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  1. I highly recommend the bit Generations series for GBA for anxiety mitigation, particularly Orbital, Dotstream, and Soundvoyager (an audio only game!): http://michibiku.com/bit-generations-series-import-treasure/ I truly believe Orbital to be in the running for best Game Boy Advance game. Given that the WiiWare version is no longer available through legal means, I think it's fair to call it an exclusive. Dialhex and Coloris (not at ALL playable for colorblind people) can get kinda frantic, but the music does a tremendous amount to make up for it. Digidrive is stressful at first, but once you understand the loop it can be really effective. The ArtStyle series for DSiWare (which is still available) reprised Digidrive, and has some really great games, but they tend to be more stressful. Boundish is variations on a theme of Pong, some pretty good, some pretty not. Interesting but hard to recommend for this topic.
  2. I must have gotten one of the last pre-modded pros. Amazing work! I've never been more average at Raiden (I used to be way below average :)) I am looking forward to putting it through its paces on as many other games as will support it...
  3. I bought a Rapid Fire 2.0 Pro controller. Shipped ultra fast and packed well. Amazing work! I've never been more average at Raiden (I used to be way below average :)) I am looking forward to putting it through its paces on as many other games as will support it...
  4. I guess for now I'm going with a RetroTINK 2X Pro and just sticking with the composite cables I already have. Some future paycheck will get me to true RGB bliss, I suppose
  5. Continuing a discussion from a post I made before I found this: Would an OSSC + Koryuu Transcoder do the job as well or better? With Black Friday specials at Video Game Perfection (https://videogameperfection.com/products/koryuu-transcoder/), that combo appears to be price-competitive with the RetroTINK 2XPro+Transcoder combo.
  6. Howdy. I'd like to get my Turbografx 16 with Super SD System 3 and my Genesis/Sega CD/32X tower running on my semi-modern TV. (A crappy-ish Vizio from 2012 or so.) Both have MiniDIN-9 outs, and I confirmed that at least the Genesis RF adapter works with the Super SD System 3 (albeit with no sound). I've been trying to read up on the current state of upscalers and doublers and such, but I find that most of them give so many options, and such generic advice, that I really don't know what I need to do. My standards are pretty low. I'm currently using a Hyperkin cable with my TG16, which kills the colors, but it's tolerable to me, which should give you an idea of just how low my standards are. But that's not an option with the Super SD system or the 32X. (There is a Genesis AV out to to HDMI out there, but I assume it has the same problems with color and noise as the Hyperkin ones do. I think what I want is the MiniDIN9 RGB from each console going into a switch box, and then from there to the converter, and from there to the TV as HDMI. In an ideal world, I would love to loop a Gamecube and Jaguar in too, with S-video. Options I've looked at: - RetroTINK Pro 2X (but does it support RGB?) - OSSC (all of the "brands" selling it look sketchy). - I thought the RAD 2X was a really appealing idea, but it seems it's been sold out for a while with no word of any future stock. If you have a setup you like, which is not stupidly Framemeister level expensive, I would really appreciate it if you could share. There's a ton of information out there, but it's hard to know what all it's going to cost and if it will work.
  7. I have a dead one I'd love to revive. I talked to the folks at Stone Age Gamer and they said they're doing them pretty regularly. Has anybody gotten work done by them before?
  8. I'd be interested in one. Am I correct in thinking that the Skunkboard would have some practical advantages over the GD for working on games? Just leave it connected and upload new revisions as you work on things?
  9. I have little hope of success, but I figured I'd ask. I have a complete copy of Doom with a repro overlay. I'd love to get an OEM overlay. If you have an extra, let me know!
  10. I sold a Turbografx 16 game to T.A.P. Great transaction all around and a great person to talk to!
  11. I purchased a Jaguar game complete in box last month (sorry for the delay!). Awesome packing, fast shipping, great conversation, everything was beautiful. A+ on every level. Thank you!
  12. I added NBA Jam to the request. Dream big, you know?
  13. That’s an awesome story! I have such a set with the box and docs in pretty great shape, but the DS is really banged up and sentimentally valuable to me to boot. I liked First Hunt much much more than the eventual game that came out of it. Sadly, I sold the creepy mannequin hand that was part of the bizarre launch campaign for something like $20 on NeoGAF ages ago...
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