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  1. Nice! Thx NB: C'est la Vie - happy to make money like this 🙂
  2. Thank you for nice feedback, support from AA members and to all interested into making FujiNet the real thing! 🙂 Jan You can start anytime! I am always surprised I can do LDX addr,Y
  3. Yes ... for couple of last minutes You can just grab above attached file and replace old autorun.atr file - rename autorun-zx0.atr to autorun.atr and put it into fujinet-pc/build directory (if running fujinet from there)
  4. I do not see much difference. It is so fast capture device cannot get it It must be true. It's on YouTube! Config loader presented in a format which young generation can understand. 🙂 Jan
  5. workaround: mkdir tools/pack/a8 going to put some placeholder file there to keep the a8 dir in git
  6. ok, give me a minute, i guess, git does not store empty directory ...
  7. - mount as D1: and boot - CONFIG should load - mount as D2: with some DOS disk in D1: boot DOS and load CONFIG - CONFIG should load - replace autorun.atr with autorun-zx0.atr (rename to autorun.atr), build firmware image, test with firmware @mozzwald can you test if the loader build process works (git clone ... make dist) on your side? then we can test if build process works on WSL .. would be nice
  8. Config loader update! After exercising with all the helper scripts and tools, here is an image which contains loader & FujiNet CONFIG (and config tools): autorun-zx0.atr As the name indicates the new ZX0 compression is used. With ZX0 the compressed CONFIG is smaller and it loads a bit quicker compared to LZ4 variant. ZX0 decompression routine was embedded into boot loader. Both Config loader and CONFIG are decompressed while being read from disk. As it was before, HISIO is enabled as soon as possible to speedup SIO transfers and CONFIG is loaded with banner and growing progress bar. Build process was automated, "make dist" should do all the hard work. For this purpose I prepared Python script which acts as very simplified SuperPacker (and other script to prepare somehow relocatable code and other script to update final ATR, and ... it was interesting to get all this working together) As a bonus, once the CONFIG is compressed with ZX0 the file segments are "decorated" to make the result Atari DOS compatible/loadable again. However DOS cannot decompress file segments (there are some exceptions ) so decompression routine is bundled and called prior passing the control to CONFIG. I.e. Same CONFIG file can be loaded by ZX0 capable loader (during boot) with inline decompression and it can be loaded as a regular DOS program later from disk. Credits: @xxl for ZX0 decompression port to 6502 and boot loader @HiassofT for high speed SIO @bocianu for FujiNet banner @pirx for compression ideas 🙂 Source code: https://github.com/a8jan/fujinet-config-loader - branch "zx0" (If everything works fine, will be glad to move into FN repos) Jan
  9. Good! I will add dependencies to the build instructions. Jan
  10. OK. http://<your_pi_address>:8000 at the bottom of the page Jan
  11. I worry, my skills is limited to do that
  12. @billkendrick I believe DLI problem can be addressed 🙂 This is your linked display list with DLI running (+fixed start of screen to work with 4K boundaries), overlapping R-G-B stripes: APOD picture vs Atari (my green seems over saturated): vs vs apod-changed-files.tar.gz Jan
  13. Yes, this is our case. For the combination of display list with interrupt on every scan line the routine must be really quick otherwise it will be entered again and again (new DLIs coming with each new line). Stack will be overwritten many times. Maybe at the end of the screen (no more DLIs) the end of DLI routine will be finally reached, but PLA and RTI is unlikely to get proper data from stack...
  14. @billkendrick IMHO your DLI routine takes too much time. Your DLI must be very fast to handle DL interrupt on every line. Jan
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