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  1. Something like Microcenter's Atari Pi Kit + a pair of Trooper IIs would run about $140.
  2. I have to think this is a combo of post-COVID inflation + it's a sexy device + Nexus makes it a really great retro gaming console.
  3. Do you wire up anything to make those buttons work with Flashback X/Nexus? Or are they non-functional?
  4. I'll take pics over the weekend and you can tell me if it's right. I don't have easy access to a CRT.
  5. For what it's worth, the UAV 7800s you did for me play Tower Toppler with proper colors over composite video to a couple different TVs with composite and with a RetroTink 2X-MINI.
  6. Is the idea to use the Blast! paddles, take them apart, and wire them into the regular DB9?
  7. Seeing all the pictures is great, and a little overwhelming. Clearly, considering all the effort beginning to end, AtariAge homebrew games are the bargain of the 21st century!
  8. The Atari Flashback X (including Deluxe version) can access ROM files from an OTG USB adapter. You may need to upgrade the firmware on the Flashback X if it's 2019 original. You can then run Demon Attack on the Flashback X from a ROM file on a USB flash drive or SD card in a USB adapter. Or, the Atari Flashback X/Deluxe can easily be modified to run Draxxon's Atari Nexus which includes all of the 2600 games released, including Demon Attack, plus homebrew games, plus many other consoles (5200, 7800, 8-bit computers, etc.) plus arcade games plus other platforms entirely. It's pure amazeballs. I would also think the RetroN 77 is a good choice, in that if you buy a cheap used Demon Attack cartridge, it should work as it's a plain 4K cartridge! You could alternatively just put the Demon Attack ROM file on an SD card.
  9. I love this thread, particularly seeing the pictures of your manufacturing run. We are lucky to have you do this! May it be your last one to feature Goo Gone before switching to your own molded cartridge shells!
  10. My Asteroids colors (regardless of the ROM) are fine, on either composite or S-Video, although my color pots were set by @-^CrossBow^- who has a good eye for calibrating things. I leave my HDMI input on my TV where the RT 2X-M is connected in Game mode, which helps compared to Cinema or Standard modes. My AVR also has a Game mode that adds a bit of spatial effect to the Atari mono audio output that helps with making me feel I'm part of the game.
  11. Space Rocks is brilliant! Think of it as "Asteroids Arcade" though, as it's much closer to the original vector arcade game than the 2600 game you remember. There are several different tweaked ROMs for Asteroids, some fix VSYNC and are stable on my RetroTink 2X-MINI. This one works for me, and the front-end menu is wonderful instead of remembering game numbers:
  12. ^ THIS I think about this from time to time. It's partly why the "new VCS" from 2020 is uninteresting to me and not worth the asking price. The old Atari died around 1987 or so and didn't fully realize it until a few years later, although with a few very bright spots (Ninja Golf! The Lynx!) on the way to future irrelevancy.
  13. I think some misunderstandings arise when a customer may not realize the community service that Best Electronics (or the AtariAge Store, for that matter) provides. It's not always obvious, and a little hard to explain if you aren't in the community. But once one understands that, you're just thankful that Bradley still does what he does. We all benefit from his life's work.
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