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  1. Last Wednesday, on the 27th of may, my cat, Toby, died of kidney failure. He was about 13 and a half years old, having been born in December 2006, and as I am only nearly 16, I have known him for all of my living memory. I didn't interact with him all the time as he was often out, and I didn't usually worry or notice not seeing him for most of a day, so it has felt surprisingly normal after his death. That is not to say I don't miss him. The first day after his death was the worst, though we had sort of already started mourning before he died when we knew he was on the way out.

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    2. No One You Know

      No One You Know

      Alright. Thank you. Sorry for taking that too far. After a few years I begin to just remember them as they were when they were alive and am not so sad about their deaths. Stay happy and stay safe!

    3. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      No no. It's fine!


      What kind of games / systems you got ? Your young, are you into retro gaming or are you a modern gamer? I assume your into old stuff because this is AA.

      I'm happy, we can always remember good times and when our pets have made us happy, and when, we have made them happy!

      They had good lives. It's all good :)

    4. No One You Know

      No One You Know

      Sorry for the late response. Our rabbit died last saturday too which hit us all quite hard and happened much faster than with the cat.This doesn't have much to do with the late response though - I just don't check AA every day. Yes I am mostly into older video games and computers. I think I got into older video games through sonic mega collection plus on the PS2 and looking up those included games and machines on the internet. I was also introduced to my mum's amiga at some point. I have some newer machines as well but I definitely have always had more interest in the older stuff. I used to follow new video games but I haven't since a couple of years ago when my interest shifted more to transport type stuff. I think I would describe myself more as what people would call a "casual" gamer because at least as of late I am not that into the kind of long intensely story-driven games that most new games are. Most recently I have messed around with openttd which is a free recreation of Transport Tycoon from the mid 90s. I wrote a post in the introductions section of the forum with quite a bit about how I think I got into retro computers and video games. I have a Sega Mega Drive (genesis), a saturn, two dreamcasts, my mum's amiga and my dad's ZX spectrum. I have an Atari Lynx too which is my only Atari machine not counting the Amiga which is not atari but technically related to the Jay Miner designed machines.

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