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  1. You know, that's a very good point. Why not trade one SD disk/DDP emulator (the ADE as an external box) for another SD disk/DDP emulator (the SD slot in the Phoenix itself). I stand corrected.
  2. Agreed and understood. That said, I will hold out a distant and perhaps unrealistic hope, if only because--correct me if I am wrong--the Phoenix is open-source, and perhaps someone will take the initiative to create an adapter for the ADE and/or for the ADAM keyboard. Perhaps. With the understanding that I may be waiting for decades yet. 🙂
  3. Wow! I already have the ADAM keyboard to USB interface. Do you have specific recommendations for compatible USB to PS/2 active adapters? Thank you.
  4. Understood. If the ADAM core came with an expansion adapter (via the Phoenix expansion port) with a port for an original ADAM keyboard and a port for an Adamnet Disk Emulator (ADE), that would be incredible!
  5. Thank you! And, while I'm in the habit of asking questions, any prospect for the ADAM core?
  6. Is there any possibility of a third run? I finally got mine working and it's incredible to see these games in such perfect HDMI quality, especially out of cartridges. I would love to order another, or another two, just in case anything unfortunate happens to the one that I just received at some point in the coming years.
  7. Is there a way to use SmartBASIC without filling RAM with it? In other words, is there a way to use SmartBASIC while having more RAM accessible to the programmer's BASIC program rather than occupied by SmartBASIC itself?
  8. Just tried a different RCA cable now. Not appreciably better. It looks like the RF out on my ADAM stinks. Never really noticed because I have always used the multi-pin connection to composite and audio.
  9. Thank you. I have been using one of those cables with a coax adapter at the end. Will try a different RCA cable.
  10. I will have to try via straight to the TV, and I will have to try with a different cable. Is the cable that connects to the ADAM's RF port simply a plain RCA cable? In other words, can I use any RCA cable (say, a yellow RCA cable traditionally used for composite video) to test that output, as long as the other end goes into an RF-in? Or is there a special "RF" cable that receives the signal from that port?
  11. Did this with a VCR. All that I am getting from the RF audio is loud "snow" noise. The RF video is coming through. Maybe my ADAM has bad RF audio.
  12. Thank you! Do I need to convert the signal from the RF port to be compatible with the audio port in my TV? Or do I simply plug one end of a red RCA cable into the RF port and the other end of the red RCA cable into the audio port in my TV?
  13. A riddle, for any who know the answer: Why is it that SmartBASIC accepts as valid command-line commands both FP and INT, despite the fact that neither does anything? FP was the Apple DOS 3.3 command to enter Floating-Point AppleSoft BASIC, and INT was the Apple DOS 3.3 command to enter Wozniak's Integer BASIC. Each switches out of the other BASIC language. Neither, however, had any function on the ADAM, because the ADAM had no Integer BASIC to switch to or to switch from. Since discovering that both commands are valid but without purpose in SmartBASIC, I have wondered whether, had the ADAM sold better, perhaps Apple would have sued Coleco for copyright infringement. Or maybe someone at Coleco simply had an ironic sense of humor in coding SmartBASIC, and tossed those commands in as a wink and a chuckle to the Apple folks.
  14. adamcon, I should clarify: I had those problems with my OLD ADAM, back in the 1980s and early 1990s. I have NOT had those problems with the ADAM that YOU sold me in 2013, which still works great (although I need to see about cleaning up the composite out, which generates just a bit of interference)! If you ever get any more ADAM memory console units back in stock, please let me know! 🙂 That still doesn't make me trust the tapes completely--some PTSD from twenty years without being able to play Super Buck Rogers or program in SmartBASIC. I now usually play Super Buck Rogers either from Team Pixelboy's cartridge or from John's ADE Pro Plus. Let me know when you can help me to take your advice and go from "a good ADAM" to "or two"! 🙂
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