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  1. While I was getting hooked on the homebrews, I was thinking of what other games that could be made. I was generally thinking of arcade games that were released during the colecos reign. But then I started thinking outside the box..... I think it would be great to make another one on the empire strikes back. This time it could be the millennium falcon in the asteroid field. It could possible use asteroids as a template. Throw in some time fighters, bombers....hell even slave 1 and a star destroyer. As an added scene, I could land on an asteroid and fight the asteroid worm! As we're into movies, why didn't flash gordon get any love? Also....why not Knight rider or better yet....the A-team!
  2. Thanks.....I bought the atarimax and they gave me access to some games. I'll pay for them. I'm looking for the new Smurf game and the hoth games as well.
  3. I am currently using an atarti max cartridge in my coleco
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