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  1. I'd honestly be interested in whatever you have. I've ported to various languages and platforms before, but my weakness will be porting to a 16 bit platform. Trying to understand legacy platforms is a new experience for me.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Trying to make my initial shopping list. I already have 2 speech synthesizers so I have no concerns modding one for the 5v pass thru. If I understand what I need for starters is a 32k sidecare like this? https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/store/#!/32k-sidecar-memory-expansion/p/73789245/category=28272181 I think I'd also like a finalgrom: https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/store/#!/Brewing-Academy-finalgrom99-with-label-case-and-manual/p/161892072/category=24438345 Where I'm getting confused is what TIPI component to plug in to the sidecar. I believe this is what I'm looking for? https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/store/#!/TIPI-SIDECAR-Raspberry-PI-interface-board-*44pin-interface-port-required*/p/103690282/category=28272181 One last question (on this pass, I know I'll have more). What is the difference between the 32k sidecar and a SAMS? Thanks again for the help!! Regards, Bill
  3. Sorry to revise this old thread. In it @BJGuillot stated he had written SHA-256 in some assembly routines. Any chance those are available? I'm playing with a project where I need a SHA hash calculation. Regards, Bill
  4. Hey all. I just pulled my TI out of my parents attic and got it up and running with a home built composite cable. A couple of years ago , I did the lavarand project using an RPi. I thought it would be really cool to actually do it on retro hardware. To do it, I have a couple of hurdles to overcome. 1) be able to calculate a cryptographic hash, preferably SHA-256. 2) be able to turn on and off the lava lamps with an IO board 3) read in a raw stream (camera image of the lamps) to calculate the hash I want to try and stay as authentic as possible but recognize that things like the camera image and the io board will probably have to be done on some external microcontoller like an arduino. My questions for this group. 1) I basically only have the base machine. Should I invest in a nanopeb? That would give me the serial io, I think. 2) Should I get a finalgrom99 for loading/running the final app? 3) Looking at programming options, I'm assuming straight assembly or one of the c cross compilers. Thoughts? Any general thoughts? I obviously need to baby step my way in to this, but am excited for this side project. Bill
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