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  1. Hello, i'm searching for an Atari XEGS Console. Living in Germany, i search for a Version that runs on 230v. Please PM me. Kind Regards Rom
  2. That's right. I simply forgot that. I remember i was always a bit jealous over the Intellivision Version of Atlantis with Day and Night Cycle and such. Nevertheless, Cosmic Arc would be cool
  3. There is a XL Conversion of Demon Attack for the A5200. Also Atlantis and Laser Gates. Cosmic Arc would be Great
  4. @MasterMotorola Short answer: No, why should I? Long answer: First, as i stated before, i have solved my Problem. Second, i could have done as you suggest. But... Professionaly produced items are in most cases more durable than those selfmade fixes. I can buy a self adhesive Vinyl with a wooden Design, it's called D-C-Fix here. But it's very soft and tends to break. Because of the warmth of my Hand the Glue will become unsticky and floating. The cutting will be a a problematic task given that i only have a normal cutter knive. Applying will also be problematic, Airbubbles and so on. I tend to be a little short tempered... imagine a fast flying and hard wall hitting Joystick. Third, with my Post here i simply wanted to warn possible Customers for what they have to expect. Fourth, and this in my opinion the most important Point: A Device like the Retron 77 is not an all World everybodys Item. There is a small Userbase for such things. All they have to do is satisfy a small peergroup, but they even f****d up that task. Should be said! If you take all this in account, then we can go back to the short answer: No, why should I? Greetings Rom
  5. My 2nd Trooper also had the Box with the Woodgrain Picture on it. I don't know if they change the Design on the Retron also but i would make Sense? Why should they change it on the Controllers only? Anyway, i don't like the design, but that's my personal opinion. As a dirty workaround i bought another Retron Console, took the Wood Joystick from it and exchanged it with the ugly one and sold it on Ebay. I stated that clearly in the Offer, so no bad surprise for the Buyer. ...I even got more Money back than what i paid for it.
  6. While searching and sorting Roms i found some interesting things: Like a Kangaroo Hack with a black Background. The Game looks so much better with it. For my own Purpose i rebranded it "Kangaroo Arcade". Same goes for a Vanguard Hack that makes the Background Black AND the Ship faster. Anyway, since i use downsized Box Art in Stella (and the Retron77) instead of Screenshots i decided to make my own Covers for some Games. Maybe you like them, maybe not. Unfortunately i'm not much of an Artist, Photoshop is a beast of a Program and I'm the Monkey hammering on the Typewriter... so here is Banana!
  7. @-^CrossBow^- Thanks for the advise. That works somehow and only after some back and forth switching. But when i exit the emulator and start it again i have to do it all over again. I think that Kangaroo is simply a bitchy Bitch! Nuff said!
  8. As i said before, i live in Germany. We have 220v. I would need a converter and these are prone to faulting. Also the 5200 must be a modded one for Video Out. Much too much for an occasional Game.
  9. Indeed, it's all about Emulation, not a real Console. As with the different electric Voltage here in Germany a real A5200 Console makes almost no sense. I tried again to calibrate the Joysticks but i had no success. Funny thing is not all Games are so sensible. Only some: Kangaroo, Asteroids, Gorf. I have not checked all right now. I will use A800 for these when possible. That's probably the best Solution. Or the simply the one that gives the least Headache. Thanks for the Help Rom
  10. @Cafeman I tried that, but it didn't work. I really have no clue why my Controlles are so sensible. I think i will go another way. Most of the 5200 Games have also been released on Atari 800/XL/XE. I will play them instead. No Fancy Atari Logo then, but way better Controls. And Donkey Kong
  11. Is it just me or is Kangaroo for the Atari 5200 unplayable? I spent the hole afternoon (and some of the evening) trying to figure out how it works. So far i tried playing with Keyboard and Xbox360 Controller on Emulators Kat5200, Altirra and MAME. No matter what i do (which settings i use) the Controls are doing what they want. When pushed to a direction the Roo keeps going, no matter what i do. Sometimes when i push to the right and stop it goes to the left. and so on. Is this behaviour from the original inferior Joysticks? Kind Regards Rom
  12. Hi all, just wanted to let you know... When i bought my R77 i really liked the Wood design. It gave the Device a lovely original 1977 Retro Touch. Then i wanted some additional Contollers... so i ordered them from amazon.com. Today they arrived. But for some reason the design has changed. The Ranger so far is an oversight from me as they are pictured with the new design on Amazon. Could have seen that. Far more disappointing is the new Trooper. It simply does not fit to rest of the Console and the original Controller. That may be nitpicking but i would have liked to have all Controllers with the same Wood Design. I wonder if it's asked to much from a Manufacturer to do the right things? i didn't expect that (well nobody expects the spanish Inquistion) Rom
  13. Well, Problem solved As i tried to convert the Partition to FAT32 i got an Error Message stating that there were some lost Data on the SDCard. After Fixing that, expansion of the FAT16 Partition worked. It did not mention those Errors when i tried to expand the Partition before. I guess a Programmer can't think of all possible Possibilities Thanks for the Help Romuluz
  14. @Thomas Jentzsch Thanks for the Answer. Grüße aus der verbotenen Stadt @fluxit There seems to be my Problem. I'm on Windows, i have no clue about Linux. The Windows Tools like Paragon or Minitool Partition Wizard don't let me change the size of the Partition. But if the R77 supports Fat32 i can try and convert the Fat16 to 32 and see if i can expand the Partition then. I'll be back...
  15. Hi all, the Images for the Retron77 are always 80mb sized. The SD Card which came with the R77 is 128Mb. As i want to use Cover or Cartridge Scans instead of Screenshots/Snapshots for the UI i need more Space than the 80mb Image provides. Unfortuntely the Filesystem of the Image is FAT16 so i can't enlarge the Partition for the unused Space on the SD-Card. How can i create an Image with a bigger Partition? Let's say i'll buy a 16GB microSD and want to use a 2GB Partition (maximum for Fat16). i tried formatting the Stock SDCard with Fat16 to 128mb and copy over all the Files from the 6.2.1 Image but the Console didn't start then. Further Question is, is Fat16 necessary from the R77 Hardware or can it use Fat32 or exFAT Partitions? And what OS is Retron based on? Android? Kind Regards Romuluz
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