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  1. Found this on Mercari while browsing. Seller has good selling feedback. This seems like a good deal unless Zaku has become easier to find: https://merc.li/A8g2B8B9b I thought about buying it myself for a backup Lynx II but since I already have a copy of Zaku I would feel bad about it.
  2. For the curious, here is almost 20 minutes of mostly gameplay with little narration. @ClockworkRobot I am still eagerly awaiting that pollinator game!!
  3. If you haven’t tried the Game Boy version, I HIGHLY recommend it as a fun remix/modernization.
  4. I expect nothing and am grateful for any time people put into making new software for “dead” systems. That said, this looks like a lot of fun, and I would love a copy too. People who get mad about low print runs ought to try making their own game sometime 😜
  5. I think Revival games are big-money eBay fodder now. If not, I would love to buy some myself!
  6. At the risk of asking a FAQ: Does the Concerto work for 2600 games on a 2600? Or is the menu software not compatible? I didn’t see this addressed in the OP.
  7. I got pretty far in Urban Strike in Super Strike Trilogy. I thought it was plenty playable and definitely worth checking out. It’s a shame that series died, it was really a unique and enjoyable experience.
  8. Wow! Please let me know what you think. If the gamefeel is good I want a physical copy.
  9. I just heard of this game that Team 17 are publishing (and maybe developed?). It looks really nice and appears to have a very solid 60 Hz frame rate. It kind of reminds me of a blend of Hollow Knight with a multi-character platformer I just finished called -KLAUS-. There’s a demo out now that I need to try. Anybody played this yet?
  10. SKETCHY, Konami. Aren’t they owned by the yakuza, though?
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