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  1. I have the basic Tandy 1000 with the one 5.25" 360K disk drive. Does a CF option exit for the Tandy 1000?
  2. Thanks that worked. Broke a plunger taking the keyboard apart. My brother is giving me a replacement. Hopefully I can drill out the broken piece from the key.
  3. Any trick to removing the power LED from the C64 or Vic 20? I am trying to work on the case but want the power LED removed.
  4. I registered at the previous contact and will register again. I am looking at one copy and maybe 2. Thinking of getting my brother one.
  5. Couldn't I jut replace the transformer on the PEB rather than the whole PSU? Does anyone know what the output on the transformer is going into the board? I have not seen that listed on the schematic that I was using.
  6. That was good and brought back memories. I have played several games since I acquired my TI. Never played the Asguard dungeons but they sound fun.
  7. Nope the cards were out of the PEB. I have no idea if the cards were in when the original problem occurred. Thanks for the help.
  8. The fuse blew immediately.
  9. According to Mainbyte the fuse needs to be a fast blow 3 amp fuse with wire leads and that is exactly what I bought. Big thanks to my brother for opening up the transformer for me. If the transformer is good with the new fuse I will then rebuild the board according to disavowed. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Thanks for the information. I will give it a try and keep you posted. I will post pics when I get it done. If this works I am going to rebuild the board with new caps, diodes, and rectifiers.
  11. So I need to cut into the plastic casing of the transformer and the fuse will be inside the hard plastic? It is not on the outside under the plastic wrapping I can tell you that for sure. A lot of transformer fuses can be accessed by removing plastic wrapping not the hard plastic case. Some appliances will hide a fuse in the transformer but you can remove the plastic wrapping with a small screw driver to access it. Ok I will cut into the plastic case I guess not much to lose at this point.
  12. Thanks. I found a simpler schematic of the push button PEB online and used that but this one is better in some respects. First Omega was right only one fuse in the PEB either externally in the push button or internally. Second, when I looked at the old schematic of the PEB it looked like the fan would not run if the fuse blows on the push button version of the PEB. That is indeed the case as current goes through the fuse prior to the fan in the old version of the PEB. This is opposite of the newer one. So next I checked transformer resistance and AC voltage going into the board and DC voltage going out of the disk drive connector. I got no values for any of these. This leads me to believe the transformer is not working rather than the two voltage rectifiers. I guess I have several options at this point. 1. Obtain a working PEB transformer and install it. 2. Obtain another transformer or power source that would work with the PEB. 3. Obtain another PEB and use this one for parts. 4. Part out the PEB on Ebay. Any ideas about obtaining another transformer or alternate one/power source? I have no idea the winding ratio or how I would get 5 wires off a new transformer. Any ideas would be appreciated. Jason
  13. Thanks for the advice. I have a DMM and will check the voltages. My guess was that TI used the same transformer and it has a fuse in it. I need the schematic for the PEB. It does look relatively straight forward.
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