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  1. Alright I'll wait! Arrrgggh the anticipation is killing me. P.S. it's my birthday this Tuesday in case you wanna shoot for that. [emoji3526]
  2. Tommy last week you mentioned there was a video coming for the Amico interface demo. Are you posting it soon?
  3. Never heard of this Youtuber before but I laughed and laughed while watching. When he does his voices it's so funny.
  4. Tommy, not sure if you've answered this before, but will there be a schedule made available to show when future games are scheduled to launch? I'm interested in hearing when some of the Imagic games are coming out, also the Lock N' Chase that you mentioned on the 10/10 video. Would be cool if Intellivision website had a list of games and expected launch dates.
  5. Loved the gameplay and hardware videos. Dying to see the reimagined Imagic games like Microsurgeron and Beauty & the Beast among others. Baseball sneak peek at the end of the video was a nice touch, just enough to wet your appetite and want you seeing more.
  6. Can't wait. All the best Tommy on this special day for your family.
  7. Can't wait for this! It'll be cool seeing some more game demos and other fun stuff!!
  8. That would work too. "Hi guys, just about to jump out of a plane but I wanted to talk about the Intellivision Amico first..." 😁
  9. I'm still waiting for the day Francois drops an Intellivision Amico video from inside a Quebec strip club. "Excuse me miss, while I talk to these fine people about the Amico". Aerosmith's Angel playing in the background, you know it's coming.
  10. Tommy can you just send me my console now I don't want to wait any longer. Sincerely, your paesano.
  11. From wiki: "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is an Intellivision game; it was one of the first Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games to be licensed by TSR, Inc. It was later retitled to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain to distinguish it from the sequel, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin." I owned the original named "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" without the "Cloudy Mountain" added in, and I also had Treasure of Tarmin.
  12. Others have pointed out that it's obvious P&I are just trying to gain more money and followers through hating on the Amico similar to how they found success trashing the Chameleon. They want to replicate that "I told you so" moment by having the Amico fail so they willfully ignored any and all outreaches by Tommy to have a civilized discussion on it. Honestly I'm done with those 2, I don't even bother reading up on what they have to say cause honestly they're far from honest so why bother listening to them? Their followers need to wake up.
  13. Been so busy with work I haven't been in the Amico loop for a week. Finally catching up with Amico All-Access from last week, great episode as always
  14. I didn't realize the lure of Earthworm Jim in the video game community. The intellivision "first look" video for EWJ4 has over 86K views, more than the August event itself has, that's kind of nuts. Maybe Tommy knows what he's doing after all? 😄
  15. I recognize Super Pro Basketball! I loved that game. The drafting of the players at the start always dictated what style I'd play. A team full of tall guys like Tree Adams, Toothpick Green and I'd dominate the boards. If I got lucky and drafted superstar Kyle Stevens I'd be shooting from anywhere. Other favorite players for me was Steve Cousey and Rebound D'Reilly.
  16. Thanks Tommy, someone else mentioned this as the potential reason too and it makes total sense. While you're checking on messages can you comment on the status of certain Imagic games development if you know? I'm personally wondering about Microsurgeon if it's under development and is slated for 2021?
  17. I noticed you asked about a few Imagic games. I'm interested in Microsurgeon as well. In development already or only planned?
  18. The market is for families, but that being said it's the parents and/or grandparents that would most likely purchase the console for their family. Speaking for myself as a father of 3, I find it more and more difficult to get the kids to spend quality time with their own family members. They prefer hanging with friends, or gaming alone with the headphones on (again with their friends). I see this console as an opportunity for them to have fun together with everyone in the family, as long as there are entertaining games that appeal to them, I think it'll be an easy sell. I'll just set the console up one day when it arrives and we'll see what happens.
  19. The father/son youtube channel is a bit of an outlier. They have over 100k subs, however as it's been pointed out most of their recent videos only have 50-100 views. (Actually their intellivision amico reaction video was their most watched video in a while) I checked their most popular videos and they're all from 4-5 years ago with "Just Dance" videos which literally have millions of views. I guess they got their 100k subs from those videos.
  20. Others have mentioned the fact that this delay until April probably means we get more games at launch which is good news. Not sure what was officially slated for October in terms of games, but would love to see MLB Baseball in April as well as Cloudy Mountain.
  21. One thing I noticed when Tommy turned on the Amico, went to the menu and picked skiiing, they briefly cut away from the screen and showed Tommy holding the controller. I wonder if that was due to a glitch while loading skiing? Seems strange that they didn't show whole transition on screen from picking skiing to seeing it load up.
  22. I had the audio lag at the beginning it was pretty bad but I refreshed my browser tab to restart it and the lag was gone. I guess some people didn't take that step.
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