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  1. I like it! It seems harder than most versions I have played. 50K for not bumping? I thought it was 20K? But that could just be from playing the Intellivision version to much! It is very hard to use the islands. But that just means I need to learn the timing for this version Also I am used to pressing Q for the fire key not the space bar. But once I found it, it was fine. Very Nice!
  2. I had one and it grew legs But I would like to get at least one for me and an additional one for a friend that would like to start developing for the Intellivision. If you are aware of Bit Quest or Bit Quest 2 for the 2600. I would like to see Super Pro Bit Quest "16 Bits of Adventure!" for the Intellivision.
  3. Hard to compare these... But I have noticed huge price increases for Commodore 64 hardware since the C64 mini was released. I actually expected the prices to drop. Two problem with this "analysis" right out of the gate.... 1. Commodores user base was massive compared to Intellivision. 2. I did ZERO pricing research... Just my observation searching ebay from time to time. But prices have gone WAY up for systems that should be in every garage/basement/attic!
  4. Maybe missing out is a blessing? It looks like new features have been added. However, the new features might have nothing to do with the LTO itself, that is hardware wise. Maybe it is an update to firmware only and ALL LTO's will have the new features? But yes... I keep checking back so I don't miss out!
  5. Did I miss an email or something? It is pretty quiet around here. My Phoenix is Burning!
  6. Night Stalker looked really good, I just didn't like the sweep from left to right. I was thinking of using that in one of my projects, Now I know I will not be. In my head it was going to look so cool. It is just distracting/annoying. 10/10/2020!!!!!!
  7. save2600, you bet and paid for the pleasure! Love those gold 5200 controllers! WELL.... As much as you can love a 5200 controller
  8. 1 of the 2 sports games? What was the other? Or are you counting Slap Shot as the 2nd? I'll guess. My second least fav... Boxing. Because you couldn't pick equal fighters. I didn't like the change to Slam Dunk. I liked the Clear/0/Enter for Jump/Block/Set shots. Not a fan of the side buttons. And I was on an Inty 2 by this time. :( As far as who has the puck/ball etc. I think Intellivision games were very clear in in this. Also, NBA had a great layout for passing to ZONES and not players. Worked very well. I didn't play a lot of PGA, but I liked it fine. I did play chip shot a bit. But I was a little older and actually played a little golf by then.
  9. SOME of the DK, Venture and Carnival carts will work with an Intellivision II. But I don't know how to tell them apart? I think I have white carts that may be new versions that get past the copyright date lockout. I never play these games on the Intellivision, the colecovision versions are much better. I have them all of course... But I don't think I have even tried Mouse Trap. That may be okay... Will need to dig these out. Another option is to get a multi-cart. INTY II versions of these Roms are around.
  10. If an Ice Hockey comes to the Amico.... Do not make it SLOW like Intellivision NHL / Slap Shot. What I am talking about is changing directions! I played Hockey from Mites 6-8 years old through College. And then OLD MAN league NHL was the only sport game I didn't play on the Intellivision. My Brother and I would play NASL instead. I never played an actual game of soccer in my life. Hockey should be soccer at super speed! NHL speeds reach 30 MPH. Of course an active shift in Hockey is 30 seconds!
  11. Any eta on the vault opening? I am home today from work after having that "test" you have to have at our age So I have free gaming time.....
  12. Hi Bill, I can't even get my hands on one of these and I have suggestions for a Ver. 2.0 LOL I am a Classic Gamer. I am talking mid 70's to late 80's So for me, I am not a fan of the 16x9 layout. I would really like to see a 3x4 version. I guess a 9x16 would be okay too. Before people think 3x4 and 9x16 are the same.... They are not! 3x3=9 and 3x4=12 not 16.. Also, It would seem logical to put the "guts" CPU, RAM, ROM etc. in the cab and make the controller panel interchangeable. Then you could have a Steering Wheel config, Flight Yoke, Different Button / Stick layouts etc. Sold as additional configs or different systems, but with a cab not needing any changes. I am betting that went around room a few times and you had reasons for the current design. I am also a Q*Bert fan, Can the stick be rotated 45 degrees? (without customizing) Were can I find one of these???? As always... Thanks in advance!
  13. I was under the impression, it was going to ready as soon as the ordering closed. I really was hoping this would not drag on. I am actually fired up to play a few games I haven't tried before! My Phoenix is cooling off.. LOL
  14. Is the vault available now? If so, how is it accessed?
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