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  1. WOW found a Induus GT drive, not very cheep but I bought it anyway... We will see if it work with CP/M.. The disks maybe DS/DD so I may still need to get the ATR8000 running and add the old 5.25 drives to it... Thanks for the help in the question of CP/M... Peter
  2. Supper, I will test this today later on...I have other things to do before I can "play" with my Atari!! Peter Edit: I just looked thru the tools for SDX and only found a CP/M tool for the Indus drive, I only have a 1050 working... DRIVERS>CPMFS.ARC ----------------- A driver to read Indus CP/M disks.
  3. OK I have scanned over the 300 plus pages in the SDX manual and find a lot of stuff interesting...Also looking thru the thread you all sent me to I did find answers to many question... Now I have one that may not be in the information on this board or maybe it is but I have not asked the right question in the search box... The question is: As I remember My BBS ran on a Atari 800XL with 256k memory. That was the basic program ran.. it controlled a ATR 8000 and a few other things like an 850 interface and 3 or 4 5meg bite hard drives... Yea a lot of storage HAHAHA and why the question I am asking is because the ATR ran CP/M all the files where in CP/M maybe... Is there any way using the Atari and maybe SDX (or any other dos) to see if the 5.25 disks (lots of them) back ups are in CP/M I know I will have to complete the rebuild to read and see if any of the files are any good but just to spear me on it would be good to know. There maybe files that have not surface yet as the BBS became a pirate board because everyone wanted to share the files and I did not check out the files to see if they where OK. I am not a gamer just had the BBS for fun... Lots of $$$ went into it. OK enough history, any help... Peter
  4. Thanks for the thread..Very interesting... The first post was all we needed but did have other questions answered but not tech type...I am or would like to be a tech. type so I can look into the mobrd and fix...I have fixed 3 Atari's now hopefully for good. A 600xl and added a memory upgrade, two 800xl's one with a bad delay line and the second with a bad delay line and a bad solder joint on the output of the gtia... Going after 3 1050 soon as I get some more part together.. Peter
  5. Apparently you though I was talking about SDX, well I have the original cart. ran it on MY BBS for 4 years so I know most of how it works (the old version)... I was talking about in general the aberrations everyone throws around, does not always mean that every one else knows... I have tried to figure out most by guessing and most of the time I am wrong , I lived in a different electronics world than most of the Atarites.. So I was not talking about SDX but in general terms... Sorry Peter
  6. Yes I have been fighting this for about a year....New words and phrases that can not be uncovered but I still try... Working on the 800xl and drives...Found many Ideas for help.. Wrong thread but just to say I also belong to a BBQ forum and they have a built-in dictionary.. Work great for first timers... Peter
  7. Thank You for the answer... I looked at the SuperSpartaDosX cart and the case and I feel that I may buy into it... I do have a question I did not find the answer on the web site...How do you UPDATE the rom? when the next update comes out...I said it was a 4.49 I think but I have seem c or d rev. It appears that the cart does not use a 40 pin type chip... Most of the external programmers I have seem have "pin" type sockets not surface type. THANKS for all the help, not that this is a game changes but mostly a question for knowledge... Peter P.S. Back to fixing the 800xl and now the 3 1050 drives. Yea the drives are not responding to the computer.
  8. Thank You for the answer... I will look for a cart PCB to add the new EEROM to or a rom card or ??? Then I need to figure out how to program it,n the maybe I will have a copy to run for me... Thanks again... Peter
  9. Yes I did read that but I would like to keep the cart. as is... I was just thinking it would load from a SD drive or disk, just as well as from the new MYide, side, etc. I do not want to buy them just to run SDX...I guess this is the way "they" make you buy the new upgrades!!! Not complaining but just think it would be nice to also have the SDX for us who can not buy the latest fancy add on... Peter
  10. How do you get and use SDX if you don't have any of the fancy external add-on's???? I have Fuji net and a sdrive but I do not see them on your web site (github.com). I have the OLD SD cartage and it works find but would like to update the DOS.. Peter
  11. Well I just had fun modding the 800xl to the "updated" video output.. I did do some testing after each change.. If nothing else as most of the people here have said DELETE C56 It does the most to change the output as far as the s-video is. I did the c56 first and check with a scope and the delay in sig. is very apparent.. From vertical lines to slope with the c56 in... I did just unsoldered one of the leads so I could "push" it down to make contact and what a change... The test video was the self test and what a change... I have not tried the 10uf cap on the collector of Q3 yet as I have to get one from somewhere. I did all the changes on the 800xl that where in this thread, I think LOL On to the next problem should I add more memory or leave it at 64k??? If more that is the most usable update, not the most memory for barging rights of memory but the usable.. Peter
  12. Mazzspeed: What do you mean " softens the image ever so slightly. " Did you see something on a scope or just the effect on the monitor. Sorry but I missed the 100 resistor and the 220uf cap. Where did you put it?? Sorry for asking all the questions but I have looked at the ckt and see what other people have said and done and just want to do the best of them all by adding or subtracting the changes everyone has suggested... Going to start today... Your picture looks real good!!! Peter
  13. redhawk668 Thanks for the update and sorry for your "personal stuff" I know how hard things get in this time... OK, just asking, is the delay line that is being offered on ebay, form Poland the same as your??? It does look like your but could not "zoom" in on it. Also very experience if you ask me... Yes not made in 1000's but the one in Netherlands was a little less. Not built, A kit... Atari-passion Thanks for the link... I have fixed on of the 2 800xl now and have a second delay line so I will pass. This is good info for any members who need the delay line and the stores are sold out, probable soon.. Peter
  14. Mr.-Atari...Yes I have read and liked the product redhawk668 has and wanted to buy the board and or all the parts as a kit.. My question to you is: Where do I find it and why has he/she not been on the board for a few months??? That was the first place I tried, after reading the thread I was ready to go but where is the product..?? I would buy it now just to see if it works even tho I have bough one of the available ones. Peter
  15. Well good news I got the first 800xl running and checked most of the 40 pin IC I have found a few bad... I was the delay line and now has the original IC back in it and running the self test all the way... Going to start on the sec. one next, maybe tomorrow... Peter
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