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  1. Even Carlsson bring up HERO yet ignore all other non changed ports that have same style and gameplay, There is no japanese cultural difference where single colored enemies make more sense than multicolored enemies with less detail yet everything else is the same as the other ports when no power difference between CV and Sg1000. Atari 2600 make sense for difference because it's a very weak machine.
  2. Pixelboy I am sorry but this is a pointless comparison that doesn't make sense. Buck Roger is a port based on a Sega arcade game which Sega authorized on other consoles this has nothing to do with random japanese developer, this is at the time of Mark 1 Sega was controlled and ran mostly by Americans and wasn't the company it would become. It's just wrong generic thinking that doesn't apply. You see this consistently with games that have similar gameplay and art styles, HERO is one of the exceptions but games like 007 and Buck Rogers are not. It is the same game and in all similar games to computer and console ports with similar style the Sega version on Mark 1 always look worse and I don't think that is because japanese culture, HERO yes it was redesignedfor a zoommed in cleaner style at expense of detail, same with Congo Bongo, but this does not apply to the numerous games that are virtually the same game and Sega was not a full japanese company yet to I don't know why you assume this generic argument work here. It don't. Even worse Sega is the one who authorize the ports and was maker of the arcade game ports are based on. There is no japanese culture involved with Sg1000 version having less detail and flat colors and single-color enemies and this type of problem is seen on various occasions through multiple games where there are not clear design differences to cater to japanese audiences even 007 has more flicker and slow down yet it basically near exact same game is that slow down and flicker for japanese culture? lol no of course not. You continue bringing up HERO because it's one of the only exceptions. It is very consistent that despite having same hardware pretty much Sega was having problems bringing CV ports over for whatever reason, I don't know why that is hard to believe considering how it happens frequently. Maybe Sega just didn't dig into the silicon enough since they were expecting Mark 1 to sell only 50,000 its first year in japan and did double that. It's clear they weren't really taking that market as serious as Nintendo at least at first. What is more funny is early Nintendo game have opposite problem so even if Sega was fully japanese company your excuse still don't make sense because Nintendo didn't have that problem with early ports.
  3. Sonic Adventure 1 and Sonic Adventure 2 are part of a unique convolution in video game in terms of popularity. After many years a full 3D Sonic game was released on the DC it had reviews with people drooling from the mouth, a launch game for the new powerful Dreamcast that everyone would talk about until the Sequel Sonic Adventure 2. That is another game that while not as praised was widely considered a high-point in the series. What I find interesting is not long after Sonic Adventure 2 and the Dreamcast cancel by Sega it was released on another system as a port. This port was arguably the same game with a few exclusive features yet it scored way below most reviewers original score for the game. The same would be said for the port of the first Sonic Adventure on the Gamcube which would end up even worse. The thing is this not many years in between original and port it's close together. So it makes me wonder if people were only overlooking Sonic Adventure series flaws because of hype for DC and sympathy for DC as rumors kept spreading they would soon pull. Both games had issues like subpar cutscene animations in-game, not to be confused with CG. Character movements don't seem to be the same engine as the level you are playing in impacting control, and in SA1 specifically it seems like it's just several tech demos thrown onto a disc and they added Sonic characters for each tech demo. Clearly stages are not made for Big, even getting in position as Big the cat is pain in the ass, but once you get hook in the water you aren't even playing Sonic you are playing poor mans Bass fishing. E103 is generic auto-aim shooter and so on. SA2 Sonic and Shadow always slipping and sliding as if stage was made with a different dev tool than the characters. Thats only a few issues I noticed even when they were new but reviewers only mentioned somewhat after the Gamecube Ports came out and not the DC originals. That's why I am wondering what people actually think in terms of how these games aged because in recent years with Mania and other Sonic games you don't hear too much about Adventure as you did even 10 years ago but still hear Sonic 2, Sonic knuckles, Sonic CD, Generations.
  4. Mrme This doesn't make sense, you are ignoring CV version is more graphically demanding therefore is it bad programming or is it that CV pushes the hardware more meeting the limits? SG-1000 is very flat colored without much detail even the addition of walls are just one color squares, the enemies are all single colored. CV versions had more detail everywhere, better illusion of perspective, and the enemies are multicolored. I don't think that is bad programming when SG1000 is nearly a different game for it to be smooth.
  5. carlsson I also mention Mark III and never mark II games so I didn't think that was an issue honestly.
  6. At first I though you were talking about Galaga and got confused, then I remembered that the alien in space invaders did move fast later. I never spend that much time with Space invaders to many better games at the same time or later. Asteroids was the big one. That's a game that could have benefited from screen nuke lol.
  7. No, the game I am thinking of you use the weapon you actually hold it when you earn it or obtain it with limited use.
  8. What? Many space games had Star Wars graphics tai fighter and others sprites. Also many Star Wars games not jut vector.
  9. klov? Also it's not just Midway I forget that Midway was a subsidiary it couldn't been anyone in Williams all I remember is it was a space shooter and you could save screen wipe ability after criteria but you had to earn it and you only got one at a time. Now I think about it I don't even think you could hold more than one. Definitely star wars like graphics for sprite which was very very common. Honestly, maybe too much.
  10. I don't get it is he saying Donkey Kong Arcade on CV prove it is stronger than famicom?? Famicom may not do everything as well but has CV beat clearly. Every console released after CV stronger than CV. Even including 5200. Maybe Vectex but that is doing vector games doesn't count.
  11. Midway shooter from 78 or 79 had it where you rack up score you can save screen clear to use but don't remember the name, some Space game Midway had a lot of those. Was not very big. Defender is the first popular game to do it though as it was big deal. Midway didn't become big deal until they publish that first person Space game and Pac man.
  12. It probably was test with handful of games for one model. It's Ch products they were basically madcatz back in the day. Standard controller is best outside curiosity, or the other controller you brought. Flight stick pro just marketing piece honestly not that good even on games were it mostly works.
  13. Some digging Panther had problems they couldn't get Road Riot 4wD to work moved it to the Falcon/ST. Look at video of that game tells you how much trouble Panther was. Even simple games had big problems that why so many Amiga ports on Jaguar because they had prepared games for Panther that would work at time, but became bare minimum for Jaguar. I see no future where Panther is released unless they want 3 games a year. Take too long to get anything working on Panther. There is no prediction here, those say maybe it can compete with other consoles is impossible. Nearly all compliments back then were of things developers saw with demos and almost every complaint was when actually making game for system PROPER. Maybe Panther can compete with an Amiga but that not flying in 1992 or even 1991.
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