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  1. I wouldnt worry too much about dislikes. I've seen some excellent videos out there with top information and they still got dislikes. Also, dislikes are positive traffic ... 😊
  2. oh man ... looks like I'm gonna have to get an Evercade after all
  3. I believe they'll need to get a makerting license with them if they want to to that
  4. Beauty and the Beast, Microsurgeon and Demon Attack. All Imagic titles are little gems, so any reimagined Imagic titles in whichever order is fine with me!
  5. This is awesome! Astrosmash, Big - just like the picture - would be a definite purchase for me. may I add a suggestion: Some of the inlay art would also look really good on a t-shirt. Auto racing, Tennis, Skiing and Beauty and the Beast are some of the best inlay art Intellivision have had.
  6. Hearts! Why aren't you picking them up! 😂 You win that game by picking up the hearts that help you get through the obstacles and climb up the building! Hearts, and finding that rhythm in the game. She got that last tip by herself just after playing 5 minutes when she mentionned the time he's up in the air after jumping.
  7. Gameplay videos is what I'm hoping to see every time 😁 It's the closest to playing the real thing.
  8. I think he stated he started talking with the people at Epyx about some of their games en mentionned the whole Temple of Apshai trilogy
  9. Still have this awesome game and if it wasnt my faulty "electronic crime scanner" device, I'd be playing it with my family. I would totally see this game being redesigned for Amico!
  10. Nice! 😂It seems some people will never understand it otherwise. Same goes for people thinking they get the best deal buying a 49$ printer to later realize they have to buy an HDMI cable and ink cartridges separately.
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