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  1. @moonlight_mile sorry for the necromancy there.. but.. is that a VT-22 next to the desk?
  2. awesome! thank you! I just added the Gotek + old + rotary encoder to the ST... and the upgraded TOS.. and JUST plugged in the UltraSatan... guess I need some drivers for that.. and I just got a notification that my memory upgrade was just shipped.. wooooot! ill get the hard drive goin in the AM and then see what kind of trouble I can get into with the ST until the stuff for the 8bit arrives. you guys are awesome
  3. I never had an ST when they were coming out. I have worked on them in music studios.. but never owned one. I picked up an early version 520STFM - upgraded to rainbow TOS, upgraded the floppy disk to a gotek (waiting for my oleds to show up so i can add that to the drive), and ordered the 4MB kit + proper cabling. Ah.. and the UltraSatan. I also had picked up a WiModem for this purpose. So - on to BBS software.. whats good and working properly on the 520 with the wimodem? I like to mod things - so if it is a bbs that has source code - thats a plus to me. even better is the ability to handle doors, and includes a door game toolkit or instructions/docs on creating external games.
  4. solved - it is the 4mb upgrade from Exxos that has the correct cable for this computer.
  5. Hi guys, Hope everyone is well. I have recently picked up a 520stfm - after cleaning it up a bit, I realize I should upgrade it a bit. Reading through some posts, web crawling, etc. I cannot quite figure which memory upgrade I should get. Attached are photos of the motherboard (pre-clean) I am wondering if someone has had this same one and knows which upgrade I can install to bring it to 4mb I have heard the c070523 referred to as the "wonky" 520stfm... so didn't want to just fry the thing. thanks!
  6. nerd stuff. turtles. I don't know.... maybe how to expand that board to include an time-8 combat thing.. it has a cart port... should be "not too difficult"...
  7. yeah - and to be clear; I was not making any accusations. so - maybe it was me that needed the extra prattle.
  8. I sent a pm to see if he'd release any docs/files/etc on the ide+ .. we shall see. im a little hesitant to use a board design / logic that was someone else's and not expressly available to the general public...
  9. I don't know how close these are to the IDE+ - but its a ECI board with passthru (so carts can still be used) I only get excited if the thing works Good news is - I have the caps and the resistors.. all the various hardware bits.. and mouser actually has all of the ICs in stock; and got the card edge slot connecters on eBay... so the parts are available. Which is WOOT!-worthy. If it does not just work, I am sure there is someone who could help fix the issues somewhere... I do not speak nor understand Polish, so I'm going 100% on the sch files and the BOM...
  10. absolutely. first; I wanna see if it works if it does; ill have a couple of spares...
  11. "Not sure what you mean by the "bee 7.2 thing". " - its stupid autocorrect.. Basic XE 7.2 is what comes in the ROM image. https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/OSSCART__The_OSS_4_in_1_Cartridge_for_Atari_8_Bit_Computers.html Jeez.. that photo makes my fingers look super sausagy. I don't HAVE to have MyIDE or SIDE in the cart slot.
  12. I used to wonder why people would flip flop on what hardware chain they used for bbs's when these kinds of discussions startup. I think we have lots of connectivity options - getting the thing onto the net isn't a big deal. I built the Voltron oss cart - and it works perfectly. except the whole bee 7.2 thing.. which is weird to me... so booting into bxe, bxl, etc isn't and issue any more. it really comes down to storage. I want something as close to the supra drive, mio, blackbox, etc. as I can get. "its just a hard disk" to the Atari. no weird configs to fight through.. it sounds like that ide+ 2.0 you have is the saving grace. I just ordered a set of the atarionline.pl ECI->ice boards from pcbway.. and a set of components to build it out. maybe that will work well. we shall see.... The more I think about it; the more I don't care what BBS software is - the ONLY requirement (other than "it works") is that I can mod I and it can handle door games; so source code is important. I don't care what language its in - except ML.. that's always been something I used sparingly - basic, action, c, pascal (though I might have issues with nausea), whatever.
  13. I actually built a handful of Voltron's 4-in-1 oss carts.. worked flawlessly. I just need to build a rom with bee 4.2 - this has 7.2, and I'm unsure of the extension file requirement with that version... Carina 2.7 would be my first choice, but I had all kinds of problems trying to get it to run. I hated forums 4 char passwords and phone number req.. (what the heck...) so I "fixed" that issue... other than that.. From XEP + AMP seems to be fairly equiv from a function standpoint to car2.. but.. if I had my druthers, id run car2...
  14. yeah - it would even be sweet if there was a Gerber/pcb/etc + firmware we could do additional runs of ....
  15. scratch that question - new query: I cannot find the ide2+ anywhere; is there a link or a different storage device you would use?
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