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  1. Thanks for the advice. I have a DMM and will check the voltages. My guess was that TI used the same transformer and it has a fuse in it. I need the schematic for the PEB. It does look relatively straight forward.
  2. I picked up a push button style PEB that was not working. The fan powered up but nothing else. I figured it was the fuse and/or the transformer. The external fuse is good I checked it. Does that push button style PEB still have a fuse in the transformer? Or do I need to replace the whole transformer? The whole PEB is apart but I don't want to cut into the transformer if it doesn't have a fuse in it.
  3. Here is the sign. Not sure where its permanent place is yet.
  4. My black and silver sign arrived today and it looks great.
  5. I recently bought a new Maxell tape of course it was made in Indonesia. I have not tried it yet but it seems good.
  6. Just got back into the TI over the last 2 months with some help from my brother. Had not used one since the late 80s. Here is my setup at the moment. I have a PEB that needs some work coming soon. Not sure where to put it once it is working.
  7. I got this tape player today and it works great. I play the wav file on the PC with the PC coupled to the tape player with a tape adapter. TI reads the file every time. The only thing is no counter as previously mentioned.
  8. Thanks I will try that.
  9. No it is directly in the expansion port. Not running a speech synth. I guess I could try using a power supply for it. The triple cart of homebrew with Titanium, scrabble, and road hunter works great.
  10. Using the TI cartridge not the Finalgrom99 or flashrom. The screen is just blue you can't get to the selection screen. I can play Munchman with the sidecar in place. When I remove the sidecar the TI Invaders cart works just fine.
  11. I got the 32k sidecar and on most of my carts it works fine. TI Invaders however, will not play unless I remove the sidecar. Is this typical?
  12. Thanks for doing this. I downloaded several manuals for carts I own with no instructions or lost instructions after 30 plus years.
  13. I love your setup. Is that a Timex on the left side of the photo? I had one of those growing up along with the TI, C64, and Vic in your photo.
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