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  1. LOL! Worse that can happen is stay in hotel for 2 weeks at my expense. LOL!
  2. Thank you to all who have replied. I'll make him an offer of $75 CDN. I'll probably be told to take a really polite hike. I do agree it is approaching 1200XL territory in price. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1814474392053328/
  3. Is it worth buying an Atari 400 in used condition for $250 Canadian? Can it be improved with upgrades etc? I saw it listed locally..... Comes with what you see in the photos. I already have a 800XL and 65XE. I know the vintage Atari bug has bitten me and it will get out of hand but I am curious on your great opinions......
  4. Perfect thats what the problem was. I had them under joystick and not gamepad. I owe you a case of beer. Amazing the friendly great help from all on this great website.
  5. Let me check again. Thanks for clarification.... Will get back to you..
  6. I am having problems getting my USB dongle which allows me to use two joysticks on my PC with Altirra. I purchased this and it works great with one joystick but cannot get the second joystick to work at all. Joysticks are in working order and my PC recognizes the dongle perfectly. What am I doing wrong?
  7. So far I like the compactness of the 65XE also the keyboard IMHO is very responsive and soft.
  8. I would like to thank all of you for your input. Great opinions and ideas this is what I love about our vintage Atari community. I will use my 65XE for the next couple of weeks as my daily computer then make a decision on which will be my after market hardware upgrade computer. Thanks again and don't stop replying. Stay safe my friends...
  9. Thank you so much @bfollowell for your input. I will use my 65XE for a few weeks to try it out. One thing I have noticed from using my 65XE for just a couple hours so far is that the video output for some reason is really really good out to my 1702 monitor. I need to do an A/B comparison between my 800XL UAV and stock 65XE. Also the keys on the 65XE are really responsive and nice to work with, really soft. But you are right I prefer working the cartridge slot from on top of the computer rather from behind. I used to have a 130XE years ago and the 65XE is bringing back lots of memories. My soldering skills are really good so no issues with taking things apart, soldering, fixing and installing. Being a ham radio operator helps in that department too from building lots of projects. Thanks again
  10. Just purchased a 65XE for $40 with original box, packaging, RF switchbox and RCA composite cable. Plugged it in and everything is working perfectly. I currently also have an 800XL with the UAV upgrade which I have done on it only. If one was to add all the super great hardware upgrades (U1MB, Sophia 2, Pokey Sound Upgrades, etc.) that are available out there for the A8's which machine between these two would you upgrade, the 800XL or the 65XE, and why? Is the 800XL and 65XE basically the same other than the 65XE not having the PBI on the back? My 65XE only has the cartridge slot on the back. Thank you so much for all the info. you guys have given me over the past few months as I have slowly gotten back into the vintage A8's.
