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  1. @Ninjabba Will those of us that registered our email addresses on the website get notification as to when we can preorder a copy of the game? Have been waiting patiently and refusing to pay the eBay prices at the moment.
  2. Firstly thanks for your continued help. So I’ve looked at the power in socket and it looks just like a socket. Couldn’t see anything that would suggest some form of electronic switching. (Tried to provide a closer picture) The resistance is 50 ohms created by the two 100ohm resisters in parallel. They are in series to the negative of the battery group and the pin that feeds the negative that would go to the Lynx. I’ve also put my ohm meter from that pin to the negative part of the plug that would be inserted into the Lynx and that gives zero ohms. My volt meter states that the batteries as a group are at 8.5v (I’m not sure what voltage they should be at all fully charged but as they are 1.2v, 24000mAh each I’m assuming that voltage is ok) I just don’t know enough about electronics to know what’s going wrong. I think I’m just going to give up on it.
  3. Are you referring to the battery pack or the internals of the Lynx? I’ve taken a picture of the wiring in the Battery pack and there are just two parallel resistors 100ohms each resistor which gives a resistance value of 50ohms. There is no diode.
  4. I’ll have a go a replacing that wire today. From the batteries that wire goes to two resistors (band colours brown black brown) they inturn connect to the charging socket.
  5. Problem is I don’t have enough knowledge to fault find the issue. Both my Lynx 2’s have the new LCD screens so should be less draining on the batteries. Is there anyone on this group in the UK that is electronically minded that could easily solve the issue. I’m happy to post the pak and pay for return postage?
  6. How would I test for this? In replacing the batteries, all I did was desolder the wires from the start and end of the group of batteries. (Old batteries are yellow) I know that there is a resister in the wiring but I left that alone. Once I soldered the new batteries (blue) together I just resoldered the wiring as it was. (If that makes sense)
  7. So I managed to get some new cells and replaced the original six with six new Sub C NiCd 1.2v 2400mAh However I’ve had them on charge for 4hrs and the pack is only reading a voltage of 8.5V which isn’t enough to power the Lynx as I still get the white screen and flashing battery light when I power it up. What is the voltage I should be looking at getting once charged for it to power the Lynx? i can’t figure out what I’m missing!
  8. My Naki Pak has developed a dud battery as I can’t get it to charge beyond 8v and when I plug it into the Lynx the power light flashes indicating low battery and the the games don’t load displaying only a white screen. I would like to replace the six original rechargeable batteries but there are no markings on them for me to search for equivalents. I want to replace like for like as I can solder without problem. I’m not confident to mod to use circuits for more modern types of rechargeables. As this is an old post a lot of the links to battery sellers are dead.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Is there an alternative then that has the eprom save support?
  10. Is the cart still available? I Have just rediscovered my Lynx II collection after 16yrs in storage. Having seen on Atari Gamer website that there is a lot of talented developers that have created some interesting home brew games that I would love to experience. I live on the Isle of Man 🇮🇲
  11. Many thanks for your kind offer. I have already sent both my Lynx to Dragon Box in Germany as I didn’t have the screens as they will supply and fit them for me. I got their details from the list link posted by Fadest Im a little anxious as they are in mint condition and I’ve never posted anything to Germany so I just hope they arrive safely without issue. Once again Merci Beaucoup. 😊
  12. Hi all, Having purchased an Evercade recently I remembered that I had two Atari Lynx V2 consoles and pretty much all the games made including ones by Telegames after the Lynx stopped. After a few hours in my loft going through unpacked house move boxes I found my Atari Lynx having been in storage for 16yrs. (I’ve attached a picture that I took yesterday that I posted online on the Evercade social media feed. The rows of games in the pockets are two games per pocket plus all the ones loose) Discussion was had online that I should upgrade my screen for a better gaming experience and McWill and BennVenn were recommended. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone online who do these upgrades as a service and I’ve never modded a console so wouldn’t be confident in trying it myself. Also what adds to my problem is I live on the Isle of Man 🇮🇲 and I can’t find anyone selling the screens kits with reasonable shipping to the Isle of Man even if I wanted to try. It was suggested to join this forum as someone may be able to assist. Andrew Reed (Isle of Man)
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