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  1. i flickered p0 and p1 == 4 sprites the flicker is done with 30hz , that don't hurt your eyes too much collision with p0/p1 with playfield works, collision through sprites not, you have to check the borders ( it is shown in my demo game Le Mans) the ball is also flickered --> ball1 + ball2 and could have independent positions on x/y also you could tweak the nusiz registers during run time --> for resize or double / triple sprites lemans.bas.bin
  2. asymetrical playfield is nearly impossible in a 1 -line kernel without DPC + etc.
  3. i will write an tutorial to use this kernel out of batari basic. It's a complete rewriten multi sprite kernel tom
  4. yes you are right, my early kernel was in the show
  5. Yes , I will post the source code tommorrow, in case you can live without ball /missile0 , P0 could me multicolored- in 1 line res The playfield ist mirrored or repeated in rom , yes of course, there is no available ram . You can use PF1 + PF2 , also PFO in case you don't need ball / multicolored support
  6. not yet, but it will be soon, when I found more cycles left to do it
  7. great addition to batari , one -line sprites rocks !! thank you
  8. HI Guys, I just wrote an new one-line kernel for Batari Basic . Playfield could have any height, sprite is one-line resolution. Up to 4 sprites possible via flicker. Any suggest please. I attached a demo game ( Le Mans - start of the c64 game clone) Have a nice day Tom from Berlin lemans.bas.bin
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