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  1. Thanks for all the great replies. I'll have to try all the suggestions in the next day or two. Yes, I am a total Newbie to Amigas. I'm a graphic designer and remember hearing about them back in the late 80's early 90's. If I ran into another graphics person and they were working on an Amiga, I knew they were good. I worked mainly on PC's initially and then Macs. But Amigas were that holy grail I never managed to work on. That's the closest I came to Amigas. They were like a legend.
  2. Hi all, I'm new to Commodore Amiga and hoping you guys can give me some pointers. I came into 5 Amiga computers, three A2000s, an A4000 and an A4000T. They are in varying degrees of functioning and I'm trying to get them all running as best as they can. So far, I removed the corroded clock batteries from all but the A4000 tower, which has a coin battery and hasn't corroded. I cleaned the corrosion off the boards with alcohol and then vinegar. The corrosion didn't seem to have creeped into the boards much yet, fortunately. Here's where I'm at: A2000 #1- booted to Video Toaster. I just watched a video on how the program works. My cursor seems to be frozen. I can navigate a little bit by hitting numbers on the keyboard or the enter button. I know this mouse works because the cursor will move on the other computers that booted. Any suggestions? A2000 #2- booted to what I think is Work Bench. A good sign. Still figuring stuff out on this one, so I'm not sure what, if any questions to ask. A2000 #3- This one did not boot up. The screen cycled from light blue to darker blue to black and back again. Any ideas about this one would be much appreciated. I'm guessing it needs recapping or something is going on with the drive. Maybe you know better than I do, though, so any suggestions would be much appreciated. A4000- This one booted to a request to "Please insert volume WDH1 in any drive." I've just started hunting around for what that is. If someone could clue me in that would be great. A4000T Tower- Unfortunately, this one is the most disappointing. So far it won't boot up. I hear the fan, but nothing on the screen. I noticed a green light blink on the Seagate drive when I turn it on (I had it opened up). It blinks again when I turn it off. The ribbon cable has some separation on it just before it goes into the drive. Not sure if that's enough to stop it from working. Also, there are reset and turbo buttons on the front- wondering if I should be trying those. I'm wondering if I need to remove the battery on this one to get it to work. Also, someone mentioned elsewhere, at some point, I may need to insert a Work Bench disk at start up. Maybe that would help? Again, any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks to everyone!
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