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  1. ....alas pixel art limbo for the lot. in any event, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.
  2. ahhh the BIOS I was wondering about that. thanks for taking the time to answer my question....looks like back to the drawing board for me. cheers
  3. Hello one and all, I'm new to the forums, new to pixel art, new to the idea of hacking ROMS. here are some sketchy examples, just wanta customize some coleco ROMS. once I get Tony Cruises' MSX/Coleco Sprite/Tile Maker back up and running(issues opening latest) at least then Ill be able to cut and paste the code somewhere. the trick is: A) knowing how to open said ROMS/Program to use (text editor?) B) knowing where to paste new tile data. C) is that how it is even done? any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers + \m/ \m/
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