  11. Log from flashing. Hope it describes anything I might have an issue with. Using 'COM4' as serial port. Writing at 0x0012c000... (100 %)Wrote 2021968 bytes (1171162 compressed) at 0x00010000 in 27.1 seconds (effective 596.2 kbit/s)... Writing at 0x00ca8000... (100 %)Wrote 2097152 bytes (637267 compressed) at 0x00c10000 in 15.0 seconds (effective 1122.1 kbit/s)... Hash of data verified. Leaving... Hard Resetting... Done! Flashing is complete! Showing logs: [01:08:02][01:08:02] [01:08:02]--~--~--~-- [01:08:02]FujiNet 0.5.89f318f9 2020-12-29 01:50:02 Started @ 3 [01:08:02]Starting heap: 4053896 [01:08:02]PsramSize 3932108 [01:08:02]himem phys 4456448 [01:08:02]himem free 4456448 [01:08:02]himem reserved 262144 [01:08:02]FujiNet Hardware v1.0 [01:08:02]SPIFFS mounted. [01:08:02]E (1117) sdmmc_sd: sdmmc_enable_hs_mode_and_check: select_card (1) returned 0x106 [01:08:02]SD mounted. [01:08:02]fnConfig::load [01:08:02]Found copy of config file on SD - copying that to SPIFFS [01:08:02]copy_file "/fnconfig.ini" -> "/fnconfig.ini" [01:08:02]copy_file copied 908 bytes [01:08:02]fnConfig::load read 908 bytes from config file [01:08:02]WIFI_EVENT_STA_START [01:08:02]WiFi connect attempt to SSID "Lira 2 2.4Ghz" [01:08:02]esp_wifi_connect returned 0 [01:08:03]disk MOUNT [01:08:03]ATR MOUNT [01:08:03]mounted ATR: paragraphs=5760, sect_size=128, sect_count=720, disk_size=0 [01:08:03]Creating a default printer using FS_SDFAT storage and type 12 [01:08:03]SSH client initialized. [01:08:03]ModemSniffer::ModemSniffer(FS_SDFAT) [01:08:03]SIO SETUP [01:08:03]Set HSIO baud from 0 to 124017 (index 0), alt=126674 [01:08:03]Available heap: 3911236 [01:08:03]Setup complete @ 922 (919ms) [01:08:05]WIFI_EVENT_STA_CONNECTED [01:08:07]IP_EVENT_STA_GOT_IP [01:08:07]Obtained IP address: [01:08:07]SNTP client start [01:08:07]Starting web server on port 80 [01:08:11]SNTP time sync event: Fri Jan 1, 01:08:12 2021 -0800
  12. Here is my logs when I boot up. Using 'COM4' as serial port. Showing logs: [00:44:26] [00:44:26]CF: 31 53 00 00 84 [00:44:26]FujiNet CONFIG boot [00:44:26]disk sio_process() [00:44:26]ignoring status command [00:44:26] [00:44:26]CF: 31 53 00 00 84 [00:44:26]FujiNet CONFIG boot [00:44:26]disk sio_process() [00:44:26]ignoring status command [00:44:26] [00:44:26]CF: 31 53 00 00 84 [00:44:26]FujiNet CONFIG boot [00:44:26]disk sio_process() [00:44:26]ignoring status command [00:44:26] [00:44:26]CF: 31 53 00 00 84 [00:44:26]FujiNet CONFIG boot [00:44:26]disk sio_process() [00:44:26]ignoring status command [00:44:26] [00:44:26]CF: 31 53 00 00 84 [00:44:27]FujiNet CONFIG boot [00:44:27]disk sio_process() [00:44:27]ignoring status command [00:44:27] [00:44:27]CF: 31 53 00 00 84 [00:44:27]FujiNet CONFIG boot [00:44:27]disk sio_process() [00:44:27]ACK! [00:44:27]disk STATUS [00:44:27]response: 0x00, 0xff, 0xfe [00:44:27]->SIO write 4 bytes [00:44:27]COMPLETE! [00:44:27] [00:44:27]CF: 31 52 01 00 84 [00:44:27]FujiNet CONFIG boot [00:44:27]disk sio_process() [00:44:27]ACK! [00:44:27]ATR READ [00:44:27]->SIO write 128 bytes [00:44:27]COMPLETE! This goes on for quite a while and computer sometimes goes into self test mode.
  13. I have noticed that over time my Fuji is getting progressively slower in booting up stuff I have in Slot 1. It takes up to 15 seconds even before it starts loading stuff. I am using an unmodded 800XL. Is this issue others are having too? I just upgraded the firmware tonight to the latest version. Just a concern otherwise a wicked product for our vintage A8's. Happy New Year to all!
  14. This looks so cool! Love our A8's! https://hackaday.com/2020/12/30/alien-inspired-cyberdeck-packs-vintage-atari-800xl/ https://github.com/eizen6/6502portable
  15. Thank you flashjazzcat! You just made my decision more clear. Side 3 sounds like it's the best thing to purchase for a newbie like me. I'll start saving some money as the US dollar exchange and shipping into Canada is the same price as the Side 3 itself. Do you recommend a seller that that has competitive prices for the Side 3 especially for Canadians? I love your videos you are a great individual in re-igniting the passion of having fun with Atari 8-bit computers. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
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