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  1. I don't know why it won't let me edit, sorry for the inconvenience, can you delete it?
  2. Hello SainT! Thank you very much for your help, I know that when I load the cartridge if I press "option" it will direct me to the QR code and the update page of "Retro HQ", my error was not scanning the code, instead I went directly to the "Retro HQ" page and download the update, which is obviously not the last. Thank you very much again, and sorry if I was a nuisance. Best regards. P.S. Now I don't know what happens with my comment before this one (# 315) phoenixdownita wrote to me to remove the download link, but I don't know why it won't let me edit, sorry for the inconvenience, can you delete it? Greetings
  3. Hello! I'm interested too, please list me for 1x Dragonfly card (no color preference) with Pokey Max and YM2151 options. Thanks!
  4. Hi! My apologies for consulting until today, but I was very busy on my job. I have also been trying to make this work for me on my own by different means. The thing is, I can't get the "jcd" games to work. At first I couldn't even transform the files with the "cd2jcd" program because my PC just didn't run the program, then I saw that here: LINK REMOVED there are the images and then I tried to make them work, but First I downloaded the latest update of the cartridge: firmware-210414 The curious thing is that in the Readme file that is attached to the "zip" file it says that in the previous version 210413 these update come with that version: Firmware V1.10, ASIC 1.07, Menu V1.07 , but when I checked,this appears on my screen, Firmware V1.09, ASIC 1.06, Menu V1.07. I don't know if I should press something so that my card is updated after copying the update to the root of the SD card. Finally, I tried it with a Kingstone card, in which I have everything since I bought the cartridge from you (I was buyer number 7 of the first shipment), and in which everything worked for me, but none of the images on the page where are downloaded, it worked for me and I can't convert them on my PC, then I changed the card for a SanDisk Ultra class 10 and got the same result. I loaded "Primal Rage" and "Demolition Man", and I don't know how the loading process should work, but it enters at once as if I were playing a game de jaguar, load the logo and the spinning box with the jaguar and the screen goes black and nothing happens from there (It seems to be the same problem that phoboz had, who wrote in this same post on July 9). I appreciate you please help me solve the problem, Best Regards
  5. Hey guys! Sorry to bother you... Approximately when will you update my account so that I can make the purchase? 😊
  6. Hello Albert ! Right at this moment I just answered the email, to confirm that I want to buy the Atari Game Drive! I'm dying of impatience to make the purchase! I hope you respond soon ☺️
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