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  1. Why not? What have you got against Amico fans? I don’t think I recall you posting anything on there Amico related.
  2. Please reopen that thread, why close it just because of a few bad apples. I for one would rather follow one thread than keep jumping around all over the place, I’m sure it doesn’t make any odds to you.
  3. Does anyone know why Tommy’s main thread has been locked?
  4. Thought this was for the new Atari VCS, I could be wrong.
  5. Yes, I want to see a pallet of Amico’s! this is great news! 👍😀
  6. Or just call it Armor Battle, which is an Intellivision game anyway 👍😀
  7. In the word’s of Clarence Boddicker “Guns Guns Guns” is what you should call Amico Tanks! 😉😂
  8. Wow man, chill out, I’m sure we will see some new stuff soon.
  9. I’m sure Tommy said it would be this week, so maybe it will be Friday. 👍😀
  10. It seems to of been taken off the Intellivision YouTube channel, it was there the other day!.
  11. Tommy, are you still planning to come to the UK to show us the Amico?
  12. Auto Racing is coming 👍😀 I believe this is a very early picture of it.
  13. It would be great if you could work out away without damaging the box 👍😀
  14. On the order page it only showed the PEGI rating, which if you look closely it is part of the box print, but with the USK sticker on top of it. Bit annoyed about that.
  15. Well they have finally arrived, shame it doesn’t look like I can peel those age rating sticker’s off.
  16. Looks to me that these are on the outer plastic wrapping, if you look closer you can see the PEGI rating on the box under the USK rating label. So you should see more of the picture if you take the wrapping off 👍😀
  17. Thanks Tommy, hopefully I will hear something soon.
  18. Hi guys, has anyone here had there confirmation or delivery of there games to the uk yet? I haven’t heard anything yet.
  19. I assume you guys who have had there order confirmation are in the USA, as I’m in the UK and my order is #1020 and haven’t seen anything yet. 😔
  20. That’s great news that it’s sold out! 👍😀
  21. Ordered the 8 pack, let’s hope we have something to play them on soon! 👍😀
  22. That’s what I thought, just don’t want them to sell out before I get a chance to order them. 👍😀
  23. Hi Tommy, I believe you said that there is 40000 units of physical games for USA and 10000 units for Europe. Now, does this mean 10000 total, or 10000 copies of each game? The reason I ask is that these have been available to order from Amazon Germany for some time, but are not available yet on Amazon UK, I just don’t want them to sell out before we get a chance to order them here in the UK. Thanks.
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