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  1. Its starting to show up in Google, its not a proptype.. but appears to Pre-date their entire POS line of products around 1984-1985. The product/model numbers immediately before and after indicate it was a venture into a niche Restaurant POS system before it was called POS. That's inference.. but then their first POS products that stood alone, and not networked with serial 38,400 connections share a lot of the same case design choices. So yeah.. it might be these are incredibly rare.. exactly because A. They were standalone PC's to be used with cash drawers and printers, B. The line was not continued, they started up the 4680 and POS 500 line of products which are much more familiar today. But they were on an offical product list that Google is finding now. And the reasons for the design choices, like cable mangment in the back for standing on a checkout podium, and the employee turn key style lock preventing access to the drive bays.. and the cash drawer.. made perfect sense.
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