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  1. if it does come out, then i wonder what the game would be like.
  2. Very cool, maybe one day a rom of it will be found
  3. Hello, Fandom Staff accepted your Wiki adoption request, could you give me and MKdoes711 Admin and Bureaucrat rights on the Bubsy Wiki? 

  4. Cool, i asked Doctorclu to adopt the wiki as he is the only user able to.
  5. This blog is very cool, if i could get Bureaucrat rights on The Bubsy Wiki on fandom (which i am a discussion moderator on) then i would give make you an admin if you had a fandom account. But Doctorclu does not have bureaucrat rights so he cant make users admin, i think you should make a fandom account to edit on it, the link to it is Here.
  6. interesting to see that the "Bubsy Back" Quote has been used before Bubsy The Woolies strike back.
  7. I Dont think terry is playable in bubsy 2, whenever i chose two player the second player is teresa. and i have never seen footage of terry being playable.
  8. okay. im just going to try getting a discord account soon, thank you!😀
  9. Hello, I see that you are one of the people organizing the Bubsy Pilot Remaster. Could i take part in making some scenes for it? 

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    2. doctorclu


      Well what are you waiting for?  :D

    3. Five Pannel Games

      Five Pannel Games

      im busy with school this week.

    4. Five Pannel Games

      Five Pannel Games

      I just got a discord account.

  10. Is there a way to be able to ask for a part if i dont have an account on Twitter or discord to ask the Creators of the Collab?
  11. is there any way i would be able to join bubsy reanimated? I know how to animate.
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