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  1. Just noticed that all my Digiplay cartridges have same fences as this Tennis Intellivision Inc one. Manufacturing country is not written, do you think it was Hong Kong ?
  2. Hi Jason, I will consider NO all TBDs. May be in the future we will find some white label or overlays or even box!!! The only detail I could notice about your Tennus cartridge, now that you say that it has something special, is that it’s missing the horizontal line on the top side, after the four grooves on the right and left sides of the top cartridge side. Is that right!?🤠
  3. Hi Bill, All manuals of the 7 games that I listed are reported in Intvfunhouse, so I didn’t include them, they would be all YES. Actually, the only way to qualify a game without box and with same overlays and cartridge as the Mattel’s one as Intellivision Inc. is the manual. If someone has an Intellivision Inc. manual not listed in Intvfunhouse (and in the above list), that would be a new game to be added. Are there Intellivision Inc. games without the Intellivision Inc. manual? I would assume not, but I learned in these two years that you can never be sure about nothing…
  4. Hi Folks, Hope you are having a pleasant weekend ! I would like to make the point on the Intellivision Inc games we were talking about today (basically the II games without box (exception made for Backgammon)). I would like to understand which one might also have white label cartridge and/or specific overlays, like the Frog Bog ones that, by the way, are not reported in Intvfunhouse. Needless to say that you are more than welcome to add any missing game to the list below!👍 INTELLIVISION INC TITLE White Label - Overlays - BOX Backgammon: YES - TBD - YES Checkers: TBD - TBD - NO Frog Bog: TBD - YES - NO Locomotion: YES - TBD - NO Tennis: TBD - TBD - NO Word Fun: TBD - TBD - NO Tron Solar S.: TBD - TBD - NO Nota: all TBD according to Intvfunhouse would be NO, since they are not reported. So, please search your priceless Inty vaults and share some good knowledge with those who need it!😎 Thanks !🙏 PS Pics are more than welcome of course!
  5. Hi Jason, Me too I would be interested in both but, since Scalpel wrote first, I let him go. In the case he doesn’t buy both let me know… And if you have a Super Seried Major League Baseball CIB to sell let me know!🤠
  6. Thanks Mauro! Those manuals are in excellent conditions!!! So we have six games, by adding Tron Solar Sailor that might even have an Intellivision Inc box… But, honestly, by getting knowing you supercollectors, I think that if there were a box at least one of you would have it…
  7. Well dude, me I’m about to regret having plunged straight into the rabbit hole by starting this tread! Endless variants popping out every day!!!!😵‍💫🤪😂😎🤠
  8. Wow!!! A complete copy of Backgammon Intellivision Inc with white cartridge, in excellent conditions!!! That’s really a nice piece !!! Thanks a lot for sharing. Does a white labeled Tennis or Checkers or Frog Bog cartridge have been ever seen? I guess not… Can we say that there are only 5 II games that came without box? Frog Bog Checkers Tennis Locomotion Word Fun
  9. I join Wolfy! Would love too!
  10. Hi Silicone! I didn’t want to be disrespectful by writing "screwed", I admit it’s a bit strong, my apologies !🙏 The meaning is that if the auction goes high someone might have overpaid the game… In the recent times we saw crazy prices on Ebay for the LTOs… Good luck with your auction!!!👍
  11. It would be nice to see a picture of the Intellivision Inc box… But it seems to be quite rare…
  12. Absolutely… And I hope that people not very familiar with homebrews won’t get screwed…
  13. Curious to see how this auction will end… https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-Antarctic-Tales-IntellivisionRevolution-2020-Brand-New-CIB-/124829731988?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 there is also HELI, same seller…
  14. Lucky you! That’s great!👍 I just wonder if it is really so rare then…
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