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  1. Any chance for some classic game shows? I Think a game like Password would work well with the controller screen. The Match Game Buzzers for Jeopardy Spin the disc.... Wheel of Fortune. This list could grow quickly. During Covid, I have watched some classic game shows. Forgot how funny some of them were/are.
  2. It does look amazing! I think I was just in a grumpy mood when I watched the video.
  3. Tursi- Just wanted to send you a quick Thank you for your efforts! It is fantastic that you continue to support Classic99. Downloading the latest version now!
  4. senior_falcon - I have been out of the TI dev space for a while. But I have been watching XB G.E.M. refinement and have been a little bit inspired. I have 2 or 3 projects started that I feel are worth spending the time to finish. I figure when 2.8 is ready, I should be as well. The future support of Missing Link etc. sounds amazing also! I just want to Thank you for your efforts! The Compiler and Classic99 have changed everything for me in the TI world! So a quick Thank you to Tursi as well!
  5. Looks great and seems to play smooth... But how F'ing annoying can a game be? You have to repeat the same thing over and over to get a smidgen further along... If I want to play a memory game, I play a memory game! I know every game is a little bit memorization. But when it is "blind" and becomes just trial and error, I don't think I have the patient for that anymore. IF I ever did? That being said.. I did play a lot of Montezuma's Revenge way back when. When summers lasted forever and everyday was sunny! LOL
  6. I was thinking you had a Number of Buttons issue. Not a pin limit. I do like the saga controllers! I have the six button joystick. Hmm, need to dig that out!
  7. Use an SNES controller and get more options!
  8. So Throw in the direction you are running like the 2600? I never really liked that about any 2600 game. I really liked dark caverns, but I liked Night Stalker controls better. Strange thing, I never noticed the disc and button on the same controller issue...I guess I just instinctively let go of the disc for a split second to throw/fire. I do remember some strange things happening playing NBA when running NNW and Blocking a shot at the same time... The guy would sometimes jump off the screen. RESET required... I guess I need to play some TRON... I don't remember this. But typically, the opposite doors never really opened consecutively. Plus my first goal, before derezzing an enemy was to open the doors. Then I would try to get all 3 quickly so a whole set of doors might open. Didn't you always hate when they spawned from the same set of doors a few times in a row to start a game!
  9. I think this will be fun to play. Yes, when you pass the 1,000,000 points and the Orange / Pain Stick ( death stick ) guys come along... You kind of want the Disc enemies around. But the tracking discs and heavy damage discs are just too "Deadly". So you block them and they are standard damage and you can take a hit or 2. Then just chase the Orange guys down.
  10. Wish I had ordered the Hover Force and Super Pro Football shirts back then!
  11. Funny... I don't consider myself a gamer either. Though I have several Intellivision's , a 5200, 7800, Colecovision, Phoenix, DS, 3ds etc. I don't have a console newer than the Wii. Until My Amico shows up... I consider myself a retro gamer I guess. I really cannot get into modern games at all. I have tried. I really like cartridge based systems, plug it in, turn it on play for a few minutes. Then say yes dear.... Waiting for booting or a dam update before playing takes that window away. The DS is great when flying across the country... I play a little bit of cards on the phone, but I play retro games on the DS.. It has Buttons. I can feel them! I really hate trying to play an arcade type game on the phone. I am hoping the Amico gets living room space and not a spot stuck in the cave... My wife is a huge CLUE fan, so this game is a MUST for the Amico. Maybe in a set with Monopoly, Battle Ship and Yahtzee. Actually Scrabble would work well also.
  12. I love the idea of this coming to the 5200 and a slightly different layout could add a little life. A couple of things to note from the video description and notes. 1. The attack waves are not always in sets of 3. This is the case only if all enemies as derezzed. Other wise, 1 or 2 can spawn randomly. 2. Blocking is a HUGE part of the Intellivision game. With that said, when the white tracking disks are blocked, the disk returned to the enemy is no longer white/tracking, but a standard disc. I get what you are saying about 8 direction movement, but I would love you to take advantage of a 5200 strength... Most of the time the analog stick is a weakness ( to me at least ). Let me enjoy my GOLD upgraded controllers! LOL Whatever design choices you make are cool with me, I will certainly play it when available. This could be incredibly annoying??? But one of the tricks used in the movie to get past a color sifting problem in the film was to have electrical "noise" in the background to hide the shifting. Maybe you could make the sprite flicker a "feature" of the game? Though flicker adds other complexity.
  13. Jr. That is a vote for more than 1 game... LOL Jr... Pac Man
  14. oh I miss "the shack"... I do remember some strange qty pricing with them.... ie $.25 each 3 for a dollar. LOL I needed 40 spdt switches one day. they were like $4 each. But if I bought 50 they were $1 each. hmmm 40 for $160 or 50 for $50.. Sure, I'll have 10 extras. Maybe part of why they are no more? They became a cellphone kiosk the last few years. But I could still grab connectors etc. I guess 1 or 2 day shipping is convenient enough for most these days.
  15. Forgot one... The first Game Cart I ever bought for the TI was Centipede. I was so happy! Couldn't wait to get home and play it. What a bummer, it was joystick only. I didn't have the joysticks I had to wait 3 or 4 weeks to buy the Y adapter for 2600 joysticks. I think it was by wico? Then the game wasn't that great... But finding out key value 18 was the joystick fire button changed everything... Until I then learned about collision detection. LOL Wow, thinking back at the HOURS I sat in front of that 13 inch tv and 99/4A
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