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  1. Well, I also wish more people would use this subform. Like I said, I like messageboards. I'm also on the Vector gaming messageboard. Doesn't have to be Discord as long as it's not Facebook, but I'm starting to repeat myself 😶
  2. Asynchronous communication is a solid point. But that can be done with Discord too with an announcement channel for example. It shouldn't really be about trying to keep up with everything that happens on there. I remember trying to do that with my RSS feed in the beginning, but then got used to just let the information fly by which kinda cured my OCD The channel thing on Discord makes it feel like a curated messageboard (always loved messageboards) with the ability to exchange ideas and get answers quickly. And I actually met some people on there with similar interests that I'm talking to more frequently. Which is especially good at times of a WW Pandemic. For example, I got a Vectorblade PCB from a kind user and didn't have to wait for it. I'm also sharing stuff I did and get good feedback I'm on a few Discords, but the ones related to gaming are: Rockin' the Classics to get good info about Hackchi and modifying my classic snes mini, with the makers involved The official Unity Discord if I need help or inspiration with the Unity engine, with the makers involved VEXTREME where I got the Vectorblade PCB, with lotsa DIYers Retro Game Handhelds made me a specialist about handheld Retro Game Devices and emulation. Always up to date, with the makers involved Duke4 for everything BUILD engine related, since I love my Duke Nukem, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage modding/porting I just think it's a great place and it's used by lots of interesting groups. So it would be cool (for me at least) to have everything at the same place I would rather have someone explain, why they are still on Facebook. I can kinda understand, why it might be hard to move but I'm glad I left some years ago. The only two things which would make me register again are: stupid Oculus Devices will need it after 2021 and the Vectrex Group which is why I started this thread. So please everyone get off Facebook so I don't have to come back. OK tanks! :3 Maybe I'm not missing anything from the group, since I'm mostly interested in DIY stuff and tinkering, but I can't even say, because I can't look at the group posts. I can just see that it's definitely the biggest Vectrex group on the internet. On Facebook. Bummer
  3. …should move to Discord.
  4. anyone owns Logolite? is it easy to use and make funky stuff with?
  5. wowie, did you have to wait 3 months for it?
  6. i have war of the worlds and i, cyborg and i enjoy them. but yeah, you might need to wait a bit to get the games. it took about 1,5 months for them to arrive at my doorstep in germany
  7. I just got a message from George that you might find interesting: Hello, and thank you for purchasing Budget Games in the past! Just a quick note to let you know that Budget Games will no longer be sold after January 31st. Please purchase as many games as you want until the end of this month. No limits! Duplicate titles are ok too! http://furyunlimited.com/_sgg/m1m2_1.htm Tracking number will be provided within 2-4 weeks.
  8. I also send a question about Logolite a month ago but never got an answer
  9. just reporting. it was already on the vextreme discord and i bet it got shared on facebook. i wish the facebook group would make a discord channel. people should leave that place asap
  10. Hmm, I wrote Madtronix some days ago. It seems like that shop is not active anymore. Anybody knows anything?
  11. yeah, i don't know why he is selling 2 in one offer. he was selling them individually before. i think people could ask him about it, hes very responsive
  12. I bought one for around 30 Euros from this guy on eBay https://www.ebay.de/itm/2-x-DIY-Vectrex-Light-Pen-2-units/233722035036
  13. Hmm, yeah. Prices in America are a bit different. I bought my Vectrex at eBay Kleinanzeigen, which is the flea market version with no bidding, no service. It's not even eBay anymore, it's another company that bought the name. I would have a look at craigslist. I also see people putting in overpriced Vertexes month after month but they are not getting sold
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