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  1. Also note that Intellivision's number stop Q2 of 1983... INTV may have sold 1 or 2 consoles.
  2. Did you ever sell roms for these games? I can't remember. I would need to check my other computer to see if I have them? If you can sell the roms, maybe that can help you out as well. I have the carts. But I would buy the roms for Ultimate and my Cuttle Cart. And IF I can ever find my LTO 😡
  3. I opened my Donkey Kong Cart by dropping it of the desk.... if that helps in any way?
  4. I feel like a Michael Scott quote should follow that line....
  5. Thank You! That was very fast shipping to the east coast! Maybe I missed it, but was not expecting the boxes to be gate fold!
  6. Been waiting for this day since 1996.... I don't need it, but I would think if these go well, Stadium Mud Buggies could be a good next release candidate. The Learning Fun games too. But, that would be truly for collecting! Could be a good time to fix the bug in LF2. That would maybe increase sales? Thanks BSR.
  7. Darn, Saw BSRSteve post and thought that Spiker had been released and I could order it now! ☹️
  8. Yeah, I like that better. Wish radio shack was still down the street!
  9. Stumbled on this while looking for examples of recursion on the TI.. No luck with that, but this may help others! https://www.atarimagazines.com/compute/issue39/HOW_TO_BUILD_YOUR_OWN_TI-99_4A_JOYSTICK_ADAPTER.php I have made some sample recursive demos, but when I try to step up the complexity, it falls apart! Oh the fun! LOL
  10. No, not that one. But that was pretty cool. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6yfgZGHAg-M Even that keyboard looks different from the released one to me. But, old eyes... so I wouldn't bet my life on that. Back then I re-used tapes so I could "time-shift" like on my dvr now. Yeah, I'm retro...Haven't cut the cord yet! ;)
  11. Even in the early 80's it was hard to find anyone to play against. Everyone in my area were 2600 owners. I had 2 or 3 friends that were pretty good at MLB and NBA. But other than my brother, I had to really not try most of the time! Other games like NFL, I had to keep telling them how to enter plays and of course, I now know were they are throwing etc. So, we would play Activision Ice Hockey and I'd get smoked! LOL Now, I can't even get my brother to play a game of MLB! If you can find 3 people to play a game on Intellivision... I am jealous. But YES, it would be cool, and I'll buy it HOPING to get a few friends someday! LOL
  12. Chip Shot and WSMLB are nice pickups! The rest are pretty rare but I never played them really. I tried to like DK Jr. But I wasn't a real fan of the Arcade version either. Put a lot of hours into WSMLB. I still like the original MLB the best. But the multi cameras and play by play was awesome for the time. I used to tape shows off of WPIX 11-Alive in Yew York when I was a kid and had accidentally recorded a commercial for the ECS and it showed WSMLB. The keyboard was like a giant Intellivison 1 controller with domed keys and same coloring. This would have been a terrible choice, but damn, I want one! Wish I had the VHS still. I even remember the show.. It was "Dig that Uranium" A bowery boys movie. This was a great channel back then.. Honeymooners, Wacky Racers, Deputy Dawg etc. Oh and PIXX ( space battle, football, soccer etc. ) Soccer, you had to "time" a pass and them shoot. I have not seen a video of this on youtube. But I remember it distinctly. Oh and Space Battle had a PLANE as one of the "space" ships. I guess it could have been a "rocket" plane.... LOL Sorry for hijacking... Fond memories took over.
  13. $450 and that included both Coleco Donkey Kong and Poker and Blackjack!
  14. A flea market rekindled my intellivison collecting around 1991. I picked up a bunch of super pro games as well as hover force, triple challenge, pacman. centipede,defender and few others for $1 each. I already had a most of the super pro games at that point, but for a dollar each, I got them all. Then I had to dig out the intellivision again. I had only been using the C=64 for gaming at that point. Mostly because you needed 2 people for a lot of intellivision games. I got to 124/125 in 1996 and actually did buy spiker, but the pcb was cracked I tried fixing it, but no luck. looking forward to the re-release. It will be MY complete collection! Yes, Complete, no asterisk. It is a BSR release. Not a reproduction
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