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  1. Auctions End This Sunday, 7/11!

    I’ve decided to sell my indie Jaguar CD games collection and thought some of these may be of interest to the group. 

    All are new and unplayed, professionally pressed releases (not CDRs) and starting prices are about what I’d originally paid or below. Some of these rarely turn up for sale anymore.









  2. 2 minutes ago, Zwackery said:

    Those dudes at Super Potato in Akihabara won't sell their Japanese Atari games anymore.  Every year I ask, and every year I get the teeth-sucking and chotto routine.  Ah well, still nice to look at.

    Yup actually I have seen the ones on display at Super Potato with the Not For Sale sign, but these are the first I’ve ever found outside of those.

  3. I received my adapter over the weekend and confirmed it works great with Elansar (cartridge version) and Griddunner! Looking forward to trying it with Defender of the Crown!


    I have the ST Star Wars on a homemade cart, and thoigh the mouse was recognized, I couldnt get it to calibrate; the movement of the reticule were erratic and appeared to almost be in multiple places at once. Not sure if there is a way to change that.

  4. I purchased three games from Dan, and the experience couldn’t have been more perfect. A great and friendly collector, the process was completely ideal. When the items arrived they were packed better than possibly any games I’ve ever had shipped to me, and each was in even better condition than I’d hold for. I hope to deal with Dan again in the future!

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  5. I remember this game was originally called" Out of This World." I guess they had to change the name to "Another World" because there was a Magnavox Odyssey 2 game called "Out of This World".


    But it's strange because it was called "Out of This World" in the US because "Another World" was taken by a soap opera in the US.


    You can't call it "Another World" because of the Soap Opera. You can't call it "Out of This World" because of the Odyssey 2 game. What do you call it?

    To add to the confusion, it is called Outer World in Japan:



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