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  1. I figured out how to get the sports games on the evercade..... M-Network games. A 3rd cart needed Tommy! Dark Caverns Baseball Football Soccer Air Raiders I guess Space Attack and AstroBlast could also be here, but The Intellivision versions are better... Sword Fight Can't remember what is left? Not including Bump n Jump etc.
  2. Happy Birthday! Tommy, did you get V66 in your area? You may have been to far west? I watched this doc last night and I liked it. Of course I watched this channel back then and love the local music focus. http://www.lifeonthev.com/ has a few people you may know .
  3. It is a bummer! But I get it... I just hope that the Original Intellivision game packs do not get pushed even further back. I understand establishing the Amico before muddying the waters with the 80's games. Haters gotta hate. SAD isn't it. But maybe a super secret (pre-ordered) list can get access earlier than the general public? As we would be the highest hit rate on purchasing these anyway. Not in total volume, but demographic. Updating my handle to 2020gamer sounded better than 2021gamer though. LOL guess I will stay with 1980gamer. SHIT.. Just hit me how long I have been playing Intellivision! Tommy and all of the Intellivision group, THANK YOU for your efforts and when you can get it manufactured, we will love it!
  4. Tommy, just drove through Wilbraham on the pike today. The snow covered Friendly's shrubs looked fantastic. Wish I got a picture...
  5. But if you want to license other properties from Taito, you may not want to rub salt in any old wounds.
  6. Floating an idea.. in 2 or 3 years how about 'The Final Flashback" 2600 Deluxe Edition. Have the latest version of Stella, support SD, include Joysticks, Paddles and Keypad controls. It wouldn't need a ton of hard to license games. But include a few paddle games and Star Raider. HDMI out of course! I haven't grabbed an Atari Flashback in several versions. But I would get this. Maybe 2 for the controllers alone!
  7. Remember the French wineries laughing at the knuckleheads buying bottles of wine to pour them down the sewer. LOL
  8. Can you picture splitting the 1080 screen in thirds. [][][] RED BLUE and GOLD squadrons could each have a third of the screen for battling the cylons. Or All squadrons could engage in the same battle in full screen. I don't know how well splitting the screen would work? I always hated the top/bottom split on the 4x3 screens. But I would like to see a proof of concept.
  9. Lady Bug is probably my favorite Colecovision game. Can I say Colecovision here? LOL I was thinking about Gauntlet. Your first choice put that idea back in my head! Four Player arcade game, so a good co-op choice too. QIX!!!!!!!! Love it! Yes, re-imagined and a great sound track would be awesome. Marble madness is such a cool game. I don't think I have ever had a home version of this? But I used to play Gyroscope on the C64 BITD. I guess I will add 1 or 2. A re-imagined SPACE BATTLE could be cool. With a Battle Star Galactica license this time around! By your command. A re-imagined Sub Hunt. one ping only. Had Hunt for Red October for the C64 also... Darn, Need to get a C64 again. I guess I can wait a little longer for my Amico!
  10. Certainly PINBALL! If the buttons can be mapped? Sub Hunt If Mission X and Locomotion are on the list... Bump n Jump Again.. Button mapping, But I think Hover Force could work. Christmas Carol could work very nicely. Unless "Christmas" has a copyright issue!
  11. Wow Tommy has taken the high road 99.9% of the time. He is almost saintly! Trying to correct misinformation is not WAR. Letting lies go unchallenged...... leads to things like our Capitol being stormed.
  12. I think it was a dig at atari more than a play on the Intellivision... But yes.. those extra 9 console could be make or break LOL So looking forward to the Amico!
  13. In the tradition of the Super Pro games.... Shouldn't it be something like: EVEREST Super Pro KOTM or K2 SP... Oh. Thin Air SP KOTM
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