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  1. I don’t want to advertise for him, but his stuff seems like it’s off eBay now. It pops up every now and again from my saved search for Yastuna 1, which I want on a cart of its own but not enough to give him money.
  2. I am somewhat skeptical of self-help books, but I’m reading How Full Is Your Bucket? and finding it to be pretty valuable encouragement. It’s common-sense stuff, but I think it helps to see it in black and white. There’s a “positive impact test” in it that I quite like. Then again I think it fits well with how I try to comport myself. I think it shows in how I post here, but I’m always open to correction. Please feel free to call it to my attention if I could do better.

    1. I have helped someone in the last 24 hours.


    2. I am an exceptionally courteous person.


    3. I like being around positive people.


    4. I have praised someone in the last 24 hours.


    5. I have developed a knack for making other people feel good.


    6. I am more productive when I am around positive people.


    7. In the last 24 hours, I have told someone that I cared about her or him.


    8. I make it a point to become acquainted with people wherever I go.


    9. When I receive recognition, it makes me want to give recognition to someone else.


    10. In the last week, I have listened to someone talk through his or her goals and ambitions.


    11. I make unhappy people laugh.


    12. I make it a point to call each of my associates by the name she or he likes to be called.


    13. I notice what my colleagues do at a level of excellence.


    14. I always smile at the people I meet.
  3. The ones that were published by Sony are probably screwed, but most recent releases were not published by Sony.
  4. Maybe developers should start selling their pkg files on Itch.io.
  5. Any recommendations on essentials from the list of 138? Particularly those from independent developers and published by companies other than Sony
  6. I always wanted to play this but have never had a 3DO. Neat to see this! Is the game complete-ish?
  7. I got a mildly good deal on a copy of Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever because neither I nor the seller realized that Ecks vs Sever, which is more common, was not the same game. Ecks vs Sever came out a full year before the dog of a movie did and had nothing to do with the plot of the movie at all. Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever (which in Europe was more sensibly titled Ecks vs Sever II) came out immediately after the terrible movie did, and followed the basic plot of the movie more or less. (Or so I am told, because I am not going to watch that thing.) It is probably the only example of a pair of GBA movie tie-in games, one of of which was developed before the developers even knew what the plot of the movie was, being a whole world better than the movie they are based on.
  8. I have one of his releases that I got second hand. (The Dynastic Hero reproduction.) It was really sad to get back into playing Turbografx and realize that what had been a pretty impressive community as far as I could tell was essentially nuked by all of the bad blood around his wares, the stolen translations and all that. I was not there and I don’t know all that happened, but it sure seems clear to me that he is not one of the good guys.
  9. I guess I am a Joust purist. I like the 7800 (and Lynx and ST) ports a lot in different ways, but I love the physicality of the arcade game and the way you’ve really gotta wail on that flap button almost like Track and Field. Also the one-axis joystick. I’m very sad that the CoCo Joust homage Pegasus and the Phantom Riders has never been ported to other systems as homebrew. It’s probably the best-looking CoCo game I can think of offhand and it gets the magic of Joust right and even adds to it, while having the “lighter” feel that a lot of people in this thread like. (Even so it was responsible for the death of several CoCo joystick buttons.) Sadly it’s too obscure for many people to have even heard of much less played much less put the hours in to develop a clone from scratch.
