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  1. Like this guy did. Did you see this yet? https://habr.com/ru/post/416865/
  2. You mean like a cartridge with all of the games? If so, I haven't seen one as of yet. There is certainly plenty of talent out there to make it happen though.
  3. Wow! I have to try that. Even with 9 balls served. I already noticed the earlier BB game cartridges run a little slower. The ball speed is not as fast. Not sure why, maybe the different processors used??
  4. Has anyone seen this video talking about screen rot. I was trying to insert to a time in the video. scroll to 12:10 https://youtu.be/lt--fY3WOdk?t=729
  5. I have yet to clear a full screen on BlockBuster. 92 is my high score even with starting with 9 balls instead of the default 7. I had 2 blocks left! So close. Anyone else?
  6. vewy vewy close... I would think by next week the will start testing the protos in the 2 MV devices I sent.
  7. You can check you MV electronics with a good battery and the game. Start pushing the go button until you hears faint beeps from the piezo. You can test that at least.
  8. The Microvision LCD Project is back on track! 👍 Get this!! Apparently, when the 2 MV's arrived at the supplier, the entire eng team was OOT on another big project. So, the project management group went ahead and tried to get the project started. They tried "many many many times" to get the units powered on. The said the LCD's were "rainbowed". They were not working for them so they were about to give up. For over a week, many disparaging messages went back and forth and the project seemed doomed. With one final message from the project manager " it is too old lcd for us. " 😔 Then, the eng team got back. They took over. Powered everything up fine. Pulled the LCD's. Tested the only working LCD unit and the specs were known. TN type. 🤩 The second LCD unit was toast. It faded into oblivion. Which was expected. It was fading before shipment. What an unbelievable turn of events! 🥳 So, sample money has been dropped 🤑, the LCD spec has been created, drawings made, 2 sample types are being build. They will drop the sample LCD's into the 2 working MV's electronics for testing. Then, send some videos. If everything is acceptable, samples will be shipped for further testing. Stay tuned for another exciting episode of... Are those Microvision LCD's done yet?
  9. Ok, well that tells me more that these LCD units are not so fragile and should have survived. I've had good luck with cleaning up the contacts around the LCD and the zebra connectors to get a faded line of blocks working better. That could be worth a try on some of the bad units. Semichrome polish diluted with isopropyl alcohol works very well on the thin zinc coating on the contacts to the LCD and the cartridge connector. That connector reminds me of the nintendo 8bit connector that was famous for going bad. Remember having to blow on the cartridge before inserting.
  10. So you have shipped MV's overseas with no issues. Puzzling why both were so temp damaged? Maybe they sat in a hot truck or shipping container??
  11. I'm just guessing. I'm trying to talk to other suppliers on how these ship these.
  12. Sounds like it might work. I'm not sure what happened. Just both LCDs leaked out.
  13. There's been a huge setback. 😡 The 2 units sent to the supplier were "rainbowed" on arrival. 🌈 One unit was barely working when it left and the other unit had a very clear LCD with no sign of leaks. Both were DOA upon opening. They can't replicate the LCD unless they have a working unit to test. I've confirmed that with 3 different suppliers, unless you can completely spec it out for them to build. They all require at least 2 samples and the device if possible. The next step is to send the last working LCD by itself somehow protected from not only temperature but pressure changes. Cargo holds have extremes of both. I'll talk with a DHL rep to see if they have packing suggestions. 👍 🍻
  14. The screen will install exactly the same way the original one did. The costs are still up in the air until they actually make one test it out. Then create a batch of samples to further test in the 2 units provided. Then they will quote exact pricing.
  15. I just saw that website today. I was blown away the cartridge detail when all the work they went into it. They even had the keys labeled and new stickers put on the cartridge. It was really a great job.
  16. I found the pics in his posts. I tried to do a quick search but there are so many posts I couldn't find it quick enough.
  17. The units were shipped out. They arrived quickly. The displays were not working. They described them as "rainbowed". Bummer. They are so temp sensitive. The electronics are fine. They are working on designing the new displays now. They will test the samples in the 2 provided units before they send samples. The big issue is building the separate backlight unit. We can't figure out how it was done in the pics 511under posted. Maybe 511under could share some info on that. There isn't enough room in the LCD cavity for both. Maybe it's lit from the sides. The plan is to build LCD's with about 50% backlight units. Not everyone wants one. I do. It will help in both bright and dim lighting. Still will have to work out how much drain the BL will be. I also making new contacts for these. This will make it easy to install 2 additional contacts is the later units with single batteries in case of the drain being high. Remember when these MV units were made, the 9V batts had a very low MaH rating compared to today. I've been able to play MV blockout for quite a while with little drain on an energizer. I remember playing Mattel Football and the batteries not lasting very long before the game went nuts.
  18. supplier has confirmed delivery. the plan is that they will be dissected on Monday.... muuuhahahahaaaaa
  19. The Microvision LCD screen project is still moving forward. A supplier has been selected from a group of about 7. It took some time back and forth with basic details and costs for the replacement LCD screens. With the MV units, the supplier will be able to test whether these original screens are of the TN or STN type. The STN type would be better for a wider viewing angle. It's a matter of whether the controller chip is compatible. The backlighting unit will be separate and optional. http://www.ebay.com/itm/224090610358 I put the ebay price high so the unit would not be purchased yet but at least be seen to spark interest. Once the samples arrive, testing is finished, and all the details worked out, the production units will be built. The build should take about 2-4 weeks to build after that. At this point, I'll try to stick with the funding. It would be very difficult to manage inventory, costs, and final distribution or support issues from 2 locations. I have several MV units to test with. When the samples arrive, I can beat them up to make sure they work well for everyone. Test units have been sent out to be reproduced. My guess is the next update to be around 3-4 weeks.
  20. Ok, minor update on the process. I'm still getting information from the 2 potential suppliers to be able to select one to work with. The supplier that I prefer is already a supplier for the retro LCD screens for the Game Boy monochrome and color units. Those are much more complicated and have a custom display IC on the flex cable. So this microvision LCD project should be a slam dunk. But, I still can't get any estimates on the costs. The contact is adamant about getting the units first to evaluate. So, stay tuned as these details get ironed out...
  21. Ok, I'll make contact with the suppliers and get the exact cost details ironed out. One supplier needs tooling monies up front, the other didn't mention money up front, just send a working unit.
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