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  1. Thanks for that reply mr_me. As someone who programs (but not for a living) I dream of one day being able to peruse the source code. Did the programmers bother to put comments? Were there kludges put in to make it work? What programming cliches did they use? I hope they also have the source code to the legendary Killer Tomatoes game that was used for training new programmers. I hope they've backed up the source code reliably so it will live on as part of history.
  2. This needs to be put in a gold frame. I think it's a sign of the times. Fake news, QAnon, conspiracy theories, denial of science. So sad to witness. Actually, Tommy, I hope it's okay to ask a question not related to the Amico, but as head of IE, what assets does the company hold from the original Intellivision? Of course you have the ROM images of a number of Intellivision games and could release them with an emulator like with the Intellivision Rocks releases. But does the company have the original source code of any original Intellivision games? What about the Your Friend the EXEC produced by APh? Do you have the original versions of the box art, controller inlays or instruction manuals? Or does Mattel have all that material? Just curious. Thanks.
  3. Hey Tommy, Have you thought about producing any coloring books for the kids based on the upcoming Amico games? For example, you could take one of those Finnigan Fox screenshots, remove the color but keep the black outlines, and there you go, you have a drawing waiting to be colored in! I remember back when I was an elementary school kid and those Nintendo Game & Watches came out. A bunch of kids in my school had them, and I remember we had a small assignment in class where we had to draw something and explain it. Some boys who usually weren't that interested in studying suddenly got excited and asked if they could draw their Game & Watch. The teacher agreed, and they eagerly started drawing them, trying to get perfect realism. I just think kids might be that eager to try coloring in scenes from their favorite Amico games. I know I would've loved to have colored in the box art for Astrosmash had it existed. Thanks as always!
  4. There may be a way to answer this pretty quickly: Tommy, we've seen videos of your staff hand-assembling Amico consoles for the founders edition. Are those consoles complete in terms of hardware, or are they still waiting on some components from overseas before they can be fully assembled? If they're fully-assembled now, then of course they will be going out in October. Even if the distribution is limited, it will still be a distribution.
  5. Happy New Year one and all! I wanna thank Tommy for the New Year's Day update video. Astrosmash looks great, and I really like how the background music changes with each level. One thing that bugs me is on the title screen for Astrosmash we see the astronaut on the ladder ready to climb aboard the ship, with the radar screen in the ship animating and the space rocks coming down, but the astronaut is frozen. It reminds me of the faked freeze frame at the end of the Police Squad episodes: https://youtu.be/A_3rJqHWYjs?t=99 Anyway, could the astronaut be waving at the player or something like that to break the frozen effect? Just a minor tweak hopefully. Otherwise, it's perfect.
  6. I hope the controllers have easter eggs that get activated if you enter certain numbers. For example, you enter the phone number of Intellivision Entertainment and something interesting appears on screen. The same if you enter the digits of pi (3.14159...) or e (2.71828...), which would be educational for kids. Perhaps US zipcodes? Historical dates? Just a thought I had out of the blue, but I'm guessing someone at IE already thought of it.
  7. So good to get your take on Skiing. Can't wait to see what you think of the other games. You owe it to yourself to play the big one ... Astrosmash!
  8. Sorry, can't resist commenting... this Amico looks so good, and is such a great symbol of America, that I hope a similar version is made as a special premium offering somewhere down the line. Sure, let's wait until sales of the existing colors take off and bring in some $$ for further development, but then I hope something like this comes out. If I could make a suggestion for a real version, I'd love to see the bases, foul lines, batters boxes, etc. printed on the controller bay (under the controllers). The way the controllers look now is perfect. Great job CurlyQ!
  9. Congrats to Susan! Any chance Tommy of a histogram of the high scores? I'd love to see the range of scores and what most people achieved.
  10. Intellivision always had the Children's Learning network, so learning games were always meant to be a part of the Intellivision experience (and Tutorvision was intended for learning as well). It also helped sell the machine to parents who didn't just want their kids to "play games" on it. I wonder if, in the future (after launch) the Amico will have any language-learning games. Dora the Explorer-type games come to mind. Too bad the keyboard component never made it to market. We'd all be speaking conversational French pretty well by now! Wouldn't it be great if we could learn another language like Italian or Spanish with our Amico? Also I was wondering if there would be any opportunity for us hobbyists to do any homebrew on the system. You've already seen what people are doing with IntyBasic for the original Intellivision, and I'm thinking something similar for the Amico. People could code up a game and share gameplay videos on youtube, or if it's possible, other users could try games out on their Amico. It might also be a good way to discover talented game programmers around the world.
  11. Anyone else excited about the use of those LEDs on the main unit? I wish the original Intellivision had them! Imagine the original Astrosmash where the background was different for each level. They could have set the lights to the same color so your room would be bathed in it. Or the lights could have flashed the police car light colors of red, white, and blue when you got caught in Lock n Chase. If there's a game like Outrun the lights could simulate brake lights or indicators/blinkers/winkers. The more I think about it the more possibilities I come up with. I think ingenuity like this will be noticed by other console manufacturers, especially Nintendo. It'll be interesting to see if they copy/adopt similar features in the future. Also quick question to Tommy: are the games going to have accessibility options? I'm thinking like The Last of Us Part 2 has, e.g. by changing the color scheme to help players with visual impairment. And will games have customization options, like the option to turn off the dust trails of the falling rocks in Astrosmash to reduce on-screen clutter? One last point about Ian and Pat: take notice about what they don't say. The last one they did about the Amico, they never repeated their claim that the machine doesn't exist. Looks like they're grudgingly accepting the machine is real. Tommy's a man with a good reputation and I'm sure he wouldn't want it tarnished so this is no sleazy fly-by-night scam.
  12. Funny. I just read a news story about shuriken machines in Japan. Perhaps an Amico darts game could also offer alternatives like shuriken. Edit: original news story here.
  13. That would be useful for latecomers like me. I did find this nice summary of the first 200 pages of this thread by LePionnier:
  14. Thanks for the reference. It's hard navigating all these pages (almost 900 now). I am curious now about what these "accessories" are. We know it's not an Intellivoice component! As I understand it, there's the amico itself (master component?) and the controllers. I'm sure Tommy is focused primarily on getting the amico released so any accessories must be a later release.
  15. There are three jobs listed there for the Amico. I notice the wording is a bit different from the jobs listed on LinkedIn's website. The one for an embedded Android software engineer (URL here) requires someone who "will take on a senior software development position ... to develop system-level Android software to make the system run." That job listing was posted 6 days ago. I'm a little concerned about the "to make the system run" statement which sounds like the system doesn't run. It didn't say "to make the system run better". Hopefully Tommy can explain this better. The good thing is they have 48 applications for that position already.
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