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  1. so, let me add sth... those are indeed xbox 360 cables i have bought approx 250 kgs in a bunch ( yes, 30x10 kg parcels i have received with packing) i use them with scart adapter where all 4 plugs are connected. i suggest connect svideo and audio cables to receiver to eliminate problems. what i think: if they were sutiable for next gen consoles, they must be OK for 30old year hardware. and shielding has actually nothing to do here..only can introduce some noice from power supplies. MYTEK - simple test - set svideo as source and check picture.. then connect audio 2 audio rca`s. picture will improve significantly. and it is true, that some monitors will display better picture than others, but...as assumed by FJC - xbox do not make jailbars, so why blame cable when atari does ?
  2. extrenal dimensions - as side 2 for 800 neww incoginito is coming..
  3. WTF ?????? please, await till monday... fedex is nonsence. i ship to USA for 30-40USD depends on service and location I CONFIRM: FEDEX SERVER GIVES SHIT in reposnse for querry
  4. FEDEX is much less if You do not get fedex offer (30 usd?) You must have entered wrong postal code. what is login at my shop ? please, use simple tool to estimate postage https://lotharek.pl/postageCalculator.php
  5. POLISH POST PARCEL it comes with freindly customs declaration
  6. Many years have passed since SIDE was created... then came side2.. and it was good :-)... and again many years have passed...and i can FINALLY inform You about SIDE3 and it`s preorder that starts today Deliveries are planned in SEPTEMBER unless i break second leg or have to move again 😞 There is still sth to do, but main hardware/software core is ready. of course, i will try to add more and more info at my www, but generally in pill: Some technicals: 8MB ROM 2MB SRAM INFO Lattice FPGA INFO heavy duty Hirose SD CARD SLOT INFO Real time clock based on MCP79520 INFO Please, do not forget, buying SIDE3, You support our talented forum friends: FJC (SIDE 3 firmware, PBI routine) https://atari8.co.uk/ Candle`O`Sin (hardware, being pain in neck for last 5 years) and of course me ; guy behind production/postages/etc.. Interested ? also, check videos: You may ask how to preorder ? just visit my www --> https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=143 and for gosh sake, DO NOT CHOOSE POLISH POST DELIVERIES - ONLY UPS/FEDEX. ps2. please, read FAQ: https://lotharek.pl/faq.php ( especially POSTAL CODES selection)
  7. i really appretaiate that suggestion "just leave it running live in a machine for some hours make sure the clock is working" will not work for me.. making batch of 100 ultimates would take 100X2 hours--> 200 work hours -> over a month. sorry, cannot be done. clock set, config set, power off and after few seocnds power on... unless ultimate price will 5 times higher.. sorry -not possible.. since 2012 i have produced much more than 100 ultimates. if there is issue, i try to get it solved in next batch. but faulty crystal is not design issue - it is part related. no change to design can fix that. shit just happens tapping around crystal ? ... i will leave that uncommennted.. that gives only finger pain after tappin 100 ulitmates 3 times...
  8. actually, i rememer only one mail reporting faulty crystal - recently.... so, if no reports to me in past, no actions were taken.. ps. tap tap in crystal ????? burn in tests of rtc ? lotharik ?
  9. Dear Collegues, as i just have received official mail from GELO29`s lawyer, forcing me to remove / correct above post of mine, as being considered by gelo29 very offensive and insultive. Unformatunatelly, this post cannot be edited or removed anymore... So, please find below my apologies I want to indicate, that GELO29 is NOT LIAR ( klamca=liar) and want to apologize for that... IN MY OPINION HIS COMMENT indicating LACK OF MY SUPPORT WAS NOT TRUE ......DESPITE 30 mails being received and answered So: GELO29 - NIE JESTES KLAMCA !! JESTEŚ CZŁOWIEKIEM KTÓRY PISZĄC O BRAKU POMOCY Z MOJEJ STRONY MINĄŁ SIĘ Z PRAWDA PODAJĄC NIEPRAWDZIWE INFORMACJE NA FORUM I ŻYCZĘ CI DUZO SZCZĘŚCIA i ZDROWIA Oczywiście ciesze się na spotkanie w sadzie 🙂
  10. Please, quote especially Your questions and my asnwers HERE just for info : I HAVE RECEIVED 32 mails concerning installation of stereo. AFTER I RECEIVE ANSWER: REAL MAN DO NOT READ MANULS, i gave up with support of any type Grzegorz, przykro mi bardzo - JESTES KLAMCA !
  11. i am happy to discuss productions/sales with author`s commision paid 🙂
  12. unfortunatelly, those kids in my sick country do not get support from goverment thet deserve. my father is head director of this school, and he spends a lot fo time in serch for supporters... it is sad, but true
  13. Gentlemen..please, stop thank You for supporting me, Candle, FJC. big amount of work ahead me and Candle Also, please remeber: Thanks to your purchase I can keep on helping kids from Special Needs School in Piekary Slaskie. In addition, I`m one of the supporters of KID`S DAY in my JUDO CLUB, where big party is organised and money collected for kids. Last, but not least, I support almost every retro party I visit and Judo Club CZARNI BYTON as this sport - next to retro gaming - is my passion. So, feel proud ! Feel happy and enjoy ATARI !!! .... and judo
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