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  1. Ooh la la - company name/contact? thanks, Steve
  2. However... as a current ATR8000 owner, it's devilishly hard to get floppy drives. Sure, you can get a used one from EBay (I did), but they're frightfully expensive. Also, no one has mentioned it, but there was once a hard-drive interface for the ATR as well. That would be welcome!! Getting a hard disk for that vintage might be hard (no pun intended) too.
  3. confused. after seeing all the traffic here about people using their side3 devices, I thought i'd give it another try - since it's not yet working on my U1MB machines (Jon, not complaining, I understand software development..) on my non-U1MB 800xl. Boot shows Side3 Driver v.4.0 (c)2020 fjc 2.0.1: sdhc sl64g v.8.0 When spartados starts, I see Spartados x 4.49e 4-09-2020 (copyright) When I try to load the td line (car:td) , I get Symbol I_GETTD 154 Symbol not defined I feel like I'm missing something obvious. ideas folks? Steve
  4. I've heard rumors of ATR8000 users with 1.44MB floppies (3.5 inch) that were working. Any confirmations? If so, what's the max capacity you're seeing? thanks! Steve (now with a 3-gotek/FF ATR8000 system up and running!)
  5. The fact that you were able to boot a mydos image suggests that the disk controller is good. Could you do that multiple times? And it's a 64k ATR8000, right? Your autoterm doesn't need RS232 jumpers set - that's only if you're using a dumb terminal. And your hxc is using flashfloppy? Steve
  6. gotek necessary? Maybe, can your device run "FlashFloppy" ? If so, maybe gotek isn't necessary. I hooked up a second gotek (+FF) this weekend, and my ATR is running CP/M with two FF-drives. I need three.. working on that one.
  7. See this discussion. I have booting CP/M images (HFE) working on my ATR8000!
  8. So, I don't know the interface for the hxc2000, but I suspect that it knows how to do hfe files. Question is how you'd connect it to your floppy drive port. Card-edge connector? Bottom line, it sounds do-able.
  9. I highly advise getting the power light to work. I nuked my Side2 by unplugging it when I thought the power was off. (or was it when I plugged it in?) Expensive mistake.
  10. Here's an HFE - it doesn't contain the full CP/M distribution, but basic files like DDSYSGEN, DDINIT, etc. I'd like to hear if you get this working on your end. ATR_CPMB.HFE
  11. Well .. good tip from Kier, of FlashFloppy fame.. Using a blank HFE file instead of an IMG allows me to format the HFE file without having to take into consideration the weirdness of the ATR8000 CP/M disk geometry. I formatted (ddinit) the blank HFE image and wrote system tracks (ddsysgen) to it. And now I've booted from it! I'll gather up files and post in the morning. All you should need to get CP/M going on your ATR is the gotek+FF, and the coming HFE file.
  12. So, the new quad-density drive (720k 5.25inch) is connected and the new 1797 is in. I'm able to boot a quad-density CP/M boot disk. (yay!) I've connected a flashfloppy-enabled GoTek, and now we're off to the next hurdle. I'd like to use the gotek as a second drive. In fact, I can define an image (we'll get to that) and have it appear as drive B. That's great! I can format drive B with DDINIT, however, I'm unable to ddsysgen it and unable to copy files to the formatted disk. I don't know how else to get an image for the init, so I just copied a text file and renamed it appropriately. I just thought, "it's bits that will get overwritten during the format", but I have my doubts as to whether this approach will work. Anyone having success with flashfloppy/gotek & ATR8000 cp/m ? thanks!
  13. well.. the new drive didn't fix it. So I followed advice from this forum, and ordered a replacement 1797. The replacement 1797 from Ebay arrived 5 minutes ago. It's in, and ... and... I have an operational ATR8000!
  14. update. appears I have bad drives. Swapped out with a different drive, and I'm getting data. Which is encouraging. Side 0 seems to be problematic, side 1 seems to read better. So, another bad drive, but one side is working.. Guess we're off to Ebay to find a known good drive.
  15. hi all A bit of a journey here.. dusted off the old ATR8000. I have quite a few CP/M (ATR8000) disks that I'd like to recover, but.. but I can't seem to boot the ATR, and read the disks. So... I got a GreaseWeazel (blue pill) thinking - read the disks, convert the scp to something that I could load onto FlashFloppy, and move forward. Well, the GreaseWeazel is assembled, FlashFloppy installed (on Gotek) acquired. Now, reading the disks. It's comforting to hear/see the drive step through the tracks, and an scp file *does* get created. However... the HxC software track analysis (using MFM and/or FM) says the disk is blank. While it's possible that the disks got erased in the last 32 years, I guess I have a hard time believing that, given that other (Atari) disks were stored in proximity and read ok in Atari 1050. So.. anyone else playing in these spots? Advice? (besides the obvious "hey NOOB" ) Steve
  16. Found in my googling around.. ATR8000-cpm.pdf
  17. JR, might I ask what jumper settings you have on the 55B ? thanks!
  18. hi folks (And especially you, Jeff!) I'm trying to bring my 1982-vintage ATR8000 back to life. While I still have the unit itself, somewhere in the last 36 years I lost the floppy drives. I've scrounged three floppy drives, all Teac: FD-55BR-100-U, FD-55B-01-U, and an FD-55GFR-7149-U5. So far, no joy with any of them. (I don't know if they even work, but the 55B's at least will seek when the ATR is powered on.) If you're an ATR8000 owner, and it's currently running, what model drives do you have? thanks, Steve
  19. Someone was throwing away a truck backup system (yeah, they were!) and I was lucky enough to pick it up at the discard point. Some wire tracing, and voila. The smallest Atari monitor in the house! Steve
  20. so, funkheld, I realize this is an old topic, but I'm learning action! too. I note that somewhere I read that in order to produce a standalone binary, the statement BYTE RTS=[$60] had to be before I include the runtime.act. My question is.. why? thanks Steve
  21. Jeff - send me an email ([email protected]) with your mailing address and I'll send you what I have. My ATR8000 is boxed up, no floppies. ;( If the disks are still readable, copy and send back please. cheers Steve
  22. I recently swapped the keyboard to another machine for testing. apparently my wiring is sloppy. I've taken the cover off, ensured that the wires going from the U1MB to the CPU are not interfering, and now running without cover. Seems to be better. Guess I'd better clean up my wiring. Sigh.
  23. well, I spoke too soon. Problem persists. So, I disabled SDX in U1MB, using Side2 SDX. Still seeing the problem. Reset U1MB to defaults. No change. Running out of ideas.
  24. well. progress perhaps. I had changed the U1MB to use the OS ROM for altirra. I changed it back to XL OS 1.3, and for the moment, at least, seems we're back to stability. So, self-inflicted wound, I think. thanks for the idea.
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