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  1. Welcome! Looking for prototypes from the whole series - "Legacy of Kain"! (ANY NEW PROTOTYPE) Indifferent platform! The most searched are prototypes of the type: -Soul Reaver 2 (unrelease canceled port - ps1 or dreamcast) -The Dark Prophecy (unrelease canceled) -Soul Reaver 2 Alpha / Beta Prototype - Playstation 2 & xbox -Defiance Alpha / Beta prototype - playstation 2 & xbox. -Soul Reaver Alpha Prototype - Playstation -Dead Sun (Any prototype unrelease build) However, I am also looking for prototypes for other parts, e.g. -Blood Omen (PS1 Build prototype) -Blood Omen (Unrelease Sega Saturn prototype) -Blood Omen 2 (PS2 & Xbox Prototype Build) -Dead Sun (Any prototype unrelease build) If someone have this write on to the post or a private message!
  2. Looking for prototypes legacy of kain! :D

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