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  1. Hi. I'm in the UK, North of London. Hitchin
  2. Sorry, yes, its a colour monitor, and a 1040stfm, and I don't think its been upgraded...
  3. Hi, I have dug out my huge Atari stash and am hoping to sell. It includes: ATARI STfm (with original box) atari colour monitor, over 40 box games, lots of loose games, various writing and drawing software, 4 joysticks, two original ones, phaser light gun, track ball, add on disc drive, LOADS Of ST format demo discs, some mags too, instructions for most bits, all working and in good/great condition. Open to offers. And happy to send pictures etc. [email protected]
  4. HI, I've recently dug out my Atari 1040st with original monitor, box, a ton of games and software among other things.....anyone got an idea of how I can sell it to genuine collectors and roughly how much it might go for? Cheers
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