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  1. Of course, if BASICXE works under SIDE3 with right Extension file, what is not the same with SIDE2 version, you do not need ULTIMATE Cart ... Draco030 made the final patch on Extension file to work under SDX 4.49e ...
  2. Try this: https://seriouscomputerist.atariverse.com/pages/language/language.basic.htm
  3. By my experiences the main issues are with the FP section of Extension file, resulting frozen system. Without Extension file the BASICXE will work properly independently on Cartridges or OSs. So, what would be really desirable, to patch Extension file to correct improper addressing with same ideas, how the ATARI original OS was built ... I am not an expert on it, but maybe someone from SDX guys can do it to have an universal Extension file, independent on environment 😏
  4. Just a note. There are many versions of Extension files for BASICXE, which are patched to accept differences between SIDE2, SIDE3, ULTIMATE Cart . Same of them are BASICXA.OSS, BASICXE.OSS ... or something else. Exchanging them is resulting crash of SDX / BASICXE ... I had experience with crash when SDX 4.49 went to SDX 4.49e also. So, what kind of Extension file to use for proper functionality, strongly depends on the OS, Cartridge ... etc. Peter
  5. Please, do not block me, if I am on the wrong forum page for FujiNet. The "Support-FujiNet" link directed me here from https://fujinet.online/support/. My question is: Why the Fujinet-flasher is not able to find COM - port on my Desktop PC with W'7 if it can recognize it without problems on small Cube-PC with W'7? Also, it is not working on Laptop with W'10. I tried lots of system settings (like Administrator), without results. My next question is: I am receiving notification from AtariAge about ubdates. I can see new features there, using PC to organize my setups for ATARI (?) How can I get there? It is nice to see it, but no link to access to that pages. Is somewhere a link for it? Why it is not in the e-mail notification? Thanks, Peter
  6. Hmmm, I am not a frequent visitor of AtariAge to easily navigate, which type of issue where belongs. Can be answered my question simply there where I asked for? Thank you, and sorry for confusion. Peter
  7. Sorry to go this page. I unsuccessfully tried to access from my e-mail to the actual page. The issue is with the latest FujiNet update. After update it can access to the website showing folders like usually, but I am not able to open any folders except my SD card inserted to FujiNet. Trying to open any other the yellow light (right-top) is not flashing just light solid. No sound, no action. ... FujiNet Version: 0.5.ed9d13bd Version Date/Time: 2021-03-15 00:55:47 Build Date/Time: Mon Mar 15 03:32:59 UTC 2021 Peter
  8. Thanks, ... is it written somewhere ? Additionally ... AUTOEXEC.BAT is correctly loaded from SIDE3's SD Card despite of what is the PBI BIOS setting ... So ???
  9. Thanks, ... is it written somewhere ?
  10. RAMDISK.SYS v. BASIC XE 4.2 (or BASIC XE 4.1) issue. Previously here I mentioned an issue with BASIC XE using its Extension File of BASICXE.OSS, when running of BASIC XE from SDX with CAR command in many cases ATARI freezes, only Cold start helps. With some mods in SDX 4.49e it seemingly was eliminated only for the first using of CAR command. Running BASIC XE using again CAR commands, leads to the same issue. ... finally the reason was found Experimenting with CONFIG.SYS configuration I found, the BASIC XE issue is related to RAMDISK.SYS used w/o parameters. Removing DEVICE RAMDISK.SYS from Config.sys this isseue is gone. Peter
  11. I found a strange behavior with CONFIG.SYS. (SIDE3 Cartridge) If in U1MB the setup is the following: 1. SpartaDOS X: Disabled 2. PBI BIOS: : Disabled 3. D1: configured from SIDE3's SD Card (including CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT ) The system boot is starting with CONFIG.SYS from CAR: drive, ignoring CONFIG.SYS on D1: drive but using AUTOEXEC.BAT from D1: 3. D1: configured from SIO2SD or SIO2PC (including CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT ) SpartaDOS 4.49e is using CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT from D1:, ignoring CONFIG.SYS on CAR: 1. SpartaDOS X: Disabled 2. PBI BIOS: : Enabled 3. D1: configured from SIDE3's SD Card or SIO2SD or SIO2PC (all including CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT ) SpartaDOS 4.49e is using CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT from D1:, ignoring CONFIG.SYS on CAR: Is it right?! Peter
  12. Not stable boot of SIDE3's SDX 4.49e. Despite of SpartaDOS is disabled in U1MB, ATARI is randomly booting from U1MB's SpartaDOS 4.49. It happens in booth cases: PBI BIOS is Enabled or Disabled and if D1: is SDX Formatted HD. More frequent is this behavior in Disabled PBI BIOS status. If D1: is DOS 2.x or MyDOS it starts booting that OS-s. If ATARI is booting with Boot Error message (with SDX formatted disk in D1:) it needs to push SIDE3 Reset Button + ATARI Reset Button to boot from SIDE3 the SDX 4.49e. It differs from SIDE2 cartridge where ATARI is booting always from SIDE2's SDX ... if switch is down. Is that SIDE3's "behavior" standard or waiting for some update of SIDE3 or SDX 4.49e ? I have flashed the latest updates in U1MB and SIDE3. Thank you, Peter
  13. Yes, it is correct. I forgot to mention FujiNet like a real source ... sorry. I just was experimenting with it and seeing issues I removed it from the SIO chain. The issues are a "litle" disturbing. Peter
  14. Right. I copied FujiNet files on an SD drive and use CONFIG.COM to start FujiNet. Generally, using FujiNet from U1MB or any SIDE cartridges has lots of issues ... need some more developments. Peter
  15. Hmmm, FujiNet makes me headache also. It tries to push its ROM drive like D1: ... I could not find for now, how to correctly configure together (w/o) SIDE3 or U1MB. At some U1MB configuration it says SIO conflict (or something similar). But, without FujiNet I never experienced loosing APT or FDISK. Peter
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