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  1. Also has excellent music. I like playing the bass to the main in game track
  2. That video stashed away that explains that we are all getting our amico’s next week 😀
  3. Hi tommy. Could there be a possibility for a music education game? Where kids and adults alike can learn chords and scales for guitar and piano, learn bass and percussion, and ultimately learn to compose music? Can play along with real instruments, and a cool metronome or pre composed drum loops?
  4. Understood. Would be cool to have a US and a Canadian team(s) in the mix
  5. Strange. Im aussie and i havent heard of nrl changing the game to cfl rules, and i cant see that happening either.
  6. Hi tommy, I was wondering if you know the legendary David Whittacker, and if he will be involved with amico in any way. here is some of his music
  7. After just watching trainspotting, i interpreted this very differently 🤭
  8. Exactly. I grew up with an amiga. Up until the Ps1 was released (was my first console) the amiga was all you needed, the consoles didnt come close. The c64 ruled also bought a 48k speccy here in oz (they werent released here) but its at home here, its pal country baby!
  9. My friend being the collector that he is, ill give a list of consoles i haven't tried in the list. - neo geo - wii u
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