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  1. Thank you - I'll give it a try.
  2. Even non-working drives seem to sell for nearly as much as working ones, and I don't want to buy in another non-worker only to find the same part is faulty!
  3. Unfortunately they sent a through hole part. Is anyone aware of an equivalent? I've seen BA6392FP for sale - it seems to have a similar spec., but a lower rating, so may not be any good. Thanks
  4. Now why didn't I think of that? Many thanks.
  5. I'm not sure why he would ban me for asking about the cartridge? I'll try searching again. I did try looking through the forum, but didn't find this particular problem - maybe I missed it. Thanks
  6. Can anyone help? I've purchased a Jaguar diagnostic cartridge from Best Electronics. I've read and re-read the instructions above, and tried emailing Best (I'm in the UK, so can't phone), but my cartridge just asks me to press one of a number of letters to run tests. None of the controller buttons activate it, and I'm not aware of any official Jaguar keyboard, so does anyone know what I need to do to get the tests to run? Thanks in advance for any help / suggestions. Picture shows the screen I get on a known working Jaguar.
  7. Thanks Yurkie - I have the spec. Just struggling to find the chip. It seems it shares its part number with an 8-pin chip! I've found a possible supplier in China - just waiting now to see what arrives...
  8. Hi I am currently repairing a Sega Mega CD, but am having trouble locating a chip - BA6393FP. I can find plenty of 8-pin chips with the same designation, but can't find a supplier of the correct CD driver chip. Does anyone know a source for these? Thank you
  9. I'm intrigued. I do have a PC with a parallel port, but it's packed away and will take some time to get out and set up (maybe a week). I'm pretty sure it has MSDOS 6.22 installed, but I may be able to find a Windows95 CD - but the PC doesn't have a CDROM or USB, so it may be a bit tricky getting it installed.
  10. Hoping that someone is familiar with this cartridge... I managed to get hold of a Jaguar Diagnostic Cartridge, but I can't see how to run the tests as described in the instructions. The instruction leaflet I have says that the cartridge will run through a series of tests, but in my case I get a screen as per the picture which wants me to select the tests to run. Unfortunately I can't find any way of invoking any of these tests with the Jaguar controller. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  11. I've checked all the traces and can't find a break. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with that cartridge and don't have it. I did look on eBay, but I could only find a US seller (I'm in the UK), and the price would be around £80!
  12. Okay - thanks for the advice. I got the serial interface working and was able to run the diagnostic cartridge fine on my working Jaguar. When I tried it on a faulty Jaguar (red screen), it did nothing, not even take over the startup sequence, I just got the same result as without the cartridge (nothing on the serial terminal, Jaguar logo with red screen on the monitor). I have already replaced the cartridge connector and the buffer chips - can anyone hep with any advice as to what I try next? Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. Thank you - I should have thought of that! I actually use exactly the same idea to bring out a serial port on the Amiga CD32 (or actually a USB port after conversion), so all I need is an edge connector which I can get easily. Much appreciated.
  14. Yes - but these don't seem to be available anywhere. I was hoping someone knew of a clone or unofficial way to add a serial interface. Thanks
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