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  1. Photos are crappy and auctions lack details. I would be very cautious and ask the seller for more details. People usually bid crazy amounts without knowing if the'll end up paying $2000 for a door stop.
  2. I'd like to get one for 800XL and one a 130XE? Do they ship to the U.S. or are you handling the orders?
  3. Great news! I already have one for my 130XE. When can we expect one for C128 ?
  4. Hi Santos, I'd like to get one board with the all the components. Thanks!
  5. Money just sent for 1 pokeymax 3.
  6. is the solder bridge on pin 4 & 5? I am a noob but it looks like pins 5 & 6 from this angle
  7. No, the corrupted SIDE3 loader did not work on the 130XE. To clarify, these were the steps: *The loader was working on the brand new SIDE3 in the 800XL with U1MB, but I did not play with it before attempting the upgrade. 1. The upgrade to 0.29 failed using SIO2PC 2. The upgrade seemed to complete successfully using the SD card on the loader. 3. After rebooting, the SIDE3 loaded was corrupted and 800XL frozen (required power off/on) 4. Upgrading again using SIO2PC was unsuccessful (tried a few times) 5. using a stock 130XE, successfully upgraded to 0.22 using SIO2PC, then upgraded to 0.29 using SD card (just to test both methods) So, I think original ROM on new SIDE3 was good to begin with. #2 above is what corrupted the ROM even though the messages showed that it had completed successfully (sorry, i did not get a picture of it). So, I would think it was a random case of corruption probably having to do with my 800XL. Both U1MB and SIDE3 are working fine on my 800XL
  8. Thanks Jon. I was able to updrade the SIDE3 using my stock 130XE and SIO2PC. It was a brand new SIDE3 and I hadn't loaded any ROMs. The loader was completely corrupted. I tried several times to upgrade it in my 800XL which has the U1MB installed but nothing worked. Using my stock 130XE, I was able to upgrade it on the first try! Regards, Fell
  9. Thanks Jon. I updated the U1MB with the Bios/PBI Bios to v3.11. i think my Side3 is now bricked 😮 I ran the s3loader.xex using SIO2PC but after one hour the screen was still at Erasing sectors, so I powered off/on and successfully installed v0.29 to SIDE3 using the SD card method, but after rebooting, SIDE3 loader freezes and does not response to any keys. I tried reloading v0.22 using SIO2PC but it still freezes at Erasing sectors AND it shows current version as 141.85 (pardon the horrible screens, Sophia 2 is in the mail ) Rebooting 800XL I can still press L to go to the Side3loaded but I get the same corrupted screen and must power-off/on. Question: Is there a way to un-brick the SIDE3? I do have a couple of USB blasters available. I'll attach some photos:
  10. The fujinet website seems to be blacklisted. The owner should open a dispute.
  11. After about 35 years I decided to go back to using my first Atari 8-bit computer (not the same unit of course - model is a socketed board from Hong Kong). I purchased Rapidus for my 800XL from Lotharek and I'm having a problem (see photos). I cleaned the pins and reseated the chips a few times. The Atari boots up fine without the extra adaptus and cpu boards. I connected the CPU side board and the Adaptus board with the 6502 and the OS chip and Atari does not boot up (this is just moving the CPU up and not even plugging the Rapidus board) As suggested by Lotharek I checked the pins connectivity with a meter from various places, cable to CPU, cpu board to Adaptus board, and only a couple of pins show connectivity. The pins and boards look fine to me but this is the first I have modded an Atari 8-bit computer. After a couple of weeks of back and forth emails with Lotharek - I have no solution or idea of what the problem is. I think the issue maybe a bad Adaptus board but so far he has not agreed to send me a replacement. Has anyone had an issue with the Adaptus board? I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
  12. I'd like two units instead of one. thanks, Fell
  13. I'd like to pre-order one unit, please.
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