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  1. At least happened in 1981: https://allincolorforaquarter.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-atari-50000-centipede-fiasco.html
  2. For what it's worth, I think many of the AtariAge-published boxed games feel slightly more professional than the Audacity Games-published Collector Edition Circus Convoy. In particular, the shrink-wrap on my Circus Convoy copies are a little off-center, probably because of the manual process, and the sticker on the cartridge of the one I opened is clearly stuck on by hand with some air bubbles. The AtariAge boxes just look more professional than at least the Collector Edition Circus Convoy box, although I think it's just that @Albert does an amazing job sourcing great professional designs and graphics with touches like the AA-branded stickers to close the boxes. The hologram-numbered box on Circus Convoy is pretty neat though, overall pretty amazing packaging for a 1st release! The Circus Convoy cartridge is familiar (retro Activision-like) and new, it's one of the best parts of the packaging I think. The sticker, maybe because of the air bubbles caught under it, or maybe its unusual feel, feels a little homemade, although with high quality thick material that leads you to think it's not going to fade or wear easily.
  3. I never bought this shirt from the AtariAge store but I keep coming back to the listing. https://www.atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=964
  4. No chance to use any of the ByteBlaster USB products?
  5. I realize I’m near at the end of this French SCART saga, but I wanted to note that all this has been worth it for @juansolo’s posts.
  6. I believe at this point I have enough NTSC 7800s to last a lifetime. ☺️ I need to get a few of them into some friends’ hands to share in the retro joy.
  7. I know I’m swimming against the tide here on AA, but I did ask @juansolo and @marauder666 to keep the SCART RGB rather than ditch it in favor of S-Video. This was because I ended up valuing the French 7800’s DIN13 (Atari-standard!) SCART RGB connection. I know it’s not better than their S-Video upgrade, as I now have proof beyond doubt from them that S-Video can look much cleaner than feeding video through the stock Atari RGB converter. But, I intend to use a RetroTINK 2X-SCART to HDMI upscale the converted RGB rather than change that part of what is a fairly unique piece of hardware. Other 7800 consoles are somewhat common, but the French PAL Atari 7800 with SCART RGB is in a class by itself! For that reason, I’m still hoping they can still clean up the SCART RGB a bit, and help it with the best video possible, realizing it won’t ever match their PAL S-Video upgrade work. Hey, but maybe that’s an excuse to buy another (non-French) PAL 7800 in the future? 😉
  8. +1! A good many of the games work well with a 1 button joystick. A few manage it via difficulty switches, such as Atari 7800 Xevious will fire both weapons with one button if the switch is set to the left ("A"), or Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest mapping jump to up direction if switch is set to the right ("B"). Curious if that's handled by the emulator to allow for a few more Atari 7800 games?
  9. I take your point that the experience is a combination of the game itself (software), the console that plays it (hardware), and the display. An old 9” black and white TV is obviously a very different experience from a 77” OLED TV. Personally, I totally love the RGB (if available) and UAV upgrades to old consoles. I have found that I slightly prefer playing on real original Atari consoles but have no desire to have a CRT when I have some killer modern TVs around. I’ve been happy with various RetroTINK 2X converters and tend to leave them in line-doubled and smoothed mode which to me looks better than various emulator-based retro-simulated displays. It even handles artifacting for games like Atari 7800 Tower Topple if hooked up via a composite signal! I have to say, I do love the save/restore functionality in emulators, which gives new life to old games. But from a vintage Demon Attack cartridge to the brand-new Circus Convoy from a Harmony Encore cartridge, I’ll stick with a good picture and clear sound. In some cases, I’ve gone to great lengths for that. I also don’t feel the need to play my old vinyl records on a hand-cranked phonograph. Instead, I play them on a modern AV receiver with phono amp and fully modern speakers that have been tuned in for amazing sound reproduction. The really old ones from the ‘40s don’t suddenly sound like 21st century master tape recordings, but they sound as good as possible based on the source material. (A bit like Demon Attack!) In some cases, like some stereo records from the late ‘50s, they sound shockingly good, actually. (A bit like Pitfall II.) You didn’t mention something else that I think for me far more encapsulates the retro-gaming experience; the controllers. I tend to find myself in three different controller moods: 1. “Serious play” where I like the wireless convenience of a better-than-NES-style 8BitDo N30 Bluetooth gamepad + 8BitDo Retro Receiver for SEGA + Edladdin Seagull 78 adapter 2. “Old school” original wired Atari CX40 joystick (I won’t tell you what my wife calls this controller, suffice to say I think you had to grow up with it to appreciate it) 3. “The middle ground” late 80’s wired Atari CX78 gamepad that was bundled with European & Australian Atari 7800s, but somewhat more rare in the US. It’s got a touch of retro charm and feel, but a bit more accessible for modern play, although not really fitting into either paradigm neatly.
  10. Fantastic results! A great improvement. Amazing work. Can’t wait to see it live.
  11. Amazing work so far! It'll be great to see 2600 mode improvement when you get to it, as Kaboom! is likely to a primary use case for this particular European 7800.
  12. Episode 1 of this miniseries for me was watching the USPS tracking status of the shipment from Chicago to the UK. Way more drama in early 2021 compared to the before times. Episode 2 for me was this initial diagnosis. Chroma! And luma! (Not just composite!) And charming narrative and shockingly good lighting for retro console board pics. I can't wait for Episode 3.
  13. I believe the RGB transcoder is based on this PAL decoder, in case this helps: https://archive.org/details/SonyV7021/ Sony V7021 NTSC PAL Decoder specifications 1991.08.pdf
  14. Personally not that important to me, I just see it being done. I kind of like the stock look from the front.
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