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  1. Are you referring to the Traco 2-2450? I did order that part on your recommendation.
  2. Ok well, opportunity not missed then, I guess! I might look into this mod down the road, once I settle in with the console. Thanks!
  3. Aw, rats! I just ordered some controllers from him! I wish I'd known that was possible -- I would have had him do the mod for me. Oh well, I suppose I mustn't make things TOO easy for myself or I'll start to get soft. Wait......too late!
  4. Sounds interesting. Is it a pause button mounted on the joystick?
  5. I wasn't planning on replacing the LED, actually. Is it prone to burning out?
  6. Thanks for listing these! I just got an NOS 7800 and I'm hoping to have a qualified tech install some of these upgrades, but I have to supply the parts to him. This list has gone a long way to hopefully getting the best out of my new toy! I already have the UAV kit, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a reliable place in Canada (preferably even Toronto, more specifically) that I can order these parts from. It's great that Console5 identifies these parts and offers the capacitor set as a kit, but as an electronics ignoramus I find the selection on most sites (Digi-Key and Mouser, for example) totally overwhelming. The only problem with ordering from Console5 is the shipping. Does anyone have an opinion? Any help is appreciated. I was hoping to have these installed before the 25th so the 7800 would be ready to go right out of the box on Christmas morning, but I think I may have dragged my feet too long for that to happen. Oh well.
  7. Thanks for some more good advice. I think I might try this. the 7800 arrived and it doesn’t smell nearly as much of smoke as I feared. In fact, it just smells like anybody’s old, unfinished basement. Not bad at all. I might try the bag and fabric sheet idea after a leaving it a half day outside. Thanks again!
  8. It looks like congratulations to Batari are in order! I understand that this has been a long time coming. The timing is perfect as I’m just getting into the 7800 scene and it looks like this might blow the doors off, so to speak. I have a Harmony cart and it’s been a — ahem — game changer! I missed out on this round, but I might get lucky when the next batch is posted. Is there label artwork yet? Is it this?
  9. Noticed this on my YouTube feed last night. Very cool. And you’re right; I will probably never actually witness this due to my own Pac-Man prowess (or lack thereof).
  10. Great advice -- thanks! I didn't know that, actually. I also thought about just putting it out in the sun to air out, but sunshine is getting harder to come by these days.
  11. Hey, new guy here! Classic "long-time listener, first-time caller" situation.


    I have an RGB-modded Light-Sixer that I'm running through a RetroTINK RGB2COMP transcoder over HD Retrovision cables.


    I just bought an NOS 7800 and have the UAV mod board on the way. Looking forward to delving into the 7800 world!

  12. Hey everyone, I've bought an NOS 7800 for my kids (and myself -- who am I kidding?) as the "big gift" under the Christmas tree this year, but the only problem is that the seller reports that the box has a slight odour of cigarette smoke. The items inside will (hopefully) not have the odour, but I want to find a fresh box that won't make my kids' and my wife's noses turn up when they unwrap it. Does anyone have an original (or repro, though I don't think anyone has made any) box from their 7800 that they don't need? I would like it to be in nice shape, though I'm not expecting perfection. Also, if it smells like smoke that would be a non-starter for obvious reasons. Thanks!
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