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  1. Oh wow, i never noticed this thread before. I have 5 1200XL systems I believe. I will have to dig them up and find the serials. I know I have 2 or 3 easily accessible . The 1200xl is still to me one of the best looking ever full-production computers.
  2. I have a couple of them. I always liked mine for the detachable keyboard.
  3. OH yeah!! I remember that he kept on calling me just to talk about Atari stuff. At the time, I didn't have a good job so I couldn't afford much so I only bought the 800 from him but he kept on calling frequently. We would talk about atari computers and so on. Nice guy. I believe that all of us weirdo ancient tech hoarders are on the autistic spectrum to certain degrees, I think he just was a little more than some others.
  4. I was just thinking about Ben the other day. I wish him the best in his health. I remember ordering an original 800 from him back around 2001 or so and got it quickly. I hope he is doing well. I'm hoping to go to Portland this summer provided things open up. Maybe I could stop by. I never had problems with him even though I remember how he used to spam comp.sys.atari but honestly who cares anymore.
  5. If I remember correctly, it had some sort of memory expansion and there was a bunch of music stuff on it. I also have a pair of Atari monitors but I think I remember using a standard VGA monitor with it instead.
  6. I have a working TT030 and a monitor (no idea what the monitor is) that I would like to sell on ebay. Any idea on a reasonable price? Its just the keyboard/system with a working hard drive. The last time I used it, it was working fine. I will test it again to confirm it works. The last one I saw that sold went for about 795 but I'm not sure what that one had in it.
  7. I would love to have old issues of EG or Creative Computing from the seventies. Those were the mags I grew up on. I also would love to see scans of the old Sears catalogs and so on. I love that site where it has almost all old Radio Shack catalogs scanned in.
  8. I had one of those. I paid like 450 dollars for I think 1 meg of ram (4 256k simms/ sipps?) and a motherboard with a Cyrix 486 DX-50 running at the full 50mhz for both bus and processor. Most unreliable piece of crap computer I ever owned but when it ran, it ran decently compared to my buddy's DX2-66. I still have the chip I believe.
  9. OH holy crap! Serious necrothread bump. I totally didn't see that Heck, back in 2006, I didn't own a component capable tv, we only had a 27" composite/s-video CRT tv.
  10. To the OP, why are you using S-Video on devices like your DVD recorder, satellite box, S-VHS player, etc? Those devices are new enough that they will have component video which is FAR better than S-Video. I would use a component video switchbox to switch between those modern devices that have component video which gives you 480p/720p/1080i and s-video for the older modded composite systems that can't do component output. I have seen component video on really nice HD CRT tvs right up through the mid 2000's so you still will get that rich CRT experience if that is what you desire. But doing s-video when component video is an option seems rather pointless unless you really are using a DVD recorder on an old 19" from the eighties. LOL
  11. The big difference to me is that these kids never grew up with Atari. My oldest step-kid is 31 was born in 82. By the time she was playing video games, it was the NES for a short bit quickly followed by the SNES. She doesn't even know what a colecovision or a 2600 is other than to have played a game or two that I showed her. So even in 20 years if she were to start collecting, she would probably only care about the NES. When i was actively collecting, about 10 years ago I found an original Odyssey game system in the wild complete with the box and the overlays and everything for 10 dollars. I was ecstatic because it was almost a grail item. To actually own the first home video game system ever. I also remember drooling over it in the Sears or the JC Penny catalogs of the very early seventies. Might have been an FAO Schwartz catalog? So i was happy to have it even though I never played it. After a while, I got super bored of owning it and sold it. Got well over 200 for it. Don't miss it one bit. It wasn't a system I ever had an emotional attachment to or played other than desiring one through a catalog. I still want a Telstar because that was the first game system I ever owned though. I don't see my kids caring about game systems older than what they played and had as kids so for them it might be the NES. Also remember, kids of today have easy access to emulators which we never had as kids. Heck, my kid can mod an original Xbox, put a 2 gig drive in there and have the entire discography of xbox games installed on it without even owning a single game.
  12. To me the classic gaming market is age based. Right now the early stuff from the seventies and early to mid eighties has its core fans being the 35 to 55 year old group. They have the most disposable income. But as our group ages more and more, we will start dying off and our collections will either be liquidated to the world full of younger people who don't have an interest in old Atari junk. I don't see my twentysomething kids caring enough about a 2600 to want to mod it for use with modern television connections or repair them to keep them working. Sure they will play games with me but they really don't care to own them or be curious about them beyond sort of enjoying them with me. No one I know cares about old classic video games except for one of my buddies who is my age. So what does that mean? As time marches on, there will be less and less people collecting classic games and the market will get saturated with old games from dying off members. I see the market having hit its peak now and not really increasing beyond what it has. Maybe the NES and SNES era of stuff might increase as the N64 but I don't see the more modern obscure stuff being of interest to younger fans. The Saturn has a loyal following but my kids never cared about them and have never shown an interest in that system as an example.
  13. My next door neighbor stocks the 4051 and the 4053, can those be used if you change the circuit? maybe use 2 of the 4051?
  14. Hmm!! I see that I can get 4052 chips on ebay for 3.99 for 5 of them. Now i'm tempted!
  15. So many options in this program. I'm having a devil of a time just configuring the program to work with my xbox 360 wired controllers. Seems like when I first fire up Altirra 64bit, the controller works for a coulpe of seconds then quits. Both controllers work fine in Stella and other games. Any ideas?
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