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  1. I've been approached by a few publishers and since this one is an original, not an unlicensed port, I am inclined to have it distributed. It's by no means up to professional standards yet, the work so far has mostly been to get the non-player characters moving intelligently and with minimal flicker and getting the code small as possible so I can jam as many rounds in as possible, so the playfield graphics are still quite rough and I haven't spent much effort on sounds. However, at the moment, I'm playing around with arming enemy soldiers with flame-throwers, to provide some variety. I'm also thinking of adding body-armor that the player can pick up and maybe having enemies drop ammo but keeping track of ammo and dropped ammo is going to eat up bytes so I don't know. I think flame-throwers are worth more to the game for the cost of the bytes :c)
  2. Here are some screen captures from a work in progress, Infiltrator My goal with this game was to make something with smart non-player entities that didn't just bounce about and require more than button-mashing. I wanted to make something that doesn't seem tile-ish so I made it so characters walk "in front" of trees, boulders, towers, walls, etc. and shots can travel "behind" them. I chose to make the sprites multi-color which compounded the challenges of flicker avoidance but hopefully you find the resulting character animation was worth the effort. I'm toying with the idea of making ammo not unlimited and requiring the player to pick up clips dropped by the enemies when they're shot.
  3. They used characters for all of the robots to avoid the sprite flickering but it looks like the characters jump 4 pixels at a time. I've thought about that solution but I was picturing creating all the one pixel shift tiles for 8 directions of motion for something like 9 sprites and said "maybe later"
  4. I've given it some thought, it's on my long-term to-do list. I've also been mulling Rampage as a good port prospect though it's further down on my list of favorite games. At the moment I'm in the middle of something pretty ambitious so I'm going to be busy for probably another month on it.
  5. Yeah it is the one glaring departure from the arcade version. Only bitmap mode allows you to plot points to construct lines and you loose some capabilities and resolution in doing so. The missile trails you are seeing are constructed from characters which means I had to do all kinds of craziness to keep the characters from interfering with each other. This is why the mirv splits aren't nearly as cool as they are in the arcade version.
  6. Yeah there are a lot of things I'd like to do with the game engine but you know how it is, you get burned out with a game for a while and want to put it away and work on something very different for a bit. I want to make a version of the original Space War with player vs player action and I wanted to add something that brings gravity into the picture, so maybe a black hole in the middle and the occasional asteroid comes in from the side and gets pulled in while the players shoot at each other and leave space-mines for the other player to either shoot or run into. It would be cool if Asteroids itself had other phases that emphasized flight like one where there was a black hole in the middle and you had to negotiate the asteroids being pulled in and also a phase where you had to dock the ship or land it similar to Lunar Lander, but the purists want the game to match the arcade version as close as you can get it. So, maybe Astrostorm II, the asteroids strike back. I was also thinking of using the engine to make Armor Attack but the thought of coming up with all the images for jeeps, tanks, and helicopters in all the phases of rotation put me off of that for a while :c) Coming up with 32 angles for just the Asteroid's ship was a serious pain and that's just a triangle.
  7. My Asteroids port is one example of a CV vector port, Star Castle, which is very impressive btw, is another. The Star Wars port, to be honest, could be better. They kind of skimped on the TIE fighter images and the animation on the second screen is really jerky. The main challenge to porting Tempest is the sheer number of images you'd need to produce to get the perspective. It's the same thing that's keeping me from porting Battlezone, which is something I'd love to port. Probably the main challenge of Black Widow, apart from the large number of images, is the unusually high number of unique character behaviors you'd have to duplicate.
  8. Updated link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ex6grxwmxmfwne/astrostorm.rom?dl=1
  9. I gave some thought to a full Robotron port but since it's a two-stick game, I'd have to use the keypad for firing which seems like it would be a little awkward. Also it would be pretty disappointing because of the 4 sprites per scanline limit. I'd have to add logic to keep enemies vertically separated which kind of limits their mobility, or I'd have to switch to using characters, which would be tedious as hell, animating 8 angles of motion across characters. If I thought I could do a good job of it, I would give it a try, because that's one of those iconic games that I love as well. I'd have a better shot with Black Widow because as with my port of Asteroids, you can get away with more than 4 sprites on a scanline with vector graphics since the interference is much less noticeable.
  10. I've added the indestructible hulk robots https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlpxy3gkhp57pt2/cyborwar.rom?dl=1
  11. Here's another one to add to your collections. It started out as a testbed for my player/enemies engine and morphed into a Berzerkish/Robotronish type of game. It's still a work in progress but there's enough there to have fun with and I wanted folks to have something new for Chistmas. The enemy logic was designed for open playfields so they get a little hung up on the walls still and I want to add the "hulk" robot from Robotron. The robots patrol the halls until you enter their scanner range and then they switch to pursue mode. They evade your shots which means you can also force them back with cover fire. It needs more sounds and the sprites could use some work and it could always use more screens, but by early 1980's standards it's not too bad CyborWar ROM
  12. My apologies if you've already fixed this Tony, but it seems as though when saving a two color sprite, in some cases the RLE encoding is leaving off the terminator signature, 0xFF, which raises all kinds of merry hell when rle2vram is called 🙂 Other than that though, fantastic tool! Without it creating multi-color sprites is the definition of tedious and the animation tester is brilliant.
  13. That's a great idea, why not support both fire buttons and the keypad and let the player figure out which they like better. It would also open up support for people playing on emulators on mobile devices.
  14. Here's release candidate 2. I fixed a bunch of bugs and glitching. I also made the asteroid splitting more like the arcade game, i.e. the smallest ones splinter off more wildly, requiring the player to be smarter and not fill the entire field with chaos. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4bkjpg9zlbvpqy4/astrostorm.rom?dl=1
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