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  1. Hi! I am new to the Atari scene and just got an Atari 520 STFM. It came with a mouse but it is an Amiga one (says made in Taiwan). It does not really seem to work is there any way to rewire these Amiga mice to work on the Atari ST? Also, do you know where I can get an ST mouse in New Zealand? Please let me know and thanks in advance!
  2. BUMP does anyone have an Atari ST mouse? I will pay for shipping and the mouse Or an adapter?
  3. Hi I need an Atari ST mouse for an Atari STFM computer. It came with an Amiga 500 mouse (I think) but it does not seem to work right. I am in New Zealand so happy to also pay for urgent/priority shipping and also open to a USB mouse adapter(s) as well. Please let me know and thanks in advance.
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