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  1. I think I just got a little confused here, why are there different names for the updated Carol, will the new version be different other than corrective patches? Will one of those titles ultimately replace the original when this is released or will v1.5 just be added to the main title. I'm trying to figure out if the new version will be different enough to want to get the original game or is just game play fixes and the visuals be essentially the same.
  2. Interested in Zaxxon and Beamrider.....sent p/m
  3. This post is more towards the guys who do the programming / ports, to see if someone would be able to make it happen. All comments are welcome though, the more interest hopefully will show a demand for this to happen.
  4. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in porting River Raid 2, Pitfall 2 and Pole Position 2. I took a survey in another group and it definitely seems there's interest / demand in those titles. Thanks for all you guys do!
  5. I see the 2600 Connection site is no longer.....is there a way of still ordering both the cart and box? I know everything was still available a few weeks ago.
  6. So sorry for your loss Oscar, praying for comfort and peace for you and your family.
  7. yea, that's why I mentioned the games that Intv / Mattel put out....Pole Position, Dig Dug, Zaxxon, etc were all third party which as previously mentioned would cost too much to get permission or even if the the third party companies would even allow them to be done. I just hoped that the system exclusives could be obtained and worth doing....if enough of us request and actually follow through with the purchases so they don't get screwed on the cost and having stock just sitting around.....don't forget, they front the money to be made (boards, shells, overlays, manuals, boxes), I know it's not cheap for them to do.
  8. Jeff, I agree on seeing some more hard to find titles, but some of those have third party attachments to them which would make things a lot harder to produce. The ones I mentioned I believe (unless otherwise stated) are Intv exclusives, which hopefully would be less work (rights wise) to make happen.
  9. Steve, is there a possibility to reissue Decathalon, Body Slam Wrestling, Mountain Madness under the BSR label since they are original non third party titles? What would it take for those titles to happen?
  10. also, will this be sold on your site or just through here
  11. Edit: since Bump N' Jump would be a new creation, how about a port of Combat Cars from Sega Genesis
  12. How about Pitfall II, Pole Position II and a sequel to Bump N' Jump?
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