  10. I have been laying around a lot this week, and handheld emulation gaming has been a big boon. Jaguar: Space War 2000 - 15 minutes Arena Football ‘95 - 20 minutes Genesis: Summer Challenge - 15 minutes (Evercade) Greatest Heavyweights - 20 minutes (actual hardware/cartridge) Monster World IV - 80 minutes (Xbox 360) Game Gear: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap - 25 minutes (FunKeyS) SNES: Earth Defense Force - 30 minutes (Evercade) The Ignition Factor - 15 minutes (Evercade) Top Gear/Racer 2 - 15 minutes (Evercade) Psycho Dream - 25 minutes (Switch) NES: Recca Summer Carnival ‘92 - 20 minutes (3DS) Astyanax - 20 minutes (Evercade) Totally Rad - 15 minutes (Evercade) Eliminator Boat Duel - 15 minutes (Evercade) City Connection - 150 minutes (Evercade/3DS/Switch) No, not a typo. I became determined to figure out how this crazy game works and dammit I rolled the score over (thanks to ample use of rewind on the Switch emulator). I still died hundreds of times due to my car not doing what I thought I made it do. Arcade: Super Hang On - 50 minutes (Xbox 360/3DS) Game.com: The Lost World: Jurassic Park - 15 minutes (very nice art but the screen just can’t handle it; typically low frame rate. I need to try some of these on an emulator and see how playable they are screen notwithstanding.) Centipede - 15 minutes (screen blur wrecks what is otherwise a very solid conversion) Frogger - 20 minutes (this is a perfect fit for the game.com) Henry - 15 minutes Lights Out - 10 minutes Solitaire - 10 minutes (okay, these last three are really the perfect fits for the game.com) R-Zone: Indy 500 - 25 minutes (I can stay in first place for most of a race and then finish 20th...) Batman Forever - 30 minutes (after reading the manual twice I still cannot finish the first level and get to the very impressive looking car levels) Virtua Cop - 35 minutes (perfectly fine except that difficulty curve is way out of whack. First two/three levels are achingly boring and then all of a sudden everything is crazy with hostages and criminals everywhere, and no level select. Argh.)
  11. Due to a large quantity of medically motivated downtime this week, I played a lot of games. I am taking tomorrow off from gaming, so here are my stats as of now: Switch: Pac Man 99 - 10 minutes (not really feeling this so far, but then I barely played Mario 99) Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - 150 minutes (man, what a great game, I can’t believe I forgot to get a physical copy) Xbox 360: Sour Patch Kids: World Gone Sour - 15 minutes (just to prove to my wife that it existed) 3DS: Steel Empire - 30 minutes FutUridium - 15 minutes (behind-the-ship homage to Uridium, kind of like the Atari 2600 version of Zaxxon in 3D but IMO more fun) Siesta Fiesta - 10 minutes 80’s Overdrive - 15 minutes Pirate Pop Plus - 10 minutes Love Hero - 10 minutes And many more for less than ten minutes just to jog my memories for this thread: DS: Retro Game Challenge 2 - 210 minutes (finished the first half of the Arino Detective game, which I had erroneously thought I’d already finished, and GunDuel, twice. Fruitlessly tried to beat WizMan over and over, including using the cheat code to skip to the last boss which annihilated me every time. Not sure I am ever going to do it. Some really hard challenges this week as I near 20000 total points, including “shoot 400 enemies in GunDuel” which I finished the game without doing) GBA: Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever - 25 minutes (not to be confused with simply Ecks vs Sever; this is the sequel to that) Racing Fever - 25 minutes (first GBA game on Evercade)
  12. The game list in that video is different than what I’m seeing for the Coleco Sonic and the PlayPal. I was really impressed that it included Putt & Putter, but that’s not on the other units like this. EDIT: there are only 20 games on the Sonic and PlayPal units vs 30 on the AtGames unit, and the difference represent some of the best highlights of the Game Gear library. I wouldn’t settle for anything less than the AtGames unit after seeing that.
  13. 395286 in RECCA Summer Carnival ‘92. It may not be impressive but it’s my best yet.
  14. I’ve considered that, but I do want the one with the English box art and a manual. I think this is just the standard cart in a cheap box release. I’m glad it’s out there, though. You can find copies for as low as $56 shipped. Is a manual and English box art worth $30? Probably not really. Sigh.
  15. I think it’s a great advance for rebuilding trust in the community. I wonder if the Lynx GD supports that or ever will.
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