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  1. Just got Worm War! It's my mom's favorite and I can't wait for COVID to clear up so she can visit and play. Had a heart attack because at first it didn't work. I should have known better than to trust that the seller actually cleaned it before shipping it🙄

    1. Rogerpoco


      I use q-tips and hand sanitizer-it's always given me good results, I've not seen/heard of any potential long term damage from it, and it seems the most efficient way to clean cart contacts, to me.

      I've got a million good scores on Atari now, but again, playing it as an adult is kinda new to me, 5 years or so, Worm War was one of a handful I DO remember playing as a kid, really good game(I'm just not too good AT it!).

      Hope she enjoys it, when she gets a chance to play!!!

      Haha-when I first got into Atari "recently", my Wife's older Sister came over, Wife said she was really good at Yars back in the day, a game I am really bad at, even still-she hadn't played in surely 20 years, and NOT a "regular gamer".

      She played for like a half-hour, didn't die, and just stopped playing, lol, she knew I was as impressed as I needed to be, and she was bored.

      Really blew me away, one of my favorite "gaming" stories, and I have a LOT of them, haha!

    2. Atarigirlwonder


      Love the story! Thanks for sharing! Yes, I used something similar to clean it and it worked great! Just got a lot of 30 games so I'm sure I'll be doing some more cleaning today. 

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