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  1. Interesting do you have any 200ns kicking around Nezgar? I tired it again last night no luck.....But boots up with faulty chip.
  2. Thanks for info. Yes I am stumped. I am curious if there might be some other issue on the motherboard. Also only 40K shows up on memory test. Is the other 24k hidden?
  3. So sorry to the moderators and all....I posted this issue in the programming section when I should of posted it here. This is my issue with a XEGS I am trying to repair...
  4. Oops sorry on posting it in wrong section. Can thread be moved into hardware section easily....So sorry....But thanks for the info..
  5. Quick question, I am repairing a XEGS system with a faulty corrupted oS. I pulled the oS chip out and installed a socket. I have a brand new eeprom chip and installed it with the proper XEGS bin file burned on it and the machine just has a black screen when I power up. Putting back the faulty oS chip it boots up goes into test mode and I get the first bar red and the the rest is green in the Ram test and the Rom is all green with 40 squares. Also is the XEGS suppose to display 40 or 64 squares for the memory test? Could this be a timing issue with the characteristics of the eeprom? Should I go with a 28256 instead or is it just fine with the 27256? Thank you for any info.
  6. Thank you so much for your reply. Absolutely great project. Will look around to see if its still available. But then if I do find it I'll need a case.....
  7. Sorry if I don't understand this great project. Is this an updated version of the 130XE with the latest addons one can build? I tried reading the whole thread but got overwhelmed. This remake board fits in a 130XE or 65XE case with the ECI port? Also is there a website where one can buy this board?
  8. Another ridiculous one https://torontosun.com/news/weird/atari-whoa-oh-oh-oh-rare-game-sells-for-over-13000
  9. Is this board still available for sale?
  10. Yes they are completely crazy! Who would pay this much for a 130XE? https://www.ebay.com/itm/363144251339?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item548d1587cb:g:p-wAAOSwV5RgrBHX&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACkPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsS5%2FLJbfonbQUYd49AU1AJY%2FzScDR8TH6wk6GDplhLBz0S7X%2BwCUJHBPx8nUkGlwg6GYoacaTXtJjFhfpJ8ltNt8QpjxV7hytCvU9BqcNzfWPH2EfC755QYRIMtj8bah%2FZJAz3VWfd%2BxUXXsFlTXFPXqfSyGhbvemVKkxQq5mI0z80NlHMp58%2FfTmX8kdMkS9zbaUwhrn2CVx9Cz7csktCOlpgMtBTUIyi%2FA6sy90A8TpNQ5Eg81r%2BjjENKW97sAWAhMw6ToSGdoIWbNGxqCaehB4bS54xV4zXxWFENKh%2BK3EnQQj0AThDQe6EqD5N%2Bl2hJVo7ByZI3NANTuffhN%2BAqYC%2Bo6Td%2FF%2BnejicqjNk4vi5DSlT5CMtmk%2BTF4cxBnFJW%2BWASW0qssfg175HyLQtKmoYsG7wMcfHdfWPFj0JHaiO0jOUQcGAEeHR%2FtnmwWft%2FhwqKh46f1iPL5X8ppNbnAdsav9IEhNr11dbbbQpGXWHp%2F6pOo41viEV2lx5EOshPxFrlA0D38TaW%2B8T7oURiWFyljAenfO2r0Hk1SvpBRtGAjX6s0Ma3ZZe202Iczq1NJ%2BUQRQHk81KPNH0otyI3zXAqmhfUOMJBzH00w1jmd0Tf18KTrk8EH42fB%2BIm0fMMQSy3R6mFKSTbZg%2B6lgIlHLD%2F2j2K3QU1dDo%2BQglZJ5DxerSXPmKOfLTQp3bZFwoDYOA5tM2Fl%2FPJq0Pz6Wa3TIKGrkwk%2F5QN7928Xs2H9hIbuxzXU1%2Fqg2%2F45qYqQSZ2oF8Mrxs%2F32x7XwARvQtZsnrjXbkyvvcVmfZlxqyAlFO4Z0ILwdhIhPrxk4oektC|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
  11. Not bad I just played it on Altirra. Found it a bit more harder but I love it.....
  12. LOL! Worse that can happen is stay in hotel for 2 weeks at my expense. LOL!
  13. Thank you to all who have replied. I'll make him an offer of $75 CDN. I'll probably be told to take a really polite hike. I do agree it is approaching 1200XL territory in price. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1814474392053328/
  14. Is it worth buying an Atari 400 in used condition for $250 Canadian? Can it be improved with upgrades etc? I saw it listed locally..... Comes with what you see in the photos. I already have a 800XL and 65XE. I know the vintage Atari bug has bitten me and it will get out of hand but I am curious on your great opinions......
  15. Perfect thats what the problem was. I had them under joystick and not gamepad. I owe you a case of beer. Amazing the friendly great help from all on this great website.
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