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  1. Thanks a lot for the feedback, I managed to make it work with some original games that still run after the flash. My final doubt is regarding SNES games. I'm trying to have Super Mario World or Dragon Ball games to play, but no luck. I renamed the .zip ROMS to .dat, .fig, .nes and placed them inside the GAME folder with no luck. Should these be added into the ROM folder and allgames.ini as well?
  2. After messing around I realized that the "allgames.ini" is the "key" of this along with other files. Finally made your Master System pack work on the newest firmware but after installing it, the Street Fighter New Challengers game no longer runs for example. I even used a game manager tool related to this machine and still didn't manage to make the original games play. So that would be the last thing for me to learn and I'm sure that many people with not a lot of pc knowledge may come up with the same doubts. If you could explain those details would be wonderful.
  3. @Draxxon I re-did the process and didn't add your packs to test it. It seems to work but the original 50 games, not all run. I'm thinking I should rename some original games from .zip to .zim or something but I wanted to ask you first on the technical aspects of this. 1.- How to make all the original .zip 50 games actually play (in the "rom" folder)?, I had trouble with ghouls.zip for example. Street Fighter II: The New Challengers did run properly though. 2.- How to make your packs work? The megadrive and SG-1000 packs that you created ran properly in the v2.6 firmware so maybe something in the packs interferes with a v2.8 firmware script. 3.- What's the easiest explanation for the retroplayer.ini and the .sh files functions? Thank you. So I'm thinking that if .zim works in the "rom" folder for the v2.8 then I would be able to add MAME games in there with box art?
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