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  1. I picked up hundreds of carts from JHC around 1995/96 and almost all of the Super Pro stuff came in Diner and SP Skiing boxes with a photo copy of the correct box stuck to it. I had so many diner and sp skiing boxed I never wanted to see them again! LOL The real bummer was the 8 SP Skiing carts I purchased had the Original Skiing in the box. I didn't know this at first. I sold one on ebay and the buyer told me... OUCH! I then opened the others and all just Skiing... No super pro's in the lot. And my spiker cart had some strange stuck on label with a cracked non working board inside. Very rare... Make an offer! LOL I sold most of this stuff Buy It Now. With the goal to complete my collection. I did pretty well filling in the gaps with this huge hall and trading stuff. Once I completed my collection ( less a working spiker ) I traded the remaining games for a Body Slam and a Colecovision console and a few games with it. I was happy to get my money back and fill in my missing games. Got tired of going to UPS 2 or 3 times a week. Can you imagine I sold a few stadium mud buggies for $30 Buy it now. But I made a few dollars and was happy to keep one for myself. I later found just an unformed Mud Buggies box. I put it on ebay for $3 and it sold for $80+ I kept emailing the bidders, you see this is just a box and instructions with NO cart. Yet the price kept going up... I was then thinking, maybe my B I N $30 on the other Mud Buggies was a mistake? LOL Anyway, I am certain most of this stuff is in CMART's house now.
  2. I have a bunch of club news letters and I think Micro Pendiums? I was going to list on ebay. But I'd rather give you first dibs. If you are interested let me know and I can send you some pictures.
  3. Being as actual marketing has not started yet, it should only appeal to or repulse the retro community. But you do also realize that the Amico is under the Modern Console section with a Hook to it from the Retro Intellivision section for the crossover parties that may be interested.
  4. Remember, no one is having any issues getting needed items... https://www.yahoo.com/news/look-record-breaking-port-congestion-181939208.html
  5. You need Final Cart III or Super Snapshot V LOL. You may be able to finish The Last V-8 in 2 minutes 12 seconds, but I played that F'ng game for hours and all it did was piss me off! Oh, the good old days! Oh, I get it. 212 Degrees F is boiling.. So if you play this game longer than 212, you boil over!!!!
  6. Me too. I don't really get these IF's some or most of the time! I like human readable. Being old and slow. I guess I get the True or False variants, but I have seen some crazy stuff as well. That being said, I knew I had done something a few years ago in another program..... I want to use it now. I listed the program to notepad and was like.... WHAT WAS I SMOKING when I wrote this! Not certain if it is genius or insanity? But it certainly took me longer to figure out / remember what I was doing than it would have taken to just rewrite it!
  7. I am not a mathematician, I am a SQL developer. This is what I think of when I hear SET.
  8. Might have missed it, or maybe I think of SET as "setting" a value, not comparing one.
  9. I always liked the robots blowing up in night stalker. It be funny if they lost parts instead of seeing bloody bodies in games. All fighting games are now Robots! Bi-Planes are remote control miniatures in my backyard etc. Bomb Squad is Super Duper Perfection. You are old enough to remember perfection and Superfection... I guess that makes the reimagined Microsurgeon. Operation! BUZZZZZ LOL
  10. I tried to search for this, but it didn't find anything. I have not seen this, but would be a great function. IF X IN(1,3,5,7,11) then xxxx else yyyy instead of IF X=1 or X=3 or X=5 or X=7 or X=11 then.... Or IF X NOT IN(1,3,5,7,11) then OH.. Never Mind. I think just reverse the then and else? Maybe: CALL IN([1,2,3,4,5],X) :: IF X=1 then xxxx else yyyy
  11. My freshman year of High school, I knew of 5 other kids with TI99's But one of them also had a C64. Then one day, Dad came home with a C64... I still used the TI some, but Compute! etc. stopped covering TI and I slowly crossed over to the C64. Then I really got into it. By the time I gave it to my nephew 1992 ish I had 3 1541's and thousands of games. EEPROM burner/Blank Cart board etc. But I kept my TI99/4A Still have it today!
  12. We depend on you to keep the prices high If you sell off, it will be 1983 all over again. Well, cmart would buy everything so quick, no one would notice!
  13. That is a pretty cool setup. I have a laptop. When I am really stuck on something I pull out the big guns... Pencil AND paper!
  14. Yes, you need a good bump to get up to speed if you miss on the first try. It may even be worth not accelerating right away. Find some cars to give you a push or two. This game really holds up well. And of course having a snow level doesn't hurt.
  15. I am just glad he put Bomb Squad in it. Can you imagine if it was the Atarisoft version of E.T.? Well, at least he could phone home!
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