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  1. a little Wild West shooter. Avoid to collide with the big gold nugget, randomly positioned. Watch of the black gunslinger and don't get shoot from him . Enjoy this 1 player shooter- made with standard batari kernel If 2 player support is wanted , no problem - write to me. Any suggestions would be great . Tom goldrush2022.bin
  2. Thank you James, playing the game on your show. Find attached the lastet built from this morning , fixing some more issues . Have an nice day , if you want to see other enemies ( monsters) send me some sprite ideas and you will get your very own custom version. Greetings, Tom bert.bas.bin
  3. again, some bug fixes , shoots don't start at the middle of the screen find the latest build version suggestions, wishes ? write me Monsters /enemies so far: cat - from tom boy ( pitfall clone) e.t. from e.t. game space ship from e.t. game crocodile from pitfall Cookie Monster from Cookie Monster munch ufo - from me Any other ideas for enemies ? Write me , test it, have fun !!!! bert.bas.bin
  4. Hello, please find my new game ,done with batari basic, in 1-line resolution. Any suggestions for improvement of the game mechanics would be nice. Sound effects have to work on. You are Q-bert and you have to fight against some Atari 2600 retro monsters in the woods from E.T. movie. Written this game from scratch , not much bytes left - 235 bytes in total for missing sound routines . Have a nice day Atari boys and girls. Greetings Tom from Berlin bert.bas.bin
  5. Hi Guys, I just attached the right bin file , try it out. Feedback every time welcome Greetings, Tom
  6. A new game with my one-line kernel for Batari. Game play inspired by the home-brew game cosmic canyon, rewritten with my one-line kernel Avoid colliding the mars rocks how far will you go ?? Greetings Tom,Berlin velesmarines.bas.bin
  7. New Game WIP done with custom kernel for batari basic Please give me feedback , suggestions on game design /mechanics Thank You Tom from Berlin they.bas.bin
  8. Hi everyone, i completed my game and it's playable now. I had to skip the nice rainbow color effect ,because the missile had to built in. Now you have one-line kernel with asyncon playfield PF2, 1 missile,2 sprites ( 1-line hight) I stuck in 4kb rom use, not able to manage bank switching with batari basic and my own kernel. Actually you have 6 different enemy types, there is no space for doing more enemies. Feedback welcome Have a nice day Tom, from Berlin they.bas.bin
  9. First look of my game - made with my own batari kernel I managed to do asynchron playfield pixels within this one line kernel ( PF2 only). Color change on every playfield line Any suggestions and ideas for improvements welcome Greetings, Tom from Berlin they.bas.bin
  10. you have different modi you can choose that from batari with a const variable There are different modi const modus=6 for example --> declare in batari 1= multicolor p0 0 = missile 0 on. flickered -any height and up to 8 pixel width 2= playfield color on every line 3= background color on every line 4 = pf0 on 6 animated ram playfield pixel ( mirrored and only one pixel possible) all in 1-line kernel with modi 0 you have the best option ( 4 sprites flickered at 30hz, 2 m0 flickered, no colored sprites, 1 line pf1 + pf2 playfield (rom and mirrored) You can choose also a 2 line kernel (sprites and pf). I customized the multi sprite kernel, so no kernel options possible i post the code for you See attached put multi sprite_kernel.asm, multi sprite.h and score21 to the includes folder of your bb directory all the sprite and playfield datas must be declared in assembler (see desert.bas source code of Safari Adventure ) Happy coding, feedback always welcome Update: I managed to include aschron playfield ( see on my farming simulation WIP) . Only PF2 possible, but with multicolor pf and one line sprites . desert.bas multisprite_kernel.asm multisprite.h score_graphics.asm.21stcentury farm.bas.bin
  11. made with my own one-line kernel for batari basic If you find it useful contact me. Greetings Tom from Berlin safari.bin
  12. i flickered p0 and p1 == 4 sprites the flicker is done with 30hz , that don't hurt your eyes too much collision with p0/p1 with playfield works, collision through sprites not, you have to check the borders ( it is shown in my demo game Le Mans) the ball is also flickered --> ball1 + ball2 and could have independent positions on x/y also you could tweak the nusiz registers during run time --> for resize or double / triple sprites lemans.bas.bin
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