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  1. Heres my pick. i believe hot wheels owns matchbox, so theres another lineup right there. But i suspect the hot wheels range will have it covered
  2. That car is awesome! My request would be any falcon and commodore that hotwheels made. I have total faith in what cars you decide to include
  3. That is indeed the link. The controller still isnt working. The mylar sets when new dont sit in the controller well, and pretty much wants to jump back out. Im going to let that one settle into shape for a week, align it again and test it out with the multimeter
  4. Just changed the mylar controller contact set for player 2 in my mates intellivision. The new one came from the uk. Here is his intellivision, been in his family since new, all games complete with overlays. Cloudy mountain is always fun to burn through
  5. yeah i already stated that it would be expensive. Im waiting for it to be hacked, so i can pilot it on my racing sim. The connection between the kart and switch wont be encrypted. I have no kids, and lots of space to make a track, others i know are keen also. Can get really creative with things like this. Me being a maker, this sort of thing is right up our alley. 3d print all sorts of things. You may not get it, but we do.
  6. This looks awesome! playing 4 players would cost a fortune. 4 switches and 4 karts. But what a awesome thing
  7. Im guessing the two licences IE has acquired would be: - golf (pga) - texas hold ‘em poker (wpt?)
  8. Awesome. Im happy thats the case, and everyone here has fond memories of the amiga.
  9. Looks like rick dangerous needs to continue his mission on amico, take back what tomb raider ran off with
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