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  1. This is just a demo, the full game has a total of 60 levels and was designed to fit in 4kb. I have only 16 free bytes. 😁
  2. Hi everyone. I have been working on a game with only 4k that was challenging, fun and that looked like games from the 70s and 80s. So "K-Jo chases the cheeses" was born! The biggest challenge was to put all the concepts imagined in just 4kb, using batariBasic as the main programming language. For that I had to adapt some functions, rewriting them in Assembly, which made me learn more about the language and optimized the game in size and performance. There are 60 stages with 10 different mazes. Every 10 stages, the color of the walls changes, characterizing a new house. There are 6 houses with 10 stages each, totaling 60 stages. The amount of cheese to be collected starts at 4 (at the first stage), and at each new house (10 stages) is increased by one. The time you have to complete the stage is always the same: 40 seconds. [ UPDATE ] Very limited demo version: 10 levels 4 cheeses on all levels All available game challenges K-Jo_Demo.bin or Play K-Jo on Javatari Advertisement : Promotional Vídeo: You can also watch James and Tanya playing the full version at ZeroPage Homebrew. Leo
  3. Very cool! I hope you're playing and drinking one of those wines back there. 🤪
  4. Thank you! Unholy will be distributed by AtariAge soon. It was scheduled to be released at the end of last year, but due to the large volume of games, we prefer to release it earlier this year. It will soon be published in the store.
  5. Man, I can't believe we had the same idea in the mechanics of our games! LOL! 😄 😅 This is the "K-Jo in: Chasing the cheese" that is about to be released here in Brazil. I've been working on it since September and is currently in the "Release Candidate 01" version. I will make a topic of it soon.
  6. Very nice! Great job on the music, the graphics and the gameplay as well! 😁
  7. What's up guys? I returned to the topic to inform that the game is finished!! 😁😆 I am trying to release the game later this year. Thanks to everyone who helped me during development.
  8. Yes, it was the end of the demo. Was it hard to get there? Well, I'd left it as a punishment, or an advantage, depending the way you are navigating, but now I changed, if you are on that unreachable place and die for any reason, you start over on the center of the screen (sometimes the enemies could be there also 😁) I also fixed that line count issue and I'm improving the performance. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Thanks a lot. Castlevania was one of my references when I started this project. I love this kind of game. Your game is amazing too. You almost forget you are playing on an Atari 2600. Obrigado Marco
  10. Hey everyone! Here is the 3rd demo update ... enjoy!
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to improve the rooms and turn them less frustrating. All the suggestions are good, I'll try some on this way. For now, I have a new video made exclusively to Homebrew Brasil Facebook page.
  12. Hi guys. I fixed some issues on the demo. I decided keep only the newest demo version.
  13. Yes! ... Batari Basic & DPC+ kernel
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