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  1. So i would like to buy this used 2600 jr. off of ebay, but it doesn't come with any cords. Sp my question for you all is, what cords and cables and such do i need to get this running?
  2. Thanks, that whole random thing was quite confusing to me.
  3. Ok, here it is. The unfinished first project. It still has a lot of weird bugs I need to work out, no enemies, and no scoring either. code.bas
  4. I ask you guys a lot of questions, and I am grateful for all of your help. Sometimes when I'm giving the game I'm working on a test run, after playing around for a bit, the screen turns blue and it flickers a bunch with random chunks of black lines flying everywhere. I was just wondering what this means, am I using up to much RAM? Or something else? Thanks.
  5. okay, I got something working. (I think) Thank you all.
  6. May you explain that in code please.
  7. Okay thanks. So here's what I did: dim rand16 = a temp1 = rand16 there is still a pattern but its less noticeable. In the thread that he posted earlier, TwentySixHundred talked about how the numbers seemed to be hugging a certain area more than others. I think that is happening here as well perhaps? So how would I fix that with the rand16? Thanks again. -ChilePepper
  8. Hey, anybody know of a good USB atari-style joystick? I was looking around ebay and I saw those RetroLink things but apparently they're crap. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Bogax, your suggestion was what I was looking for. However, like TwentySixHundred was saying, rand is not very random, I am seeing patterns, so I'll be sure to check out that thread TSH was talking about. Thanks guys.
  10. sorry for being blunt, but it doesn't work.
  11. Sorry, but either I'm not understand you or you guys aren't understanding me. Here's a code example. If you compile and run this program you'll notice that even though your pressing fire, the number on screen won't change, because instead of generating a new number, the 'random' function is just using the same number as before. So my question is how do I make it so it generates a new number each time? Thanks again. default.bas
  12. Hello, I have a question regarding the rand function. I looked at bB Commands page, but I couldn't find anything. (Maybe I'm not looking hard enough) But if in the program I call the rand function-thing, it will generate a random number. But if I call it later, instead of generating a new number, it just does the same number. How would I make it reset, so to speak. Thanks, -ChilePepper
  13. Hey folks. I have a question concerning playfields. As you can see there is a file attached to this post, download it and run it in Stella. Notice how the part of the playfield on the y axis has little spaces in between the different pixels, but the x axis doesn't? Is there a way to fix this? Or is it just something I'll have to deal with? As always, any help would be appreciated, thanks. default.bas.bin
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