out but it's mostly up and running. I think my next steps would be scraping and backing up my image. I loaded skyscraper but also heard about Selph scraper. Before I begin, does anyone have a recommendation on which is the best scraper for these older systems? Thank you again!
  13. Hello. As mentioned in thread last week, I ordered a bunch of components to put together Raspberry Pi 3b+ Retropie system. Much has arrived but not controller yet. I'm excited to get started on it and was wondering if I could begin setup with just a USB keyboard since the 8bitdo controller won't be here until later in the week. I have the pi itself with power supply, case, hdmi cable, and mini sd card with reader. Can I circle back later to add the controller or should I just wait for it all at once? Thank you!
  14. Great. Thank you. I guess I will order all the components from the tutorial and pick a controller. I already have some micro SD cards. Is it worth trying a Bluetooth controller with a USB dongle switch or is the straight plug in USB controller better? Is swapping controllers easy for different uses or try to stick with one as much as possible?
  15. Thank you all for the leads! That link has lots of good information and structure. I think that's the sort of thing I was looking for. I started googling around for roms for the older systems (atari 800, atari 2600, mame arcade games, etc) which is all I'm looking for. Is there any good sites to use to find latest versions/sets?
  16. Thank you very much for the help to get this started! I guess l'll give a shot at setting it up myself with Raspberry Pi and RetroPie. My next questions would be: *There is so much stuff online. Does anyone know of a good, solid step by step tutorial that they've used to get this done from beginning to end which would include the specific websites and parts needed and where to get them? *For the older game emulators, which is best version of Raspberry Pi to most avoid frequent glitch issues? *Where exactly would I find the "loaded image" and which ones are best to cover the older systems? *Any specific brand/model usb controllers recommended that cover most of these older games smoothly, especially from a joystick perspective? Seems like many of them don't have joysticks on them. Thank you all again for any leads!
  17. Hello everyone! I'm new to the board. I am most into the much older system emulators as those are the games that I grew up on. I used to play these all night for years. Most interested in Atari 2600, Atari 800, Intellivision and Mame. I also wouldn't mind checking out some of the Apple II games that I heard of as a kid but never had. I installed the emulators and roms on my pc years back and got it working but I haven't played them in a while. In light of recent times, I decided to give them a whirl again but they are hard to play on just the keyboard with a controller, so it would appear I have some upgrade work to do one way or another. When I started looking into joystick/controller systems for the pc, I saw that the Raspberry Pi and RetroPie systems are a chance to play them on a smart tv instead, which seems pretty appealing to me right now. I had a few questions and would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me with them: *Is there any quality difference in function and gameplay for those emulators mentioned above between a PC setup and a RetroPie setup? *What would be the best space efficient controller or controllers setup to get to be able to play Atari, Atari 800 & Intellivision along with most Mame games? *I see that there are some sites that keep popping up when I search this stuff that sell RetroPie/Raspberry Pi boxes and/or PC drives "all set up and configured with emulators and thousands of ROMs that are just about ready to plug and play". I don't mind spending a bit more to get a plug and play setup ready to go. Has anyone done this before and had a good experience and if so, which are the most reputable places to purchase such a system? *For these very old gaming systems, is a lot of updating of the Retropie/Emulators/Roms very necessary or can I expect mostly smooth sailing once I have a setup ready to go? There seems to be a dizzying amount of versions and instructions and options out there for this stuff and any simple guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Larry
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