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  1. Okay, so the price is the same independent/regardless of currency rates. That makes sense.
  2. Cool. I am looking at a screen of a screen to see the UI, so yeah hard to judge.
  3. Right. I know this is an early beta, so who knows how it looks refined. The angle is too much and I would prefer it straight. It is like when someone goes a little crazy with fonts and effects in a Powerpoint. Sometimes less is more. Other than that the UI looks good.
  4. I just watched the Astrosmash video again. The more I watch it, the more impressed I get. The music of the game is so good and synchronized with the action (like when there is a pause before the meteor shower, then boom!). Super impressed. Unbelievable that the game is a "packin". This thing is going to blow doors!
  5. Nice! Sounds like a soundtrack to a movie. I too have to say I don't like the angle of the menu for the UI. It almost made me feel dizzy to read it. The game is awesome. It is good to see the console working, and I like how you pointed out all of the connections to the system to dissuade conspiracy theories.
  6. Okay, My wife likes the darker one on the left, "more contrast". My daughter (age 5) likes the one on the right, "I like light things". I like both, staying neutral. I think the reason the one on the left looks less defined is due to camera blur. It looks slightly out of focus.
  7. While we don't know the exact Snapdragon in the Amico, this link shows the potential. https://www.gamespot.com/forums/system-wars-314159282/performance-preview-snapdragon-845-outperforms-the-33424731/
  8. I felt bad for Tommy during the live stream, wonder what the issue was. Was he running it through an old Intellivision Entertainment Computer System :). I have been there and done that at my job (Tech crapping out on me, not use an ECS). Tech is a bitch sometimes. I too own Qualcomm (my second biggest holding behind Mastercard), so I was stoked when he said the Amico is using the Snapdragon. I have owned QCOM for a couple years, and it has been on fire lately. The games are looking good. You can see the progress in the early games like Shark!Shark! I actually stopped the video to read the shop items during the Cloudy Mountain part of the video, and Biplanes reminded me of the good old days. MLB looked like an updated version of the classic. I hope that the crowd gets some animation when it is completed. Also, I hope Cloudy Mountain auto generates the game so it is different every time. Maybe a level creator?
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