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  1. How many of these were lost to REV reusing the cart shells?
  2. I am thinking JHC sold to: https://www.4jays.com/ I hope I am wrong for 2 reasons. 1. They seem to be closed at this time. 2. They do not seem to mention Intellivision. I didn't dig to much, so maybe they do?
  3. Are you cutting the price in half for the 5200? Yes, it would have sold more! The Intellivision was $279 to $299 at release. The Intellivision II was $149 or less at release. I don't know where you got sales numbers? But let's just say it sold more. Yes, detachable controllers were a nice touch. The Sears version had this to start. So, you could have just got that version early on. I'd rather see the 5200 core added to the phoenix and use the expansion port to create the controller ports or use Coleco controllers as digital, as an option. The 5200 has a few games I like, most I can play on other hardware. But an HDMI output would be nice if a new console was created.
  4. My only hesitation was the payment method originally. I only use paypal currently. But that will have to change, they are fee'n us to death.
  5. LOL, I thought this was some sort of child lock. blocking disc use until Mom removes it! Actually, That looks like it would work! Imagine you are playing Shark Shark and I am messing with you.... Playing Fishing Derby!
  6. The Boxed music synthesizer has found a new loving home. I am very happy with where it ended up.
  7. Wow, that is awesome! I love seeing something for intellivision I had never seen before!
  8. Roger Moore was my first BOND. For your eyes only. He will always be Bond for me.... But Craig is pretty awesome also. I remember most of these ads from Electronic Games Magazine. Not the Tarmin one though. My neighbor had the 2600 TRON pack with the 2 games and cool looking Tron Joystick. I wanted that!!! LOL
  9. Just found this and figured it belongs in this thread. https://www.history.com/topics/inventions/history-of-video-games It basically backs up all of my points LOL... However, this article thinks the first console war was Nintendo/Sega. We all know that isn't true. Long Live Intellivision! Hahahaha.. I now have 2600,5200,7800,CV and of course Intellivision consoles from BITD. I like some games on each of these systems. But my friends from back then.. We would certainly give each other crap about our console of choice.
  10. Didn't they produce new boxes and manuals for existing inventory (carts)? So, wouldn't it be possible to get a non white label cart? Hmm, Or did they ALWAYS put the white label over the red/blue/green/purple labels? Never saw a white label speech cart. Do those exist?
  11. Okay, time to add something new. Tested and working Music keyboard in box includes Melody Blaster and related items. Brown ECS with US compatible power supply. ( this is still in plastic sealed, I will open to test with firm commitment ) It does not have the keyboard This may coast a bit to ship? I will figure box dimensions and weight for good estimated cost. I'll leave this here exclusively for a week, then it will go to ebay. I would prefer it go to someone in this community.
  12. I am really looking for the new controllers. But the website seems to be messed up. I am on the news letter and part of the club. I haven't seen a news letter lately either. I will check my spam! Thanks.
  13. How are you preordering? I can't get past the main page on the opcode site.
  14. TI basic can be compiled. You will most likely need to slow execution!
  15. Radio Shack is still around as well.... Get where I am going. I never had a Tandyvision. Oh, the Tutorvision is pretty sharp also.
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